Oskar Dias
Biographical information
Full name Oskar Mario Dias
Gender Male
Status Dead
Birth October 16, 2002
Death August 3, 2016
Cause of death Stabbed to death
Personal information
Nationality Flag of Argentina.png Argentinean
Origin Buenos Aires, Argentina
Notable relationships
Family unknown
16 For WAR
Game information
Appears in 16 For War
First appearance The Beginning

Oskar Dias is a player of 16 For War.


Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Oskar is a 14 year old boy, who was always a quiet guy, always solving situations with care and caution although it did not yield much. He wore a simple white shirt with a horse on it with black pants.

Oskar was always calm which yielded the consequences of his death, for being so relaxed. He ended up stabbed by Akise Aru in A Terrorist in the Streets.


The Beginning

It appears that just like all the others, he didn't talk excepting just laughing at Marceline Ayshe.

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