Norman Oldhead is one of the characters in PetersCorporal's first city, Townville. He was a suspect during the investigation of his workmate's murder in Within The Fire (Case #8).


Norman is a foundry worker from Townville who works at Queen Elizabeth Foundry. He lives in Townville's Countryside where he was born and where he plans to stay for the rest of his life.

Profiles known from cases:

  • He uses hair dye.
  • During the events of Within The Fire, he had burnt skin.

Role in cases

Norman got involved in a murder investigation after he found the dead body of his workmate inside one of the foundry's ovens, and realized that it was Craig Mistem. From Evan Day's point of view, he was the prime suspect, as he had a motive. He had lent money to Craig to buy a ring for Ashley Jamin but in fact he ended up buying a cheap second-hand ring and kept the rest of the money. His inocence was demonstrated when the true killer, Stephanie Queen, was arrested.

The day after the investigation, he asked the police for help to find his salary check which he had lost at the foundry, and after the team helped him, Norman shared a meal with the player.

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Norman Oldhead
Biographical information
Full name Norman Oldhead
Gender Male
Status Free
Nationality Flag of United States American (Townville)
Occupation Foundry worker
Affiliation(s) Queen Elizabeth Foundry
Game information
First appearance Within The Fire
Suspect appearance(s) Within The Fire
Rewards given Within The Fire - Burger
Game stats
Height 6'00"
Age 46
Weight 188 lbs
Eyes Black
Blood B-
Hair Black
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