Ognen Radionov
Biographical information
Full name Ognen Radionov
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth 1996
Death 2018
Cause of death Fall from height
Personal information
Nationality Russian
Residence Laroy Bay
Profession(s) Journalist (in disguise)
Partner(s) Connie Weber - (girlfriend;Deceased)
Affiliation(s) The Venom
Game information
First appeared Case #1 Welcome to Laroy Bay
You are weak,you are nothing.You'll never stop THE VENOM
—-Ognen Radionov
Ognen Radionov (1996-2018) was a primary antagonist in Criminal Case Laroy Bay. He murdered two people in two murder investigations. Prior to that he was a suspect in two murder investigations.


Ognen was 22 year old Russian journalist in disguise. He had black hair under brown cap with dark brown streaks. He wore black shirt under red unbuttoned shirt.

In his second appearence, he had a rash on his neck.

In his third appearence, his rash healed and he wore gold brooch.

Age 22
Height 5'10''
Weight 156lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood Type AB+

Welcome To Laroy Bay

Ognen became a suspect after team found his picture with Connie on the beach.He said that he was dating Connie since 2016.He was sad that his love died in such a brutual way.He accidently dropped that picture when he was outside

Team spoke to Ognen again after they found voodo doll that looks like Connie stabbed with little tree branch.He told them that he made that when she was gossiping about him.She told almost everyone that she is dating him only because she felt sorry for him cause he is ugly.Ognen became really mad at her,but he claimed that he didn't harm her.Ognen was found innocent after team arrested Daniella Morales for Connie Weber's murder.

Later that evening,Ognen came to Diane and player asking for help.He said that he dropped and broke his camera near Connie's garden,so they went to Connie's garden to find his camera.After they fixed it and brought it back to him,he also confessed that he is unsure if Daniella is telling the truth.

Six Feet Under Water

Ognen became a suspect along with Kelly Purnell,after they were found on crime scene.He said that he wants to catch The Venom's leader before any other jorunalist or police officer.He also claimed that he doesn't know who Brice Connerie is.

Ognen was interrogated for second time when he tried to put Melania in his car.Melania ran away,and he claimed that she was the leader of The Venom and that she needs to be stopped.

Ognen was revealed to be innocent for second time,after team arrested Baxter Demint.

Bite the Snake

Ognen was interrogated when he called the police.He said that he was taking a walk when he heard screams near highschool,when he arrived he saw Meera Kat killed by snakes.

Ognen was interrogated again when team found his red cap in Meera's studio.He said that he was there looking for proves that Meera was in The Venom,but he couldn't find anything.

After investigation,Ognen turned out to be the killer.He told them that Meera found out that he is the leader,so he chased her to the local highschool,hit her with a rock and untied a bag full of venom snakes when he throwed the bag at her.He then tried to shot the player,but Megan shot him in the hand.Judge sentenced him to life imprisonment.

The End of Times

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