Ranger Oliver Briers was a suspect in the murder investigation of his ranger partner, Lynne Gillis, in "Natural Death" (Case #2 of Justice Department).


Oliver is a thirty-year-old ranger of the Greenstone Natural Reserve. He has red hair and brown eyes. Oliver is seen wearing a grey ranger's park uniform complete with a black necktie, a ranger badge and a name tag. It is known that Oliver drinks kale juice, owns a beagle and uses rash cream.

Events in Justice Department

Oliver was flagged as a suspect when the player and Lt. Eric Wayne found a Greenstone Reserve bracelet that had his name on it. Oliver claimed that the bracelet symbolised their partnership as rangers in the reserve. He also expressed that he and Lynne had been close friends ever since their first day in the ranger program.

Oliver was spoken to again when the detectives found a torn letter that was addressed to Lynne from him. He explained to Lt. Wayne and the player that he believed for him and Lynne to be together, especially when he discovered that Lynne had divorced Edward Jarvis. But, when he expressed his love to Lynne, she had rejected his affections and tore his letter.

Despite Lynne's callous act, Oliver was found innocent when Edward was found guilty of Lynne's murder. In the additional investigation, head ranger Henry Lancaster asked the player to investigate a disturbance in the park trail, they find Oliver's broken badge. Oliver was spoken to and claimed that he shot down a drone flying past, as he suspected that the drone was used by poachers to try and hunt any wild beasts. When the detectives found the drone, it was revealed that it was used by Cerebrum Laboratories and that its design was based on the signature model of technological genius Tommy Park.

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