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Alan Smith: <Name>, I know it's been two weeks without a case but it's finally time to work again.
Alan Smith: A witness called Miranda Straf said that she found a dead body at Townville's 15th bridge.
Evan: The 15th Bridge? <Name>, there's a creepypasta about that bridge. Many accidents occur in that bridge but nobody seems to know why!
Alan Smith: Stop talking, you have to catch a killer! Go now and do it!
Evan: Yes, Chief!

Chapter 1

Investigate 15th Bridge
Evan: <Name>, why is this man missing his head?! There's blood flowing from his neck to the edge of the bridge...
Evan: I guess his head ended up down there in the river. Let's tell Gino to get some diving suits.
Evan: This track is suspicious, yeah. We should see what type of vehicle left it.
Evan: And that woman crying over there must be the witness. Let's talk to her.

Autopsy the victim's body
Daniel: <Name>, I don't know what killed this man, but it was something VERY heavy!!!
Daniel: There were signs of a huge pressure in the base of his neck. And not to mention that his spine was ground to pieces!
Evan: What kind of weapon could do this, Daniel?
Daniel: A lot of things, but I don't know how your killer managed to use it to commit the murder.
Daniel: An object like that can't be easy to hide. Call me if you find anything suspicious!

Examine Tire track
Evan: So what drove past the crime scene is a type of truck. Did you see any?
Evan: No? What a shame. It could be related to the- Wait, aren't those tracks from a Waterstone tire? Yes? <Name>, I know where this truck might be!
Evan: Oscar Burgh is a breakdown lorry driver, and he uses Waterstone tires. I know where his garage is, so let's go!

Talk to Oscar Burgh about the tire track
Evan: Oscar, we came because we found some Waterstone tire tracks and I remembered your breakdown lorry has that type of tires.
Oscar: You have an excellent memory, Inspector Evan! Just a few people use those tires, as just a few trucks fit their shape.
Evan: I didn't know that. Have you been by the 15th Bridge recently?
Oscar: The 15th Bridge?! <Rank> <Name>, that's an awful place. You have the Flukes in one side and the Hades in front of them. Don't you know how many people got beat up there?
Oscar: I'd never go there, <Rank> <Name>. It's putting your life at risk.

Interrogate the witness
Evan: Miss, can you tell <Rank> <Name> everything you saw?
Miranda: Yes. I live in that house over there. And my boyfriend was coming here to pick me up. So I was waiting for him in that corner.
Miranda: Then I turned around and looked at the bridge to see if he was coming from there.
Miranda: And I saw a headless body! Then I called you, and that's all.
Evan: Didn't you see any suspicious person?
Miranda: I don't remember. I'm sorry, <Rank> <Name>, I can't be of help.
Evan: Don't worry, you're just shocked. Reporting the murder was really helpful anyway.

After some minutes...

Gino: <Name>, the scuba gears you ordered are here in the HQ!
Gino: Besides, Lindsey found out that the victim was a man called Manuel Prada, using the body's fingerprints.
Gino: The same thing did Sabrina with the DNA. And we found out that Manuel's parents died and that he was living with a butcher called Colin Pits.
Evan: Thanks, Gino! So, <Name>, we need to interrogate Colin and also go under Holland River.

Tell the victim's tutor about the murder
Colin: Is Manuel really dead? Oh, sh*t, I told him to take care but he didn't listen to me!
Evan: To take care? What kind of things did he use to do?
Colin: You know, gangs and drugs, and... bad things. I don't exactly know what it is, but Manuel didn't have a strong personality. People always got mad at him.
Colin: He wasn't born for a life like the one he was leading. Someone got tired of him and killed him!

Investigate River underwater
Evan: Here's Manuel's head, <Name>! Oh God, this is disgusting! It reminds me of that case in the river back Downtown.
Evan: We have to send this to the lab. And this broken cellphone... it has some marks on the screen that might make out a drawing. Can you repair it?

Analyze Head
Daniel: <Name>, your killer is really crazy. After making sure Manuel's head was torn from his body, they removed its insides!
Evan: WHAT?! You mean the brain and... those things? Why?
Daniel: To hide this broken device I found inside the head. I'm sure <Name> will be able to restore it.
Evan: Alright! What else, Daniel?
Daniel: Two more things. I found burnt gasoline and carbon dioxide inside his head. It means he was breathing when a car drove past him.
Daniel: It's not really normal. So I'd say the car drove OVER him.
Evan: Our killer drove over Manuel? Write it down, <Name>, the killer can drive.
Daniel: And I also found yellow fibers along with the broken device. It means the killer wears something yellow!
Evan: Thanks a lot. Now, <Name>, why don't you take a look at this... thing?

Examine Broken device
Evan: Then that device is a surveillance camera. And if the killer broke it and hid it, it must have filmed him!
Evan: We need to send it to the laboratory!

Analyze Surveillance camera
Lindsey: Your deduction was right. This camera caught the killer!
Lindsey: It was broken though, and I can only get some blurry images. But I can see a person with something like a head on their hands.
Lindsey: And then they approach the camera and break it!
Evan: That's definitely our killer! I guess you couldn't see their face...
Lindsey: No. But I could see their black hair!

Examine Broken cellphone
Evan: So this drawing on the phone's screen is a symbol. I'm sure I've seen it, <Name>, but I just can't-
Evan: Oh, you're right! It's the Hades' symbol! We need to talk to the gang leader, but we can't find him easily. Why don't we call the expert?
Evan: Daniel, where can we find the leader of the Hades?
Daniel: Be careful, Evan! He's a tough man. His nickname is Ash. I think he still lives in the same place. I'm going to send you the adress in a message.
Evan: Thank you! <Name>, we should also see if there's something else in this mobile.

Ask Ash about the victim
Evan: Excuse us, Ash. Was Manuel Prada in your gang? Do you know him?
Ash: My little demon, yeah. But why do you say "was"? Did you arrest him, huh?
Evan: No. We found him dead at the 15th Bridge. There was a cellphone near him with a drawing of the Hades symbol.
Evan: We think it could be a dying message. What about you?
Ash: I'm not responsible for the rest of the gang's actions. If a Hades killed him, it's not me who should go to jail, right?
Ash: Look, I'd never kill that boy. I was trying to start him in this lifestyle. He still had so much to learn!

Analyze Cellphone
Lindsey: The whole memory of this cellphone was damaged, <Name>. It's a real shame.
Lindsey: But Manuel had a backup of his messages in an SD card! Isn't it amazing?
Evan: No. I have a backup in my SD too.
Lindsey: Sorry. Then I'll tell you what I found out. Manuel sent a lot of messages and received a lot of messages from a person you know.
Lindsey: And it's in fact El Pantera!
Evan: Oh, that's the Flukes leader, isn't he? Let's interrogate him.

Ask El Pantera about the victim
El Pantera: <Name>, so long since the last time we caught up, bro! And you have a new fella.
Evan: No, I'm his original fella in fact. Do you know who Manuel Prada is?
El Pantera: Sure! Manuel's mah new son. The latest Fluke we have. What happened to him?
Evan: He has been murdered. And we know you talked to him and sent him messages.
El Pantera: Dead? DEAD?! I'm sure it was the Hades, I'm d*mn sure! ASH KILLED HIM!!!

After a long while...

Evan: <Name>, we need to relax. We've got delicate information in this case.
Evan: Manuel was actually a Fluke AND a Hades. I'd have never thought a person would dare do it.
Evan: Our killer can drive... Wait, Oscar can drive! He drives a breakdown lorry. <Name>, he's not my friend, but I know him and he's not a bad person!
Gino: <Name>... We lost... the evidence.
Evan: What do you mean?

Chapter 2

Gino: Colin Pits called me and said that Manuel forgot his jacket when he was going out. And I'd found some things inside his pockets.
Gino: But when I was crossing the 15th Bridge a Hades mugged me and they stole the jacket!
Evan: So the Hades stole the case evidence? Could Ash have told them to do this? The evidence is in the hands of a Hades!
Gino: Not really. I escaped in my car and saw him some blocks away from there. And he didn't have the jacket!
Evan: <Name>, then the evidence might still be around the bridge. Let's go there!
Evan: And we can also ask Colin about Manuel's double life. I want to see if he knew about it.

Ask Colin if he knew that Manuel was in both gangs
Evan: Did Manuel ever mention being in both gangs?
Colin: Was he in both gangs? I can't believe it! What was he thinking about?
Colin: Now I understand. Every time I drove past a Fluke they greeted me with a smile. And when I see a Hades they raise their hand and ask me if I'm fine.
Colin: If any of the gangs find it out, they'll attack me! What can I do?
Evan: Don't worry, Colin. I don't think they come for you.

Investigate Right track
Evan: So this torn photo and this car key were inside the victim's jacket?
Gino: I think so.
Evan: What a stupid mugger. They should have thrown it at the river. <Name>, we need to restore this photo and see what this key can open.
Evan: A footprint? When we came here blood was dry, and Miranda never mentioned approaching the dead body.
Evan: So this bloody footprint belongs to the killer. Let's examine it!

Examine Footprint
Evan: The footprint from our killer comes from a pair of boots after all.
Evan: What a stylish killer!

Examine Torn photo
Evan: It's a photo of the victim! And look... he's with Miranda, our witness!
Evan: And this one is Ash, the Hades leader! So, summarising...
Evan: Miranda knows the victim and she also knows Ash. We need to have a chat with this girl.

Talk to Miranda about the gang leader
Miranda: <Rank> <Name>, I'm still shocked. What do you need?
Evan: Do you know Manuel Prada?
Miranda: He's my boyfriend. I was waiting for him when I saw that dead man. I couldn't drive my own car because it's broken.
Evan: He's dead.
Miranda: ...
Evan: Do you know Ash? We found a photo of you and the Hades leader.
Miranda: Yes, Ash was Manuel's friend!!! I can't believe he's dead, why would anybody kill him?
Evan: <Name>, this girl won't be able to speak anymore with us. So we should talk to Ash instead.

Ask Ash about Miranda
Evan: What do you know about Miranda Straf?
Ash: Ohhh... Manuel's bunny! That girl used to be a hooker. Until Manuel got her.
Ash: And he made her change. But he was quite abusive. He couldn't see her talking to other men.
Ash: I don't know why he wanted a girlfriend. When I need to be dirty, I just drive on looking for some hot girls on the road!

Examine Car key
Evan: The victim's key is a breakdown lorry key? What does it mean?
Evan: You're right, we didn't talk to Oscar about Manuel. Perhaps they knew each other. Let's ask him if he was one of his employees.

Quiz Oscar about the victim's keys
Evan: The victim is Manuel Prada. And he had a breakdown lorry key with him. Was it YOUR breakdown lorry?
Oscar: Yes. That boy got a part-time job in my garage. But he was a criminal.
Oscar: I tried to get rid of him, but he wouldn't leave. And dealing with gangs is really dangerous.
Evan: So the victim worked here? <Name>, we have to investigate this garage.

Investigate Garage
Evan: Why do we need a gun? Our victim wasn't murdered by gunshot.
Evan: <Name>, the lorry's tires are stained with blood! The killer drove over Manuel with this lorry! It's our murder weapon!
Evan: But we can't be sure it was Oscar. They could've stolen his vehicle.
Evan: And it could have been done by this gun's owner. We gotta examine it!

Examine Gun
Evan: I'm sure these fingerprints don't belong to Oscar. I'll show you he's innocent!

Analyze Fingerprints
Lindsey: I'm afraid there's nothing you can do this time, <Name>. This gun's owner has a gun permission.
Lindsey: These fingerprints belong to a man called Dorian Greensworth. Known as El Pantera!
Evan: See, <Name>? I told you Oscar was innocent!
Evan: Wait, so El Pantera's name is Dorian?
Evan: WAIT, SO EL PANTERA COULD BE OUR KILLER?! <Name>, he has to explain some things to us!!

Question El Pantera about the garage
Evan: Dorian, have you been to Oscar Burgh's garage?!
El Pantera: How do YO know mah name? WHO TOLD YA??!!
Evan: It's in our database. Now answer the question.
El Pantera: Yeah, but it's not yah business anyhoo. Aren't ya investigating a murder?
Evan: Tell us what you were doing there! You could be a murder suspect if you don't.
El Pantera: I just... visited him. It's really awkward but... I don't have a car. Don't tell anyone, that's another secret!!!
Evan: Let's go, <Name>, this is useless. I hope you saw he's wearing boots.

Later, at the Chief's office...

Alan Smith: Evan, have you been interrogating the gangs leaders? I told <Rank> <Name> Daniel Mossle would help him in a case related to gangs. It's more convenient.
Evan: Don't worry, Chief. The gangs are just part of the case. The crime isn't related to-
Alan Smith: Well, if <Name> considers it's fine I'll agree. After all, you're probably our best <Rank>.
Alan Smith: Talking about gangs, by the way, that Hades thief, Harry Clover, is holding a party at the sports club.
Alan Smith: Please, keep an eye there. The Hades are in this case and they'll surely be at the club!

Chapter 3

Evan: <Name>, Harry Clover is holding a party and our suspects might be there. We can get a chance to arrest them there.
Evan: Maybe they get drunk and cofess everything.
Alan Smith: But it's not a normal party. It's a cowboy party in fact.
Evan: Well, I'm sure our killer will get a chance to show off their boots!
Evan: Wait, Chief. Do we have to go there disguised as cowboys too?!
Alan Smith: Of course. Your outfits are in <Name>'s desk.
Evan: I'd like to know what El Pantera thinks about the sports club. After all, it's just controlled by the Hades!
Evan: And while I stay at the party, could you take a look at the lorry? If you need help with anything, we can ask Gino to be your second partner.
Alan Smith: That's impossible. Gino's patrolling the area near the 15th Bridge. He thinks he can find the mugger there.
Evan: Oh, you're right, <Name>! You can call that officer, Octavius Keys!
Evan: Well, I'll be going to the party. Remember we're disguised. Suspects mustn't recognise us!

Ask El Pantera about the cowboy party
Evan: Do you like this party?
El Pantera: Huh? Yeah, more or less. I'm trying to see where Clover is. Did you see him?
Evan: No. I try to avoid the Hades.
El Pantera: Hey, you're one of my people! I'll tell him... I'll ask him what he's looking for. Why can't he just come out as a Hades? Is he scared?
El Pantera: He might be intelligent, but he won't trick me into his game. This sports club is just a lie!

Evan: Speaking English must be a part of Dorian's disguise, haha!
Evan: Then Harry lied to us. He is a Hades and the sports club belongs to the Hades. We'll get him soon!

Investigate Breakdown lorry
Octavius: Wow, that's a pocket knife! And judging by the marks on it, I'd say it's been used at least once!
Evan: I know what we can do! Examine it at your lab. I'm sorry I don't have a disguise like you anyway.

Examine Pocket knife
Octavius: I'm sure you'd rather be partying with Evan. But we're stuck in a lab with a pocket knife.
Octavius: You found hair, great! I'll help you determine who it belongs to.

Examine Hair
Octavius: I don't know anyone who fits the description this DNA gave us.
Octavius: Oh, but you do! It's Ash? I know who Ash is, the Hades leader! I've heard about him a lot since I started working in the Residential Zone.
Octavius: Well, you can interrogate him at the party with Evan.
Octavius: Oh, you want me to go with you to Burgh's garage to interrogate him? You're right, Ash's pocket knife was in his lorry.

Confront Ash about the breakdown lorry
Evan: So Ash was in the lorry, <Name>? That's really bad for him!
Evan: Let's face him. I saw him in that corner some minutes ago.

Ash: You like dad's booties, huh? Do you like the party?
Evan: Kind of. I'm not in any gang, but I like the Hades more than those cursed Flukes. And there aren't many Hades here.
Ash: Hm... We've got our reasons. We can't come to this club as if nothing happened. Well, I shouldn't have told you that.
Evan: Don't worry, you can tell me anything. I would be one of the Hades, but those cops are already looking for me. I'm getting tired of them.
Evan: They ask me about that breakdown lorry, Oscar's one. I'm sure you know about it.
Ash: Haha, if only those cops knew that fat man never checks his glovebox. The Hades have been hiding our drugs there even before the Flukes hid theirs inside that back wheel.

Evan: This idea of the disguise is really good! Ash provided a lot of info. You can be sure those drugs will disappear really soon.
Evan: Well, it was also our fault. We didn't look in that glovebox either.
Evan: I'm scared of Miranda, <Name>. I saw her with some... suspicious spray in her pocket. Maybe there's someone she's afraid of here. I'm sure it was tear gas.
Evan: You're right! She's Ash's friend, so that pocket knife could belong to her and that hair ended up there by coincidence. Those knifes are also useful for self defense.
Evan: Let's go ask her.

See if the pocket knife is Miranda's
Evan: Hello, lady? want a drink? It's on us.
Miranda: No. My boyfriend just died. I can't have a drink.
Miranda: Wait... Is it you, Inspector Evan? Are you <Rank> <Name>?
Evan: Shhh... Yes, it's us. But don't shout because people can't know we're here. Do you own a pocket knife?
Miranda: No, I don't. But Ash has got many of them.
Evan: I knew it! So we could arrest Ash for drugs and breaking in Oscar's garage.
Miranda: <Name>, before you leave please tell me... Do these boots make me look tall?

Talk to Oscar about Ash
Octavius: Sir, does Ash come here very often?
Oscar: The Hades leader? I don't think so. I've never seen him here, and he wouldn't dare come because once he tried to break in my garage.
Oscar: And I saw him attempting to use my breakdown lorry. So I threw my boots at him!
Octavius: Do you wear boots?
Oscar: I prefer boots when I have to repair a car. I'm really fat so my trousers never cover my ankles, and boots prevent that part of my leg from getting stained.
Oscar: What? Men can wear boots too!

Some time after that...

Octavius: Can I be of help? As Evan is waiting for you at the sports club to arrest the killer, I can give you ideas to progress.
Octavius: Well, I heard getting back to crime scenes always help. Did you do that?
Octavius: Oh, I'm glad to co-operate! Where do I have to take you? Near the 15th Bridge? Oh, that's Holland River!

Investigate Rocks
Octavius: You didn't mention we had to get IN the river, <Name>! Your outfit is all wet. And my uniform...
Octavius: And you picked up a stone with vomit. That's disgusting, but as long as you think it's a good idea...

Analyze Vomit
Lindsey: Sabrina didn't stay up for the night shift, so I took care of this... vomit. And I don't need to be Sabrina to notice those burgers bits.
Lindsey: Daniel found in the sample the same yellow fibers he'd found before, so you know now that the killer eats burgers!
Octavius: That's brilliant! <Name>, do we know which suspects eat burgers?
Lindsey: I just took a look at their Bosomship accounts. El Pantera's name in Bosomship is in fact "El Pantera". And there's a photo of him eating a burger with two... young ladies.
Lindsey: Then I looked for the widow, Miranda Straf. And she liked Burger Castle's page. So she eats burgers too.
Lindsey: Colin Pits shared a recipe for homemade burgers. Then that profile also applies to him.
Lindsey: I heard rumors that say Ash is a vegetarian! That makes him innocent, right?
Octavius: Wow, that was clever! I like clever people. What about Oscar?
Lindsey: He doesn't use Bosomship. And you're handsome too...
Octavius: I'd kiss you if I were straight.
Lindsey: Oh, I didn't...

Octavius: I'll take you with Evan, fine? Good luck arresting the killer!

Evan: Yes, Oscar eats burgers. Why do you ask? I've seen him eating burgers many times in his garage.
Evan: <Name>, do we already have enough evidence to arrest the killer? It's like four a.m. and the party will end soon.
Evan: Yes? Perfect! Let's go before I fall asleep.

Arrest killer
Evan: So it was you, Oscar. I was trying to prove you innocent and you were the real killer. Handcuff him, <Name>.
Evan: But it was a coincidence we found you. Just because you left those tracks...
Oscar: Those tracks were a coincidence. But not my arrest. Sooner or later you would have found out that Manuel was my son.
Evan: Do you mean you killed your son?! That's impossible, Manuel's parents are dead!
Oscar: No. My wife died and I had an accident, but I survived. I went to live abroad and my friends thought I was missing. After a year, they must have thought I'd died.
Oscar: When I came back I looked for Manuel. He had changed his last name and didn't know I was his father. If I'd told him, he would've thought I'd abandoned him.
Oscar: I even gave him a job, but one day I saw him hiding drugs in my lorry! He started insulting me and once he even hit me! And I decided to kill him.
Evan: How did you manage to do it? If I saw a breakdown lorry about to run over me, I'd move out of the way.
Oscar: He was going to pick Miranda up. And I was casually near the bridge. I saw he dropped his cellphone in the river. He was lying there, trying to reach it.
Oscar: And when I saw him lying as an idiot on the pavement, trying to take his cellphone... I DID IT!!!
Oscar: Then I had to get rid of the evidence. It was really difficult to go inside the river just to stuff his head.
Evan: You didn't get rid of anything, Oscar. You left evidence everywhere!

Esteban Gonzalez: These murders in a family... I've never liked them. I've never liked any murders, of course. But this one is really cold-blooded.
Esteban Gonzalez: You drove a lorry over your son! Do you understand how awful it is?
Oscar: He never showed respect for me. He used the job I gave him to hide drugs!
Esteban Gonzalez: If you had told him you were his father, you could have avoided this! Mr Pits was definitely a better father for him!
Esteban Gonzalez: What kind of father kills his own son? Mr Burgh, you're sentenced to life imprisonment with a chance for parole in 20 years. And I hope that will be more than enough to regret what you've done.

Evan: <Name>, I thought we would arrest the killer at the party. It would have been great!
Evan: You're right. That's not important now. We've just put another killer behind bars.
Evan: Now we need to focuse on the three criminals we couldn't arrest yet. Doodley, Harry Clover and Dr. Cyanide!
Evan: Meanwhile, we need to finish with this stupid gang war. And we also should hope the Soccer Championship doesn't bring another murder.

Additional Investigation

Alan Smith: Congratulations, <Rank> <Name> for arresting another killer. And congratulations, Evan. I would've never thought you could deal with gangs!
Alan Smith: But I'd rather Mr Mossle were your partner next time, <Name>.
Evan: Roger that.
Alan Smith: Huh?
Alan Smith: Anyway, I was told the Hades kept partying near the 15th Bridge after the cowboy party finished. Some people reported disturbs. <Name>, can you confirm that?
Evan: Yes! By the way, we'd like to check up on Colin. He must be really sad to know Manuel was killed by his father.

Sabrina: <Name>, was Miranda Straf a suspect in this case?
Evan: Do you know her?!
Sabrina: We were roommates when I was at university. We were talking on the phone and she told me she had been interrogated by the two of you.
Sabrina: She said she needed a favor. Can we go talk to her?
Evan: <Name> will go with you. I'd like to have a bit of time to investigate Harry Clover.

See what Miranda wants
Miranda: Sabrina, it's been ages since I last saw you!
Sabrina: Yes, we never caught up again! You were my only activist friend! Do you remember the Guinea pig?
Miranda: Haha, yes! We really had a laugh that day. Well, I'll tell you what I need.
Miranda: I want to write a report about pollution in Holland River and send it to the Mayor. But there are those police things... the yellow stripes that say "crime scene".
Sabrina: We can help you do the research. However, you can send it to the Cleaning Patrol. Now it's a public entity.
Sabrina: We'll give you the information you need. Let's go, <Name>!

Investigate River underwater
Sabrina: <Name>, that fish looks like it's about to die! We need to take this beautiful creature to the lab.
Sabrina: Could you take a sample of this black thing, please?

Examine Fish
Sabrina: You did it perfectly, <Name>! Now I'll analyze that sample to write the report we need.

Analyze Oil sample
Sabrina: <Name>, it's not lethal. Fish can live a long life with this substance in the river.
Sabrina: But it doesn't mean it's good. It ruins their health, and the species we have in the river will run out of food soon!
Sabrina: I told Gino to photocopy a report I wrote. We'll give it to Miranda soon.
Gino: <Name>, I made a mistake! I had to use the printer for the report, but I used the shredder instead!
Sabrina: I don't know who's worse between you and Octavius! How could you think the shredder was a printer?!
Gino: But <Rank> <Name> will surely repair it. Won't you?

Examine Shredded report
Sabrina: I'm really glad you could restore that paper! I spent one hour writing it.
Sabrina: I hope Gino can recognise a printer next time. Let's tell Miranda about the river.

Give Miranda the report about contamination
Sabrina: I wrote my report on the pollution in the river according to the samples <Rank> <Name> and I found. You can read it and then write your own.
Miranda: It's really great! I could send yours, if you don't mind.
Sabrina: Of course I don't mind! I wrote it for you.
Miranda: Please let me give you some money as a reward.
Sabrina: Are you crazy?! We're friends, you don't need to pay me! It's a favor.
Miranda: These kind of jobs are really well-paid. You deserve it!

Check up on Colin
Evan: We came to see if you were ok, Colin. How was your first night without Manuel?
Colin: Really... hard. It'll take long to get used to his absence.
Colin: Did you know Manuel was a poet? He told me he'd written all his poems in a laptop. But I never saw any laptop at home.
Evan: I'm sure <Rank> <Name> will be able to find it. But where?
Evan: You're right, if it's not here, it could be at the garage as Manuel worked there.

Investigate Garage
Evan: <Name>, it's a laptop! I can't believe it, you've done it once again!
Evan: Please see if you can unlock it. I want to read Manuel's poems!

Examine Laptop
Evan: Perfect! Now let's look for some poems. Here's one called... "Lovers' Nocturne".
Evan: Um... What are these symbols? Did Manuel use a code to write poems? It's really weird, I'd normally write them. Do you understand it, <Name>?
Evan: You're right, if we want to read it and give it to Colin, we should let Lindsey decipher this.

Analyze Laptop
Lindsey: What happens to these poems is that they're codificated. Manuel must have saved them in a flash drive, but wrote them in an old computer.
Lindsey: When he saved them in this new laptop, let's just say it didn't understand the old computer's language.
Lindsey: But now I could decode the poems, and they're so beautiful! I wish Octavius gave me one like these.
Evan: Lindsey, we're sorry to tell you Octavius is gay.
Lindsey: I know it. He just told me when I was flirting around him.
Evan: Didn't you have a boyfriend?
Lindsey: Yes. His name was Orlando Edra. But he was a mummy's boy.
Evan: I see. We'll talk about Orlando later, sorry. We need to give this to Colin.

Give the poems to Colin
Evan: Manuel's laptop had some problems with text, but we managed to recover the poems your son wrote. Here you are.
Evan: Let me tell you I read a bit, and they're really cute!
Colin: See? Manuel had talent for this kind of things.
Colin: I'll use his poems for a book. The book written by Manuel Burgh... It'll be awesome!
Evan: So you're using his original name?!
Colin: Now I know his real family name, I guess it's the correct thing to do.
Colin: Why don't you take something from my butchery? I'd like to thank you for this.

Ask Ash about the party
Evan: Ash, we don't like to bother you, but your neighbors said the Hades kept partying all night long and it seems you were too noisy. Is that true?
Ash: Of course it's not! It must have been the Flukes. We didn't even approach the 15th Bridge!
Evan: We didn't mention the bridge, Ash.
Ash: Oh, sh*t.
Evan: Just to shut you up, we'll find prooves of it. And you'll have to pay a fine!

Investigate Bridge
Evan: <Name>, the rubbish collectors come by this zone like... at 7 in the afternoon. I know it cause I live nearby.
Evan: Then the prooves of the Hades' night party must still be in this trash bag!

Examine Trash bag
Evan: A glass? It's not the kind of things I'd expect to find in the trash!
Evan: I know you can get a lot of info from this glass, <Name>. Show me your magic!

Examine Glass
Evan: I guess you think this glass is from the Hades' party, don't you?
Evan: Ha, I knew! Let's send this liquid substance to Sabrina and she'll tell us the truth about this.

Analyze Liquid substance
Sabrina: <Name>, where did you find this? It's not beer, wine or whisky. It's something even worse!
Sabrina: It's a mix of vodka, sugar, alcohol and ephedrine! Daniel the expert in gangs, told me they call it "Little Blue Bird".
Evan: It's horrible! I don't think Ash will live more than 60 years drinking this.
Sabrina: Some months ago, Ash was detained in our headquarters and he had drunk a lot of this cocktail. If you strike a match near him, you'll make him blow up.
Evan: Sabrina, it's not a joke!
Sabrina: Don't worry, the local trade is running out of ephedrine... and pomegranate.
Evan: Well, it means that the Hades were partying last night. Thank you, Sabrina!
Evan: <Name>, it's time to give Ash a fine!

Fine Ash for disturbs
Evan: Ash, here's your fine for disturbs. Your party was too loud and it was before 6 a.m!
Ash: What are you talking about? We-did-not-party.
Evan: So you'll tell us you had those Little Blue Birds while sitting in a garden and talking about your family?! Is that it?!
Ash: How do you know about the Little Blue Birds?!
Ash: What El Pantera told me was true! There's someone in your police department who is either a Fluke or a Hades and gives you information. You have a mole!
Evan: We don't have any mole, shut up! Just pay the fine you owe us.
Ash: I'll see if I can pay it some other day. But listen to me. The Hades will win the gang war and we know we can get the police on our side.
Ash: Have some of our outfits. And join whenever you want to!

After some minutes...

Evan: I can't believe what we've just seen! <Name>, can you believe it?
Evan: No, I don't mean the fact that Colin will be publishing the book as if it had been written by Manuel Burgh. It's really shocking though.
Evan: I mean the fact that Ash wanted to bribe us! He wants the police's support. What's he thinking about?!
Alan Smith: IS IT REAL?! Did Ash tell you he wanted us in his side?!
Evan: Yes, Chief! And we strongly declined!
Alan Smith: It looks like we'll need to have him notice we're not interested in him. I know how.
Alan Smith: Focuse on Harry Clover! Chase him, stalk him, everything! And soon you'll get a proof of his crimes, I'm sure <Name> can do it.
Alan Smith: When we arrest Clover, Ash will notice we'll bring both gangs down!

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