Odessa Beckham
Biographical information
Full name Odessa Beckham
Gender Female
Status Alive*
Age 51*
Nationality Flag of United States American
Residence Concordia, U.S.
Family Unnamed husband
Affiliation(s) Concordian Bureau of Security
Concordian Bureau of Security
Rank Judge
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
Listen, young man. I drove a car off a cliff, onto the top of a train while on fire. Not the car, I was on fire.
—Odessa Beckham

Odessa Beckham is a central character featured in Criminal Case, where he serves as the judge of the Concordian Court.


51 years of age, Odessa is a judge of African-American descent who works for the Concordian Court service. She has short spiky brown hair and usually dons a black leather perfecto jacket with studs over a gray shirt.

Odessa is an intimidating and rebellious individual who is not afraid to prove a criminal's actions to be wrong. Other than being fearless and tough, she is also shows bravado, as she claims to have done things that are logically impossible.


As a judge of the Concordian Court service, Beckham's main role in the game is to sentence the killers and bring justice at the end of each case in the Mysteries of the Past. The sentence Beckham issues depends on the severity of the crime, the mental health of the killer, the motives for the murder, how much false testimony the killer gave out during the investigation, just to name a few.


Name Case Sentence


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