Osvald Whittacker
Personal Details
Full name Osvald "oswald" whittacker
Gender Male
Status Alive (in MFF Era)
Age 63-65
Nationality international (born in finnland)

Psychotechnologist (formerly)

Psychological consultant (formerly)

Rescue worker (formerly)

WEP chief (formerly)

Affiliation(s) The WEP
Game Information
Once you become awakened,awake others!
—a truthers' motto,and one of his favourite sayings

Osvald Whittacker is a character in Across the World (MFF),where he was the ex-chief of the WEP,and considered as its founder.


Height 5'6"
Age 63-65
Weight 150 lbs
Eyes grey
Blood ?


See The WEP page for more.see Bomb Alert! To know about the spaceship.

born in finnland,became a psychotechnologist(worksin phsycic technology appliactions such as addiction-fighting devices,phsychic dominators(it cannot brainwash,its just use for trating addiction,depression..etc,but the one in sunny ville was custom made for manipulating purposes.)...etc.he joined the WAP during the world war III as a rescue worker and psychological consultant,he won in the WAP leadership election,the WW III taught him much about independence,truth,and evil.,so he started his project of the WAP neutralization and indpendence from both its funders/financers,and the united nations,due to the corruption being spreaded in them and the WAP was on edge of crises after WW III.and was always saying "the hand which gives is a way better than the one which take".

started by turning some WAP branches into a factories,hospitals,markets...etc,and the workers there work in these if there wasnt any investigation,and got paid by the profits.he grew and grew this process over more than 15 years until the WAP became almost independent,and even managed to build its own branches in other places,and had its own funding and production,even its many branches contributed in developing some towns and villages under the inspection of the countries even started to own comapnies..etc.he also started the project of the spaceship prototype,to make it a transport mean for the WAP international investigating team,it almost all manufactured in a WAP owened places,with all the focus is on its defensive abilities.

Now the WAP became a clean,independent,active agency with its nane changed from "worlwide agency of police" to "worldwide agency of peacekeeping".after more than 20 years of hard work leading that agency,and after he saw the results of he and the others work,he kindly resigned from leading it,saying "he need to rest the remaining days of his life after he done his work",and just considrered himself as any retired and worked in small business like most retireds.the agency was led after him by the internatinal economic theorist Huang Chi Feng.



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