Nora Schmidt was the killer of her workmate Sarah Alvarez in Prescription: Murder (Case #4 of Hidden Missions).


Nora is a 28-year-old BioSafe lab technician who worked with the victim. She has tanned skin with short, black wavy hair, blue eyes and wore red lipstick and adorned with gold stud earrings. Nora wears a cream top with gold buttons under a BioSafe lab coat with an inkstain on her right shoulder. It was known that Nora knows advanced chemistry, chews narcotic gum and wears Essence du Printemps perfume.

Height 5'4"
Age 28
Weight 126lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood B+

Events in Hidden Missions

Nora was listed as a suspect after the player was able to identify her in a photograph of her with the victim in Sarah's apartment. Nora introduced herself as Sarah's lab partner, she expressed that it was great honor and pleasure to work with her because of her great knowledge in her field of expertise. However, when Agent Wong and the player expressed their suspicion of foul play, Nora exclaimed that no-one would try to kill Sarah and accepted her death as an accident.

However, the player found out that Nora and Sarah recently argued in the clinic's front desk. Nora explained that she was sick of Sarah's know-it-all attitude towards her, feeling that she was belittling her just because of her success and that BioSafe's head scientist, Carla Hagan, trusts her. However, Nora resented her trivial quarrel now that Sarah is dead.

Eventually, after gathering enough evidence, the player and Agent Wong ousted Nora as Sarah's killer. The outraged Nora angrily admitted that she killed her lab partner. She explained that she was conducting some experiments of her own with the virus samples, hoping to make a brand new scientific discovery. However, Nora caught Sarah messing with her cultures, putting a stop to her ambition of making a scientific breakthrough. Therefore, Nora laced Sarah's car air freshener with toxic aerosol so that, when she crashes her car, it would appear to be an accident. In court, Judge Bishop sentenced Nora to 30 years in prison.

Upon wrapping up Sarah's murder investigation, Agent Wong and the player speak to Nora in prison to ask her if she knew anything about Dr. Hagan conducting research on the Valencian virus. Nora claimed that she did not know, but heard Sarah constantly talk about it. She directed the team to Sarah's apartment to search for a possible lead. There, the two agents find a collection of vials, some of which contain a sample of the Valenican virus and others are different virus types.

Case Appearance

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