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One Dart for the Heart
General Information
Season 2
City West Ridge
District Suburbian Hills
Case # 5
Initial release date 09. VI 2021.
Partner(s) Bianca Dinamo (All Chapters)
Case Chronology
← Preceded by Succeeded by →
A Sweet Deadly Dessert Your History Curved in the Stone
(in Old Paradise)
Ready to catch the conspirators the trap is set in motion... and failed miserably. But don't worry, not everyone in the operation is dead... just one with their blood being infected with a powerful neurotoxin! It's your turn to step out of the shadow and put a light on this conspiracy!

One Dart for the Heart is a case featured in Season 2 of Criminal Case as a 5th case of the season and 31st case overall. It is the fifth and final one to take place in Suburbian Hills, a district of West Ridge.


After the team made the operation to uncover the masterminds and save the kid the player with Bianca stayed in the station while Linda Markswood did her part of the deal and Lucifer as the backup on the scene. Soon after the team heard the gunshot exchange and quickly got in contact with Lucifer who said that the plan failed and that the player needs to come here. With Bianca, the player rushed to Linda's hideout where they saw Lucifer in blood, clutching his leg from the bullet wound as he pointed towards the deceased body - the body of Linda herself with a dart in her chest.

With a sigh the team called an ambulance for Lucifer and Katerina for Linda's body as the player began to search the area, soon discovering clues that led to the anarchist Fiona Ballachy before the team discovered the connection between the victim and the news reporter Astan Serentium and the ex-beat cop Sean Rubicon. After the autopsy, Katerina said how the victim was shot with a blowdart who had severe dose of neurotoxin that killed the victim but that judging by the dept of the needle the victim was shot from a distance, making the killer a good sharpshooter.

Coming outside of the morgue, the team began to recap the case and feeling sorry for dragging Linda into their plan that resulted in her death. Then, the door of the station opened as the team saw the magazine editor Nadia Newman angrily walking towards them. Approaching them, Nadia said how she can't believe that after everything the player still suspect her boyfriend as the killer despite him having an alibi. Her behavior prompted the team to mark her as a suspect too as they then decided to investigate news office where they discovered that Linda has been dealing sensitive information to Astan who said that he never knew those information were gathered on illegal way but confessed that she helped him in many reports he made. Soon they found reasons to suspect a marketing businessman Byron Van Lepardi and museum curator Boston Davidson before discovering that Fiona was the victim's girlfriend and that they were together since her 18th birthday but also that while working as a cop Sean took bribes from Linda.

While recapping the case the team suddenly received a video message from victim herself. The team played the message who was actually a video message recorded shortly before her death where she said that if the player sees it she is dead. She also said how she knows they will find her and kill her so she decided to expose them anyway and that she have faith at the player to avenge her and save the poor kid as the message them said how they should search her place again. they followed Linda's post-mortem message and searched her place again, eventually discovering that Byron has some offers for the victim that she refused, angering the businessman but also that she and Boston have sent threats to the victim to stop hacking into museum networks before Nadia was interrogated again as the two had an argument.

Finally, gathering all the missing evidence the player and Bianca were able to expose Astan as Linda's killer. Shocked about the evidence he told the player that it must be a joke or a misunderstanding, stating how he would never kill anyone. The team sighed and presented all the evidence, including the piece of his jacket at the crime scene but he still swore to never been there, neither knowing where that location is. He said how he spent entire day with Nadia and later with his parents and that they ask anyone and will confirm the alibi. Despite that, Bianca said that evidence is evidence but the player stopped her from handcuffing Astan, saying that they need to investigate more, check the alibi and they see if Astan is truly the killer. Bianca sighed and said that even if they do that, they still have to put Astan in the custody cell until things are proven otherwise. Astan sighed and cursed under his breath as Bianca put a handcuffs on his arms before escorting him to the patrol car towards the police station where they put him in the custody cells.

After locking the cell, the player and Bianca went straight to Nadia to ask him about Astan's alibi. Upon hearing that Astan was locked, Nadia told them that they make a bad mistake and that Astan was not the killer as he was 100% framed because of his profession. The player and Bianca told her that they would want to believe that but that they need evidence for it. Bianca then said where she and him spend the day when the murder happen as she said that they were alone at his workplace but that security cameras probably have recordings on it. The team went to Astan's workplace and obtained the recordings from CCTVs as they sent it to Ian who after patiently looked though all the tapes of the day confirmed that Astan's alibi is valid. With newly found information that Astan can't be the killer the team went to his cell to tell him to stay still in the station as the real killer probably thinks that the police bit the bait. They also asked him if he encounter anything different on what he said that only his leather jacket was torn when he returned home but that was probably because he caught onto something while returning from the his work. When they asked him where that could've been he said that it was where late's Harold Bobson's house is. The team got suspicious and quickly went to search that up, soon noticing that someone cemented very old looking knife into the yard's wall. When the team obtained it they sent it to Walter and Mr LaVey who soon discovered it that it belongs to the museum in the private collection of Boston. Knowing this detail the team then picked up Boston's profile and asked Ian to run a background check for the tea.

Soon after, Ian climbed down to the player and Bianca, saying that he discovered something about Boston that could turn the game around and showed them the file as Bianca thanked him for a good job. The team went to the museum and straight to Boston's office where they locked the door so he can't exit and asked him why he killed Linda. Boston laughed and said that he didn't killed a little hacker girl. Bianca then smirked and said that evidence says otherwise as his saliva was found on the weapon used to kill Linda. He then said how that is not true as he said how he witnessed Astan disposing the blowdart on what Bianca clapped her hands and asked how he knows that Astan is the killer and that blowdart is the weapon as he growled, saying that everyone knows that and demanded to exist or he will report them, to their chief. Bianca said that he needs to confess or die here in this room as Boston hit the floor with his cane, saying that they are really smart but that they are late. Bianca demanded answers as Boston looked at the other side, telling them that Linda went too far, too far and beyond. He then said how Linda thought hat she can play vigilante and find the missing kid entire city is looking for but that she stumbled upon the bigger conspiracy that was too much for her to comprehend. Bianca raised her eyebrows and asked what is as he just smirked and said that he is a member of one group of wise and powerful people, capable to destroy history and manipulate with it. his glare suddenly locked at the player. They having a full glare into his cold eyes as he grinned, saying that they might know or not. He then sighed and said how that group want to bring a new era of peace and prosperity across the world as they learned tricks and how to do it but that humans aren't ready for it. He said how Harold was member too but he became too greedy and wanted to experience the prosperity and wealth, the power that was too great for him and when he wasn't allowed to he started to threat and blackmail with exposure of the main head so they responded with a gun to his own head by one of his to experience what true betrayal feels like. He looked up and said that this is what Linda found alongside that the group kidnapped a little boy so that Harold's killer would've been outsider. Bianca then showed him his record, saying is that why Harold covered so many scams and felonies for him on what he just nodded and said how he was just a tool. Bianca then demanded the location of the kid of what Boston said that they should ask a dead hacker girl as he with a laugh broke the window with his cane and jumped off, landing on the rope that was falling from the helicopter.

Bianca rushed to the window, trying to shut the helicopter but effectively. The player them told her that they need to find the kid on what Bianca nodded, saying that if Boston was right, her hideout should have the location. Bianca then said that before they go they should inform Lucifer who just came out of the hospital to let Astan go. Bianca called him while the player went to investigate Linda's hideout once again. There they discovered a broken HDD that the player restored and together with Bianca sent to Ian. after Ian's analyzes he said that he didn't managed to restore everything from the hard drive but he managed to pull out a decoded map from the dark web that belonged to Boston. He then said that only location that matches Harold's house is marked. The team feared the worst as they took shovels and went to his house. There they removed the old couch from the yard and found locked manhole. After breaking the chains and opening the hole they inside found a scared boy who was on the verge of tears. Gently, Bianca bulled him out and hugged him tightly, saying that things will be alright now. She them told him to say what happened if he ready as the boy silently said that he only wand his grandpa, Making Bianca to frown and say that he won't be available for a while but that she will take care of him if the boy is ready. The boy said that he would be lied to be called Lenny and that he would like to stay with Bianca. She nodded as she said that they still have to go to the station first and talk with chief Lazuli. The team then returned to the station as she told Lenny to stay in the breakroom with detective Coltrane as she and the player talk with their chief. Lenny nodded and entered inside, seemingly clicked good with Lucifer as the player and Bianca entered chief's office and said that Boston, the real Linda's killer and mastermind behind Harold's murder escaped somewhere. Chief Lazuli sighed and said if that's all on what Bianca said that they also discovered deeper conspiracy about some group wanting to spread peace and prosperity though some power but that their actions seems more violent then peaceful. She also said how Harold used to be part of it but he wanted more power and when he got rejected he began to threat resulting in his death. Chief Lazuli tapped her chin and said that this is a big discovery and if the ex-chief was part of it then the conspiracy against the city goes deeper. She then turned around and said that they deserved a break but that tomorrow the player and Lucifer will go and visit a museum in Old Paradise, Harold's birth district, and see if the museum documents have anything that mentions this group.

After everyone went home the player packed their things and went outside, where Walter was waiting for them in the car. As the player entered, Walter looked at them with a still and determined face, saying how he heard their report to the chief and it's sure that the player also knows what is going on. The player nodded, saying that they feared this will happen sooner or later. Clutching the steering wheel, Walter said that they aren't in any town but West Ridge is just the old name for their city: New Imperium. The player then said that they need to finds the way home as something serious might happen if their names gets recorded so far in their past and not in their native 2060. Walter looked down as he said that the group that has so big power needs to be formed from them and that there is no other answer. The player looked though the window, saying that if those people trapped them and Walter in wasteland on alternative universe they might've already tracked them here. Walter then commented that it's on them to be extra careful as he said that he will continue to work to fix their time machine in shadows and pray that they won't find them as he turned his car and drove away. The screen suddenly changed to the top of the nearby building where the person in a long coat of the Grim Reaper watched over the duo with a spyglass and just chuckled.



  • Linda Markswood (Shot in the heart with a poisonous dart)

Murder Weapon

  • Blowdart


  • Not Arrested Yet



Killer's Profile

  • The Killer knows chemistry.
  • The Killer is sharpshooter.
  • The Killer likes riddles.
  • The Killer is a man.
  • The Killer wears leather.

Crime Scenes

Linda's Hideout Computer Table Linda's Hideout Bonus
West Ridge Chrnicale HQ Astan's Workplace West Ridge Chrnicale HQ Bonus
Chief's Old House Abandoned Couch Chief's Old House Bonus