Obsidian Thompson
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Biographical information
Full name Obsidian Thompson
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Death 2018
Cause of death Blood Loss (multiple bat bites)
Personal information
Nationality American
Residence Laroy Bay
Profession(s) Student
Family Oka Thompson - sister

Unnamed late mother

Game information
Appears in Case #14 Don't Let Them in
Obsidian Thompson was the victim in Don't Let Them in (Case #14 of Laroy Bay)


Obsidian was student at Laroy Bay University.He had short spiky purple hair and green eyes.He wore black-high-collar over white shirt (same like Steven Crowe).He wore black leather pants and black boots

Murder Deatils

Obsidian was found tied up and killed in Occult Room.Megan confirmed that cause of death were multiple bat bites.Megan examined chains he was tied up with and found red wine stains.Since victim's wasn't drinking wine,that means that the killer had glass of wine right before killing Obsidian

Killer and motives

After this creepy and weird investigation,team finally arrested Simon Armstrong.Simon confirmed that he killed him.Simon always wanted to know if he can control animals and human beings,so he invited Obsidian to perform a ritual with him.Simon then knocked out Obsidian and tied him up with chains.Then he made tons of bats attack Obsidian with his demonic powers.Simon felt strong and then he tried to take control over Diane Miller's body to kill the player.However, Oka Thompson jumped at him and he didn't successfully took control of Diane.In courtroom,Judge sentenced Simon to 60 years in prison with no chance of parole.After judge said that,Simon took knife from his pocked and sliced his throat.

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