No Back at Cooold City
Season 1
City Cooold City
District The Regas
Case Number #15
Partner(s) Amy Young
Jack Archer
Preceded by Succeeded by
The New Life in the Bureau The Wife, Husband and Victim
No Back at Cooold City it is the eight case of the Regas City, and the fiveteen at Cooold City. This case are the penultimate on Regas City. This case are launched at another time.

Case Background

It all begins when Jack goes to talk to Ingrid and Ripley head, and introduces them to Armand Dupont (famous historian), Elliot Clayton (technological expert), and Martin Santis (animal trainer). After reports that the famous television announcer. The suspects are Rachel Priest, Randolph, Lidia Charmin, Daniel Charmin Charmin Susanne, Andrea Marquez, Serena Johnson and Amy Young.

In Chapter 3, is also investigating Andrea Marquez, thoroughly, his way to freedom, now is an impediment to the case and becomes the suspect merits. But in the final chapter it is determined that Lidia Charmin was the killer.

In additional investigation, Jones and Amy marry, but for a twist of fate, Serena interrupts the wedding and Andrea takes to kill, even to the end of Andrea is unknown.


  • Dogh Charmin (Chapter 1-3)
    (TV Famous man are founded killed)

Killer and motives

Lidia Charmin, the wife of the victim. Did not disclose the reasons for the death of Dogh, just she said she was, and was sentenced to life.


  • LIdia Charmin (Victim's Wife)
  • Susanne Charmin (Victim's Mother)
  • Daniel Charmin (Victim's Father)
  • Andrea Marquez (Ex-Chief)
  • Rachel Priest (TV Announcer)
  • Randolph (A "ET")
  • Serena Johnson (Marina's Mother)
  • Amy Young (Police)


Chapter 1: Amy Young and Jack Archer
Chapter 2 and 3: Jack Archer
Additional Investigation: Amy Young

Crime Scenes

Cooold City Hotel Cooold City Hotel Living Bureau HQ Bonus
TV Studio 03 Table TV Studio 03 Bonus
Victim's Father House Kitchen Victim's Father House Bonus


The New Life in the Bureau No back at Cooold City The Wife, Husband and Victim
(Great Finale, Sunday)

In the next case....

Andrea Marquez: Quiet... please, please
Serena Johnson: Don't, b***h... you are die!
Marina Romanova: Mother, please... STOP!

Amy Young: She is die!

Charlotte: I object!
Amy Young: You are the KILLER
Howard Johnson: No, she is not! I am the ki...
Howard Johnson: BANG!!!

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