No Man's Land
General information
Season 2
Setting Easthaven, California
Primary LEA Easthaven Crimes Force
No. of cases in season 30
No. of regions in season 6
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Tales of Olympus TBA
In the year of 2020, return to Easthaven, the former home of your adventure in the swinging sixties! However, when you arrive, things have changed. Aida Ashridge and the Zodiac's bioweapon has ravaged the city, leaving it barricaded and abandoned, the streets empty! It's up to you to join a new team, fulfil your potential and return Easthaven to its former glory! Are you up to the task?

No Man's Land is the title of the second season of Act 3 of Criminal Case, set in the returning city of Easthaven. It's release date is currently unknown.

Taking place in Easthaven in the aftermath of the bioweapon attack, No Man's Land revolves around the player's investigations in a fractured and broken city.


No Man's Land features a stylized map of Easthaven divided into six districts, old and new, across which are located a total of thirty cases:

Aspen Grove

Aspen Grove is the first district investigated in No Man's Land.

Cases #1-#5 are situated in the district.


There are more regions scheduled to be released in the future. Upcoming districts include...

Additional Investigations

Aspen Grove - "???"


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