A Chinese chef named Alyson Chun, age 36, is killed outside of a Chinese Restaurant called the Monochrome Panda where She works at, with a nail in the back of Her neck, causing Her to die from neurogenic shock.

despite Some misdirection and some hitches, the police manage to capture Theresa Goldman for Alyson’s murder. Goldman said that she wanted to enjoy the great food at the Monochrome Restaurant, But was blacklisted, so She wouldn’t enjoy it. One night Theresa snuck in the restaurant and uses Her computer to remove Her name from the banned list, but just as She successfully removes Her name, Alyson catches Her in the act. As Theresa ran. But knowing that Alyson will put Her name on the banned list again, Theresa uses Her nail gun and shoots at Alyson dead.

In court, Goldman was sentenced for 15 years and that She is to be banned for life from all Chinese restaurants upon release. In the additional investigation, the player assists Alyson’s Mother who wanted to make a recipe in Her honor, and Deacon Lee to find anything wrong at the restaurant.


  • Alyson Chun

Murder Weapon

  • Long Nail


  • Theresa Goldman


  • Deacon Lee (Health Inspector)
  • Gene Bauman (Activist)
  • Theresa Goldman (Charity Worker)
  • Benedict Johnson (Ex-Chef)
  • Candice Chun (Victim’s Mother)

Killer’s Profile

  • Owns a nail gun
  • Wears size 12 shoes
  • Understands Chinese
  • Is left-headed
  • Is a computer hacker

Crime Scenes

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