Nivleport is the planed city that can play a role in the second season of Criminal Case by Mystery Jones

Located in the United States of America, Nivleport is a large metropolis with various different cultures, ranging from cold mountains to hot deserts, just to name a few. Case #1 and onward are situated across the ten different districts of this city.

The Nivleport Police Department (NPD) is the law enforcement agency that serves the city of Nivleport.


The city of Nivleport features ten different districts

Sunset Acres: 

Sunset Acres is the first district of Nivleport.This district features farms, grasslands, beautifull and exotic rivers.Soon a Festival will happen in this district.

Cases #1-#5 are situated in this district.

Nivleport Academy:

Nivleport Academy is the second district of Nivleport.This district features the city university, clubs, Geek Festival, a soccer stadium and the main building of the university has the most advanced and cult teachers in the world.

Cases #6-#12 are situaded in this district.

Innovation City:

Innovation City is the third district of Nivleport.This district features the science labs, robots, high tech, a big glass dome called «Innovation Dome» where every year happens the Tech Awards and the main building of the district is the «KleinSystems» building that is the biggest building in Nivleport.You'll know more things about KleinSystems in the Nivleport Academy.

Cases #13-#19 are situaded in this district.

  • Case #13 - Days of Tomorrow
  • Case #14 - Blood of a Clone 
  • Case #15 - The Next Generation  
  • Case #16 - Robot Murder 
  • Case #17 - Secrets from the Future  
  • Case #18 - Brains vs Machines  
  • Case #19 - Murder in the Dome  

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