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Oma Kontar
Full name Oma Kontar
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1967
Nationality Flag of Egypt.png Egyptian
Residence Cairo, Egypt
Profession Cairo Museum Owner
Affiliation(s) Cairo Museum
Appearance(s) When the Sand Falls

Oma Kontar (Arab: تسالك القنطار) was a suspect in the investigation of rich socialite Iris Rahnain in When the Sand Falls (Case #11 of World Edition).


Oma is a 49 year old museum owner. She wore a grey suit with a white shirt. On her head she wore red clips. It is known she rides camels.

Role in Case(s)

When the Sand Falls

In this case, Oma was first spoken to when Iris' body was first found. Oma was yelling at some children on the exhibits, and was too wrapped up in her job to speak.

The team spoke to her properly when a message was written to the victim. Oma admitted she wrote the message, Oma explained that Iris would walk into the museum and brag about her riches, and throw money up into the air.