Order of Specters
Type Secret Criminal Organization
Headquarters Venusville
Formation November 1875
Founded by Unknown
Leader Anthony Blackpaw (male leader)
Avery Miller (female leader)
Years active 1875-present
Colors Purple


Enemies Venusville Justice Fighters

Venusville University

Appearance(s) Criminal Case Venusville

Case #3 A Conspiracy of Silence (first mentioned)

Case #4 Neck Pain (first member appearence)

Order of Specters is a secret criminal organization in Criminal Case Venusville, appearing as a central figure in the season.

Events of Criminal Case

Learn the Ropes

Avery Miller informed the team about dissapearing students. She said that a lot of University students are missing last few days and nobody can find them. Team searched the science lab and found Shweta Noorani's papers about student,which per tech expert Ben Hathaway are names of students that are missing and every students was teached by Shweta and Brooke Long .Brooke claimed that it's just a coincidence and that she didn't do anything wrong.

A Conspiracy of Silence

Conspiracy theorist Shane Adams informed the team that Order of Specters are back and that they could be behind these dissapearences. After searching the campus,team found locked purple box filled with papers. After Gabriel and Kate analyzed them, it was confirmed that cult is back and that they have their plan called ''Operation Tsunami'' but nothing else about that plan is known.Except that, codenames for two members are also written. Codenames are Demos and Stella. Team informed Shane about this who said that he will try to dig deeper into this cult and he will try to find out who Demos and Stella are.

Neck Pain

It was discovered that member of Order of Specters Skylar Sage commited the murder so that she could stay in the organization. Demos ordered Kylie Choi's murder for unknown reasons. Skylar got 40 years in prison. Post-trial, Chief Bhakta asked player and Amber to talk with Skylar into giving them more informations for a reduced sentence. When team told Skylar about this, Skylar said that they need to search dean's office for more clues. When team searched dean's office, they found a purple laptop. After Ben analyzed it, he said that laptop belongs to ''Order of Specters'' and it had a lot of folders. Most of them were about older members, but one of them is about German exchange student who is, unlike others, still active and alive. Name of that student is still unknown, but Ben promised that he will try everything to figure out who that is.

Slow and Painful

After arresting another member Jason Stone for the murder of iPear CEO Eoin Cafferey, Avery Miller, Bruno's girlfriend, said that she found a new lead for their investigation. She overheard some students saying that ''Operation Tsunami'' has something to do with family doctor named Hanis Mura, since he was always mentioning it. Since Mr.Mura was not there, team decided to search the classroom again because he has access to it, along with Brooke. There team found recording of him where he said that he feels unsafe because ''they'' hear everything and see everything so he moved to Historical Town. He then mumbled random words before ending the recording.

Other Appearances

Arms of Lucius

The team, after learning that beat cop Amy Davis was in trouble, found Kate's sister, socialite Dawn Bennett, dead near the cave where, upon further inspection, was a secret lab without Lucius, who they had been looking for. During the investigation, it was slowly revealed that Dawn was killed on orders of the organization. It was proven further upon arresting zookeeper Anthony Blackpaw for the murder, who cried that he wasn't in control of his body. After looking into it more, the team discovered that Anthony had been brainwashed into killer her by Rozetta Pierre, prompting the team to start the witch hunt for the senior agent in Summerhall City as well as to discover the identity of a serial killer going under the name of the Yellow Raincoat Killer.

Bleeding Yellow

After discovering that poet Ryan Valentine was a senior agent of OoS and the serial killer's next target, they wanted to confront him. Unfortunately, officer Davis came in the station to say that he had already been killed in the sewers! There, they found him with a gold rosary in his heart, proving that the Yellow Raincoat Killer had gotten to him before them. After discovering evidences, motives and more about our killer, the team was able to arrest entertainer Tiana Flanagan for the murders of multiples peoples under her alias of Yellow Raincoat Killer. She admitted to them and said that Demos told her she would be promoted if she could creates a distraction for him to be able to prepare something that would change the city forever. She refused to say who the male leader was or what the plans were, causing the team to have to look deeper into the organization.

Avenue of Escape

To the team's horror, their ally's, former OoS agent Anya Ivanova, van exploded, they went there to find her dead body as well as Diana Benner injured. During the investigation, it became obvious that whoever killed her wanted to stop the agent from destroying Morognium. After finding enough evidences, the duo of Bruno Filipovich. and the player were able to arrest restaurant chef Kemal Kumar for the murder. Upon admitting, he explained that he wanted to join the organization more than anything else. To do so, he contacted Demos who, to be accepted, told him he had to take the Morognium back and take care of the traitor that was Anya Ivanova. He then shown them a bottle of light blue liquid and pulled out a gun, telling they couldn't stop him before he ran away by jumping through the window. A couple minutes after Chief Bhakta told every officers to search the forest to find the murderer, Amber called to say she had found a body on the city viewpoint.

Brink of Disaster

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Lost in Dark

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Act of Disloyalty

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Known Agents

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