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Oh My... That Slow Pain!
General Information
Season -
City Crimestone
District Ratcrown Bridge
Case # 10
Initial release date 19. VIII 2020.
Partner(s) Rosetta Calconi (All Chapters)
Malcolm Fraser (Road of Disappearance 5)
Camilla Monaca (One task in chapter 3)
Giuseppe Calconi, Sam Clifton, Christopher Rodriguez, Brad Rosseau & Bianca Maletta (3 tasks in Road of Disappearance 5)
Case Chronology
← Preceded by Succeeded by →
Back to Your Twisted Mind Mind Crusher
(in Silicon Bay)
One last chance for Ludovica's salvation. The plan is ready to be executed but upon arrival the body already waits for your examination, tied down and full of ants but did your mission succeed?

Oh My... That Slow Pain! is a case featured in Criminal Case: Mafia's Secret Diary as the 10th case of the game. It is the fifth and final one to take place in Ratcrown Bridge, a district of Crimestone.


Following all discoveries from previous investigations and finally realizing that Crimestone National Park is a place Mancio would sell Ludovica to Triads Giuseppe Calconi started to prepare the crew as Alfonso informed Marcus to clock the area for the police while the player and Rosetta will be the front row people who will save Ludovica. After the plan was ready the Calconi Family left together and made their way to the national park where soldiers were stationed in every corner waiting or the approach. As the sun changed to moon and no one seemed appear, Rosetta started to suspect that is false lead and told the player that is time to go deeper. As they made their way towards the forest, Rosetta with the determination slashed the branches with her knife until coming to the middle of the national park's woods where the player noticed an ant hill and a body with ans covered it and biting it. Gripping her gun Rosetta and the player approached only to find a shocking discovery: A dead body of Mancio's daughter - Esmeralda Tortorelli but no signs of Ludovica anywhere.

As soon as they realized which murder they got involved with, Rosetta called Giuseppe who just wanted to depart the body but Lawrence stopped him, saying that the investigation might lead the family. After lots of thinking he allowed that as Lawrence took the body to his morgue as Giuseppe told Rosetta and the player to keep a low profile and make sure Tortorelli Family not to find about this. After nodding a duo started the investigation as they quickly discovered that they were followed by the Croatian Mob Boss Zvonimir Horvat who denied that he killed anyone or knowing the victim. As they continued to search who could've kill Esmeralda they came across an investigative journalist Kelp O'Brien who was in the scoop hunt but also a reason to suspect a corrupted doctor from Gideovani Family Placido Gideovani before getting reasons to suspect a cowboy Sam Clifton. Upon finishing the autopsy, Lawrence covered the body and said that not much is found except for lots of sugar remains, ants and ants bites. However he said that he did found a foreign substances on the rope and victim's wrists where the rope was tied. Processing the report he said that the substances matches oysters, confirming that the killer consumed it before killing.

With news leads in mind a duo left the morgue to recap what they have. They talked about it as the pressure raised that Ludovica won't be found. Rosetta shock her head telling the player that is not time to be low gunshots started to be heard and the alarm for emergency started. Knowing what that means Rosetta's took the player's hand and started to run towards the morgue where the gunshots were heard. Having her gun ready, she and the player rushed towards the morgue where Mancio and his henchmen shot around, wounding some of Calconi members while Diocleziano tried to shot more of them. With shouting Mancio demanded the body of her daughter and execution of the entire family, blaming them for the murder. the morgue soon became a war field and after exchange of multiple bullets. seeing the perfect moment before Mancio's family took the player and Rosetta as hostages and ran away, knocking them off in the meantime. They then woke up tied up in the Mancio's office. Being nimble, Rosetta managed to cut to rope and helped the layer to free themselves too. Being in the snake nest, Rosetta told the player to search quick and get everything they can. At the time, Mancio spuriously entered his office and pulled his gun ordering a duo to stop which made Rosetta to do the same. The player them stopped them, using their skills to convince Mancio to give them time to find the killer on what Mancio said that they have **six hours** and if they don't succeed everyone they love and knows will be dead. Rolling her eyes, Rosetta and the player left the office with the findings from the office. They soon found out that a police mole Marcus Valentino visited Mancio but that he never said the reason why before. Inspecting further they also discovered reasons to suspect an ex-gangster Christopher Rodriguez, who was exchanging kisses with Jason Holiday at the time of the interrogation. They then discovered that that Kelp was fired by the victim for publishing articles about the shady activities of her family but also discovered that Placido was tasked by the victim to do a surgery on her that will make her looks much younger. Soon a duo discovered that Sam broke into the victim's house following the leads about Ludovica and that he is convinced that Esmeralda has something to do with it.

With only three hours left, a duo knew that they need to work faster but at that point Camilla approached the team, saying that Mancio, Zvonimir and Christopher are at the edge to kill each other. Upon hearing that, Rosetta and the player with Diocleziano went to stop a trio from murdering each other. Upon arriving to the scene a trio already was shouting and threatening to shoot as the family tried to stop them. With high tensions and short temper to deal with this stupidity Diocleziano sot the air, causing a local police patrol to come towards them as Mancio used that to escape. The cops soon arrived, Marcus and Emmett Hefferson who demanded to know what is going on but with the careful words of the layer Emmett decided to let it go as Marcus gave them a glare to be extra careful. They then decided to stop Mancio and interrogate them but he told them to leave him alone as their ultimatum will soon pass and that the feud between him and his daughter should be only between them. A duo them discovered that Marcus was in the affair with the victim for the information but that by time he needed to escape for her because she became a threat for his safety. As well they discovered that Zvonimir was paranoid that the victim could break the alliance between two mafia families and that he needed to use mind games to keep her in line before discovering that Christopher and the victim had a heated fight where Christopher said that he will take down every mafia no matter how hard it would be and how long it would take.

With just five minutes left from the ultimatum they finally got the person who committed the murder. Rosetta and the player then rushed out to question Marcus. They told him to come to the park for the chat where Rosetta and Camilla waited with the player. Once Marcus arrived Rosetta asked him why he would kill anyone since he could just arrest them on what Marcus said that this wasn't supposed to ended up being a murder but that he regrets nothing. Marcus said that for a long time as he is affiliated with the Calconi Family he never had a time to shine, to show off his skills and show that he is a material to be more then just a cop who is on the other side of the law and said how this kidnapping was something that would've show the family and Giuseppe that he is worth of the mafia rank. He then said that the kidnapping got to the police as well where Emmett and the police chief, Kieran Williamson, started to wonder about it but that the chief tasked him and Emmett to work on the case. He then leaned against a tree, saying that it was hard to avoid Emmett but that he knew the subject deeper then him so while the family was busy solving Gideon's murder he took Ludovica's tablet from her room and knowing that he need to get closer to Esmeralda he started to be flirt, be dine and buy her things, eventually buying her trust but also became able to be close with him to get a physical pleasure but eventually discovering more about Ludovica's kidnapping and that he needs to leave the tablet in her son's bedroom and that someone will pick it up and give to Ludovica which was the reason why the family discovered later the signal that led them to the illegal hospital but that he was all the time on the thin ice. He sighed, saying that he felt something never felt before for someone, a true feelings of love and hope he would turn her to the Calconi's side but eventually he discovered that she planned to kill him. He then said how by time while he tried to be even close with her, to find where Ludovica really is and even confess his feelings he noticed that Esmeralda started to act fishy around him, touchy and that she started to mix various things with his drinks but let it to slide, continuing to push his play in hope he will be Calconi's hero but without success. A night before, while the family was working on Sebastian's murder he discovered that Esmeralda was recording him all the time and that she collected everything that could expose his position in the police, expose the family and that he couldn't let that pass and decided to do what every rouge criminal would do and torture her into submission. He used her weapon against her and switched drinks he was supposed to drink which knocked her off and then he took her to her car before driving to hear, not realizing that Ludovica's trade would've been here too and tried her up before getting a sugar to attract ants. He said that it was supposed to be tortured but when she woke up she denied to be cooperative forcing him to pour more sugar for more acts who started to bit her as he moved away, giving her the feeling that he left. He watched her trying to resist the bites until she eventually stopped moving. He then punched the tree with his pocket watch, leaving some of he silver traces on the bark and realizing that he bring nothing left. Rosetta asked him why he didn't told what he is doing and that this is a possible act of a treason but he looked at her eyes, saying that the mission was very dangerous and that he wanted to risk only his own life. Right at the moment, Camilla spotted a police drone and quickly took it down but it was too late as Emmett and the company circled the group and overpowered Marcus before cuffing him, saying that he will have lots of things to explain on the court. Camilla and Rosetta tried t help him but he gestured with no as he unnoticed by the police threw something in the bushes.

While Marcus was taken away, Rosetta and the player got to search the area, discovering a weird key with a strange keychain that after examination was discovered to belong to Zvonimir's mob. A duo interrogated him who said that the key was a gift that he lost in the park. He said that once he caught Kelp being around his cover for the illegal operations and that he paid his way out by giving him this key with words that could be of a bigger help afterwards for expansion of him empire and demanded the key but Rosetta told him that he will get it back once Ludovica will be free. They then went to Kelp and ambushed him before taking him to the darkness and demanding the truth about the key. With a sweat, Kelp said that he found the key by the accident, in the tree stump near the mysterious trailer but that he never inspected it sadly due to him getting caught by the Croatian mob. With that discovery, a duo sneaked back into the trailer that was thankfully empty and searched around, discovering a strange portable fridge with a syringe inside. After Estella analyzed the containing she came to the conclusion that the syringe contained a truth serum and that half of it was used. Additionally, she said how the blood and skin cells cells on the tip of the needle matches Ludovica's. She also said how he informed her father and that he is furious, who right there approached the player with his gun loaded and said that peace is no longer the option but Estella then deeply glared at him and told to sit as she said that she found initials P.G. like in Placido Gideovani and that now he can go full rage. Giuseppe then told Rosetta to be there an that he and the player will deal everything. rushing t Placido, Giuseppe and the player broke into his workplace, a hospital previously owned by Xi Ping Wong and rushed to him but Placido was ready and as they approached he shoot towards the team, missing the hits. Giuseppe did the same, also missing the hits but eventually succeeding to shoot him leg. Not without resistance, Giuseppe approached and pointed the gun, demanding to know what he know, where is Ludovica and why he gave her truth serum. Placido griped him shoulder, saying that Mancio needed to be sure she would've give wrong combinations for the servers that Tortorellis wants to take power off and through the chuckle said that she spilled everything once the mixture was given to her before grinning, saying how now when she is no longer of use they can start to prepare a funeral since Mancio won't be slight on her now when she knows a lot, prompting Giuseppe to shot his chest and dig the gun barrel int the wounds. Placido growled in pain as the blood started to fill his mouth as he said that the answers are in Mancio's office. Leaving Placido on his own mercy, a duo went to Mancio's office and raided it completely, discovering a blueprints of the complete complex with a secret prison underneath. Mancio wanted to get his men for the job but the player stopped him, saying that can only escalate into the bloodier conflict and put Ludovica's life into a greater danger. On the player's requests, he and the player went to Sam and Christopher who gladly accepted to help, but not just them as the group needed more of the back up. Shortly after the team for the rescue joined Jason but as well Brad Rosseau and Bianca Maletta. With everything ready they quickly spread and searched the mysterious prison, eventually finding typed Ludovica. A crew quickly fred her the rope and successfully took out and checked on hr. After she explained everything she only wanted to see her Alenka Viktorovna. They nodded and after cleaning her up bit drove her to her girlfriend's house who's eyes filled with tear and both of them rushed into each other's hug before sharing a long and emotional kiss. Still holding each other in the hug, Ludovica told them that she needs time to be alone with Alenka.

Back to the mansion, Rosetta waited for the player and worried for Marcus, saying that even tho he worked behind their backs he was loyal tot he family and that they need to bail him out but that they will need a layer for it. They then went to Malcolm who said that the evidences are harm but that it will be easy to bail Marcus out. He said that he, Rosetta and the player will need to return to Mancio's office to find the proof who will backup their fake statement. After lurking around his desk they found lots of footage that Esmeralda took as the incriminating evidence. After Camilla looked deeply into them with the help from Lawrence managed to fake the things on the footage. They taknked a duo before taking the corrupted evidence as Rosetta let the player to go alone with Marcus to the police department and speak to Marcus. In his cell, Malcolm whispered to Marcus how he will be his layer on this trial and that he needs to trust him on what Marcus nodded. Shortly after a trivial started where it was tense with the found evidence versus the corrupted evidences the family made but at the end Malcolm's case won, letting Marcus to be free of charge and the murder to be re-directed towards the Tortorelli family. Outside of court, Marcus thanked the player and Malcolm and apologized for thinking that everything would be okay and said that he has to meet up with the police chief and that will inform them everything afterwards.

Back to the mansion, the family breath a slight sigh of relief, knowing that Ludovica is on same. Speaking of her, at the moment she appeared with her girlfriend, saying that she is sorry for what happened and for leaking the information to Mancio but that she will work hard to pay for what she did on what Rosetta looked at her, seemingly her heart of ice breaking and gave her a hug, saying that it's okay. Under the comfort of the two girls, Ludovica directly apologized to Giuseppe who hold his guard up ad said that is the best to change everything until they attack but then sighed and looked over the family and the allies of it, saying that the battle was hard butt hat at the end Calconi family stood on the top before looking over to Malcolm and said how much he is impressed fr his impressive fraud, prompting him to promote him to the rank of the soldier who greatly accepted and said that he will always stood loyal to the family before asking Brad, Christopher, Sam and Bianca too stood in the front. He said how he is impressed by their loyalty tot he dark side and while still skeptical about them decided to let them decide will they join as the associates or leave, forgetting everything. After silence, everyone except Christopher accepted the offer who said that he needs more time to decide before leaving to join his boyfriend. After that, Diocleziano took new made men and made woman to a secret room as Alfonso turned on the news only to find out that they were speaking the giant cyber attack on the buildings owned by family members, including the lawyer company of Malcolm. The family, knowing who did it and why decided that there is no time for the break as Giuseppe raised his revolver ad pointed at the door, saying that the family and Rosetta need to go to Silicon Bay and that fast to stop the attackers before all their secrets gets leaked out.



  • Esmeralda Tortorelli (Covered in sugar and left to be eaten by ants)

Murder Weapon

  • Ants


  • Marcus Valentino



Killer's Profile

  • The Killer reads Dante's Inferno.
  • The Killer eats oysters.
  • The Killer knows to trick a retina scanner.
  • The Killer wears a pocket watch.
  • The Killer has green eyes.

Crime Scenes

Crimestone National Park Rare Ant Hill Crimestone National Park Bonus
Suspicious Trailer Trailer Inside Suspicious Trailer Bonus
Mancio's Office Mancio's Desk Mancio's Office Bonus
Secret Jail Cells


Chapter 1


  • Investigate Crimestone National Park (Clues: Victim's Body, Fedora, Shoulder Bag; Victim Identified: Esmeralda Tortorelli)
  • Examine Fedora (Result: Z HORVAT; New Suspect: Zvonimir Horvat)
  • Examine Shoulder Bag (Result: Locked Notepad)
  • Examine Locked Notepad (Result: Notepad; New Suspect: Kelp O'Brien)
  • Ask Zvonimir why is he following you
  • Question Kelp (New Crime Scene: Suspicious Trailer)
  • Investigate Suspicious Trailer (Clues: Disturbing Drawing[Ludovica's Sketch], Trash Basket, Broken Whistle)
  • Examine Ludovica's Sketch (Result: Signature; New Suspect: Placido Gideovani)
  • Examine Trash Basket (Result: Dirty Book Cover)
  • Examine Trash Basket (Result: Dog Whistle; New Suspect: Sam "Lonewolf" Clifton)
  • Speak to Placido about the sketch
  • Speak to Sam
  • Analyze Dirty Book Cover (03:00:00; Attribute: The Killer reads Dante's Inferno)
  • Autopsy Victim's Body (18:00:00; Attribute: The Killer eats oysters)
  • Go to Chapter 2! (1 star)

Chapter 2

  • Investigate Mancio's Office (Clues: Broken Device, Faded Pocket Watch, Envelope Box; New Suspect: Mancio Tortorelli
  • Calm down Mancio (Profile Updated; Mancio reads Dante's Inferno and eats oysters)
  • Examine Broken Device (Result: Retina Scanner)
  • Examine Faded Pocket Watch (Result: Engraving; New Suspect: Marcus Valentino)
  • Examine Envelope Box (Result: Torn Message)
  • Examine Torn Message (Result: Note of Alert)
  • Ask Marcus what he was doing in the enemy's office (Profile Updated; Marcus reads Dante's Inferno)
  • Speak to Christopher about the note (Profile Updated: Christopher reads Dante's Inferno and eats oysters)
  • Analyze Retina Scanner (12:00:00; Attribute: The Killer knows to trick a retina scanner; New Crime Scene: Trailer Inside)
  • Investigate Trailer Inside (Clues: Safe, Stack of Surveillance Footage)
  • Examine Safe (Result: Esmeralda's Medical Requests)
  • Examine (Result: Blurred Pictures)
  • Speak to Placido about the medical files (Profile Updated: Placido reads Dante's Inferno, eats oysters and knows to trick a retina scanner)
  • Analyze Blurred Pictures (06:00:00)
  • Question Sam about his break into the victim's home (Profile Updated: Placido reads Dante's Inferno, eats oysters and knows to trick a retina scanner)
  • Go to Chapter 3!

Chapter 3

  • See what's up with Mancio (Profile Updated: Mancio knows to trick a retina scanner; New Crime Scene: Mancio's Desk)
  • Investigate Mancio's Desk (Clues: Locked Phone, Money Briefcase[Faded Note], Broken Gadget)
  • Examine Locked Phone (Result: Texts)
  • Examine Faded Note (Result: Zvonimir's Note)
  • Examine Broken Gadget (Result: Security Camera)
  • Speak to Macus about the texts (Profile Updated: eats oysters and knows to trick a retina scanner)
  • Question Zvonimir about the note and the money bribery (Profile Updated: Zvonimir reads Dante's Inferno, eats oysters and knows to trick a retina scanner)
  • Analyze Security Camera (09:00:00)
  • Question Christopher about the argument (Profile Updated: Christopher knows to trick a retina scanner; New Crime Scene: Rare Ant Hill)
  • Investigate Rare Ant Hill (Clues: Bark, Rope)
  • Examine Bark (Result: Silver Particles)
  • Examine Rope (Result: Saliva)
  • Analyze Silver Particles (12:00:00; Attribute: The Killer wears a pocket watch)
  • Analyze Saliva (12:00:00; Attribute: The Killer has green eyes)
  • Take Care of the Killer, NOW!
  • Go to Road of Disappearance 5!

Road of Disappearance 5


  • Investigate Crimestone National Park (Clues: Bush)
  • Examine Bush (Result: Strange Key)
  • Examine Strange Key (Result: Zvonimir's Key)
  • Question Zvonimir about the key
  • Demand answers from Kelp about the key
  • Investigate Trailer Inside (Clues: Portable Fridge)
  • Examine Portable Fridge (Result: Syringe)
  • Analyze Syringe (06:00:00)
  • Question Placido about the truth serum given to Ludovica
  • Investigate Mancio's Office (Blues: Blueprint)
  • Recruit Sam and Christoper for the break-in mission (Reward: Burger)
  • Investigate Secret Jail Cells (Clues: Ludovica)
  • Free Ludovica and take her to safety
  • Reunite Alenka and Ludovica (Reward: Heart Brooch)
  • Speak to Malcolm about bailing Marcus out of the prison (Reward: 20 000 coins)
  • Investigate Mancio's Desk (Clues: Esmeralda's Safe)
  • Examine Esmeralda's Safe (Result: Footage Tapes)
  • Analyze Footage Tapes (12:00:00)
  • Help Marcus to get out of the prison
  • Go on to the next crime! (in Silicon Bay)