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Only Dead Remain Silent
General Information
Season 3
City Fario (Secrets from Beginnings)
District Airport
Case # 59
Initial release date 11. IV 2020.
Partner(s) Bruno Filipovich (All Chapters)
Case Chronology
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Stealing the Kill Tear of Sadness

Only Dead Remain Silent is a case featured in Criminal Case as the 151st case of the game and the 59th case of the Secrets from Beginnings (Season 3). It takes place in District X, district of Fario.


Following a disturbing phone call, the team stopped for a moment with accusations as they put the eyes on the player and Abbi (who was holding the phone). After placing the phone down, Chief Loukas took it and sent to the lab for Arif Hassan and Madison for analzes of the caller as chief decided to pair the player and Bruno to go to the city hall and insect everything, to find the mayor and evacuate the building if there is people in. They nodded and rushed there where they entered and ordered the people o the first floor to go out but to not make any noise as they started to look around, isnpecting every room until they came across room towards the hallway on the second floor and a bloody chair. As they approached closer they noticed a familiar head of... a deputy mayor Joey Battlefield.

The team then decided to ship body to Matilda before starting to investigate further into the mystery and hope to find the mayor. As they searched around they discovered that the victim was supposed to have meeting with the mayor and assistant of the mayor Barbara Turner. The team after having a conversation with him decided to dig a bit deeper into the life of the late deputy mayor and investigated his house where they discovered that he was visited often recently by Diana Diaz before discovering a phone call history and that the victim often spoke to the prisoner Abbi Peck. After the autopsy, Matilda informed the team that that the killer made a clean slice with a machete over the victim's neck and that from right to left, assuming that the killer would be right-handed.

As the team recapped the case by the station they were approached by Abbi who said that she discovered a sci-fi laboratory full with human bodies underneath the mayor's mansion. Shocked by Abbi's discovery, the team rushed there with Abbi where team went speechless after seeing giant tubes, lab chairs, humans attached to the pipes and wires. The team then decided to look around and discovered a strange pipe that after unlocked it revealed an awaken body of Lena Lovato, supposedly dead detective, who collapsed on Bruno. Abbi quickly took care of here and took her to the hospital as the team invested more, eventually discovering that Diana knew for the location and blackmailed the victim about it before discovered that The Truth vandalized the victim's car. As the investigation progressed further they discovered that Abbi attempted to manipulate the victim to escape the prison with the explanation that they after after her. The team as well marked Solomon Krause as the suspect after Arif found a text conversation between him and the victim.

As the team started to recap the case and discuss a shocking reveal that Lena is actually alive, a panicking Abbi called the team, saying that Lena attacked her and then with her gun and handcuffs rushed out of the hospital. The team stood in schock as Abbi progressed and said that Lena went towards the underground lab The team then rushed there where they found Lena with the tears in he eyes, pointing the gun at Solomon with threats to shoot if he doesn't reveal why he scammed everything a year ago. The team tried to calm the situation and eventually they succeed, separating the duo. The team then questioned Lena who said that she saw something a year ago and that Andre was part of it before questioning Solomon who said that she is a lunatic, like the victim, thinking that both of them will reveal some high LUMIA secrets before pointing the finger at the team and posted a threat that if they don't stop their heads will fall like Joey's. The team then searched the room, discovering that the Truth and the victim had a fight there when the Truth wanted to pull the lever and release some humans before discovering that Barbara was recently fired by the victim due to the missing calculations in the budget that started to massively decline recently but was kept as a secret.

After more intensive investigation, the team finally found enough evidence to arrest Barbara for this murder. Upon being questioned she dropped the act and confessed the murder but that if Joey didn't put his snout where he shouldn't his head would've still be on his neck. She then confessed that Joey discovered a deal between her and the police mole about the mayor assassination and overpowering the department but that she used her blackmail methods to silence him and made him stay way all until he again decided to play fair and started to visit Abbi in prison as, by her words, Abbi's manipulation into the committing a murder was a perfect testing ground of LUMIA's plan and getting rid of LUMIA's weakest link - Elvin himself that she herself did it and manipulated her to kill Elvin to please Aqucius and Nerocius. She then also said how Elvin was filled because he discovered the scheme of the old department and found who LUMIA mole in the department is before returning to the point of her arrest and said how Joey spied on her while she and the mole threatened the police to surrender a department or face a death of the mayor and that Joey then tried to escape and snitch which was his last attempt of being a hero. The duo then handcuffed her and asked where the mayor, which only made Barbara to laugh, saying that she will never tell them that. On the court, she was asked again to cooperate what she rejected, making Judge Gilmore to sentence her to 50 years in jail.

After the trial the team returned to the station where they found a note, telling them to return to the underground lab. The team looked at each other and gulped before arming themselves and followed the lead from the note. After entering and finding no one inside they decided to search around where they found a secret drawer full of electronic elements where on the bottom was a strange card with strings of letters that Madison (who still with Arif tried to suppress the virus) said that they are hash encryption and that it would take a while to decrypt them unless you are a walking computer before giving the results about the victim's address. They went there and eventually found a locked trapdoor and water who filled it. Through the bars they saw mayor, fighting for his life before. They then quickly cracked the code and in last second pulled the mayor out and thanked the team before saying that he heard the the people who there him there talking about some Elvin and his belongings in the the city hall.

The tram then rushed there and searched every inch possible before finding a a safe with dozen of USBs and memory cards. Knowing that there will be something Elvon's the searched deeper and found an USB with his initalials. After Arif's analyzes he confirmed that Elvin had been dug deep into the conspiracy and found that Heather Valentine is Kristina Rust's cousin. The team went to ask Heather why she kept that a secret on what she sighed and said that she didn't want to destroy her trust, knowing her cousin's past and betrayal but said that she achieved a good contact with Elvin who gave her a metal box, saying that she needed to give it to the player once they found that he knows the truth. Still suspicious the team opened the box and found a picture of the meeting between Andre, Solomon, Abismo, Monica Lovato and Libidine. With only Solomon remaining alive they asked him about the picture, making him chuckle and say that there they decided how to fake the biggest murder on their career and one of the biggest schemes ever in Fario all in front of the naive police before throwing a match at the picture, making it burn. After that he said that proof is gone so they have no reasons to arrest him. As he pushed the team out he said that they will find who they are very very soon.

They then returned to the station and informed the chief about everything who said that they need to keep every wide open as Solomon just declared that LUMIA will order the mole to attack. They nodded and left to inform others. Just couple of minutes later, the team started to smell a smoke as Mia let out the bloody scream...



  • Joey Battlefield (His head was found on the office chair)

Murder Weapon

  • Machete


  • Barbara Turner



Killer's Profile

  • The Killer ties knots.
  • The Killer is right-handed.
  • The Killer plays Connect 4.
  • The Killer wears a tie.
  • The Killer has blond hair.

Crime Scenes

City Hall Hallway Office Entrance City Hall Hallway Bonus'
Victim's Room Victim's Personal Workspace Victim's Room Bonus
Creepy Underground Lab Strange Dashboard Creepy Underground Lab Bonus


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Chapter 3

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