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For around half of the second season in PetersCorporal's fangame, there was a mystery concerning the case that "ruined" Nora MacMillon's life. Several hints and facts about the story were dropped throughout many cases until the story was finally revealed to the player.

Plot overview

This case marked Nora's introduction, and from the beginning she was shown to be someone with a cold and bitter personality who avoided interacting with people and made sarcastic (and sometimes hurtful) comments towards the other members of her team. George Nearnight said that he may tell the player about Nora's story someday.

After the killer was arrested, the team still needed more info about the case so they went to talk to Madeleine Stewart, the prison warden whom Nora said she knew. Madeleine recognised Nora and said she'd changed a lot since "THAT murder case", revealing that a murder was what ruined Nora's life and that both Nora and Madeleine were somehow related to that story.

In this case the player met Nora's husband, Pierre MacMillon.

Nora did not appear in this case but the player met Nora's daughter, whose name is Idaho MacMillon.

This case, just like Nora's first one with the player, was about prisoners on the loose. Nora said that she didn't like cases with escaped prisoners because they reminded her of the one that ruined her life, which was also related to an escaped prisoner.

Nora also found out during this case that Pierre was cheating on her, which led to her admitting in front of the player that she did not love Pierre (not only that, but also that she rather hated him). She insinuated that she was only married to him because she wanted a father for Idaho. Hans Rougel had also insinuated in a previous case that Pierre was something that Nora "hates but can't get rid of"George Nearnight also said later that Nora's marriage with Pierre had been a shotgun wedding.

Thomas Ravens had to analyze Nora's phone in this case and found out that Nora had browsed the web several times looking for info about the state called Idaho. At first he assumed that Idaho had done it but Nora made it obvious that she was the one interested in the state. She said that Idaho, her daughter, hadn't been actually named after the state.

Later, Nora referred to someone as "the man who got killed and made my life miserable", indicating that this man was the victim from that old murder case that ruined her life. She later also said that the same man had taught her a lot about guns and had also taught her to speak Japanese, but he hadn't taught her "about happiness".

During this case, Nora and the player found an old wakizashi (a Japanese sword) with Nora's DNA on it. She tried to make it look like it was just forensic contamination of clues after she came into contact with the wakizashi, but Kyle Montgomery said that her DNA had been there for years, which meant that she had come into contact with the sword a long time ago. He asked her if she had ever been attacked with a wakizashi, and Nora limited herself to not answering the question and wondering where the case victim had gotten the sword from. He had actually bought it from a weapons seller called Abraham Senna. She later said that she had "found that sword after so many years" and that she didn't want to talk about it because the issue made her feel uneasy.

The next day, a letter from Pierre MacMillon addressed to his lover was sent to the police headquarters. This made Nora furious, since she did not care about Pierre cheating on her because she hates him, but she felt betrayed because of it being one of the women in her own team, and couldn't help but feel that Pierre and his lover were laughing at her.

After the case's killer received their sentence and started screaming in despair, Nora started feeling uneasy and pitied the killer. She said that the way they were "squealing" reminded her of the killer that ruined her life, but that she did not feel pity for that one.

After Nora and the player tried to arrest Amanda Sotomayor, she ran away, making Nora remember her tragic past since there was now a runaway criminal since it reminded her of the escaped criminal who had ruined her life. She cried alone for a while but then said that she was ready to keep working since she "wouldn't do the same thing again" and that they needed to find Amanda before she could hurt somebody else.

She later arrested Abraham Senna and had a chance to ask him about the wakizashi they had previously found. He said that he had bought it from an old Japanese couple, which Nora seemingly recognized.

After finally closing the case of Amanda, Nora said that she owed an explanation to the player about her past. She said that an escaped prisoner had killed her previous partner. That was the reason she didn't want to work with the player after they arrived in Blue Coasts - she didn't want another partner to get close to and later have them disappear from her life. In a later private conversation, George Nearnight told the player the name of Nora's former partner, Jean-Paul Takeda. He said that he'd been declared an honorary citizen of Blue Coasts and that he was probably the best recruit the whole police department had ever had.

Nora revealed to the player that Jean-Paul had been not only her partner but also her boyfriend, and compared him to her husband Pierre MacMillon, saying that Jean-Paul was a way better person. She also said that if he hadn't died, they would have gotten married shortly afterwards.

Due to the death of the previous case's killer, Nora started blaming herself for it and for many other deaths, including Jean-Paul's one, while also calling herself "a terrible cop". In a failed attempt to calm her down, Violet Nearnight told her she was indeed a good cop and that there was a reason she was part of the highest ranking team in the BCPD. Nora replied by shouting that it was not the moment to bring up "Bob Way", someone she'd never mentioned to the player before. Falling in a nervous crisis, she had to be removed from the investigation while she recovered with the help of Annabelle Chashiroua. Later during the case, Pierre MacMillon showed up at HQ to drop Idaho off. Nora got mad at Pierre not being able to be a good father, which was the only thing she ever asked from him. She decided she'd already had enough and shouted at Pierre that they were getting divorced. During the argument, she said that she hated both Pierre and "his stupid parents that had got her into this for no reason", implying that Pierre's parents had something to do with her backstory.

  • Slayte, Case #23 in Blue Coasts:

Being now back from her break from work, Nora explained who was Bob Way, referring to him as "the escaping prisoner who killed Jean-Paul". Later on, after the killer's trial, she revealed to the player that Bob Way had killed Jean-Paul when she was already pregnant with Idaho, meaning that she was not actually Pierre's biological daughter but Jean-Paul's instead.

After the killer's trial, Nora told the player that she had been "forced by strangers to marry a stranger" just because she was pregnant. The stranger that she married was Pierre, though it was still unknown who were the other strangers that had forced her to do so.