General information
Season 1
City Raxelville
District Walcott Banks
Case # 27
Initial release date 8.7.2020
Partner(s) Salvador Weiss
Case chronology
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Bury a Friend Riverbank Slaughter

Nightcall is a case featured in Criminal Case where it appears as the twenty-seventh case of Raxelville. It's also the second one to take place in Walcott Banks district.


After discovering that Aurora Dixon killed mayor Alisa Avermalio and took her place, Pierce Cromwell told us that his friend, mobster James Cross allowed us to use his mansion's basement as a hideout from Aurora and her father. When Pierce dropped the group off to Cross mansion, Salvador Weiss and player decided to meet up with James and discuss the situation. However, as they were walking towards the mansion, they noticed a dead body on the driveway. Worried, they ran to inspect it, only to realize that the body belongs to James Cross himself. Horrified that their ally is dead, Salvador and player quickly searched the driveway and found enough reasons to suspect Anisa's boyfriend Luciano Linberg and archaeology student Kelly Garcia, who told them that Cross saved them from mayor's police officers. They also found enough clues to suspect Cross's daughter Mikaela Cross. After interrogating the trio, Salvador and player reunited with others in the mansion where they got approached by panicking Mina Coltrane, who told them that Luciano and Anisa are having a huge fight.

After calming down the stressed couple, who decided to talk in private and not disturb others, Salvador and player searched Cross mansion's living room, thus finding enough evidence to suspect entertainer Adrian Kjellberg and explorer Mina Coltrane, both hiding from Aurora's wraith. After investigating the master bedroom, the team discovered that James grounded Mikaela for smoking and that he scolded Luciano for almost starting a fire in his kitchen. When the team returned to others, Ed Heller told them that he has a security camera footage of James's murder.

Ed then showed them a recording of James's murder, where James's shadowed killer is seen running towards mansion gym. Salvador and player then investigated the mansion gym hoping to find more clues that the killer might have left. Later on, the pair discovered that James suspected that Adrian could be one of Aurora's allies and that James accidentally broke Mina's necklace that Lexi gifted her, angering Mina. They also discovered that Kelly was on the balcony right before the murder, but Kelly denied commiting the murder. After this investigations, Salvador and player found enough clues to arrest Mikaela for her father's murder.

Upon admitting to the murder, Mikaela snapped and said how James was a horrible father and deserved it. Mikaela sighed and explained that her dad was heartbroken when her mother left, revealing how he was battling severe depression. However, few weeks ago, James sat down with Mikaela and excitedly told her that he met the love of his life on the dating app and how he's finally happy again. Happy for her father, Mikaela had no problems with James dating someone. However, few days ago, James introduced Mikaela to his new boyfriend Christopher, much to Mikaela's shock, saying that she expected James's date to be a woman and not a grown gay man. Angered Mikaela explained that she snapped after walking in on them one night. Wanting to make things right, Mikaela invited James to talk about his boyfriend. Then, James confessed to her that he's bisexual and that Christopher is someone who made him happy again. Realizing that she won't change her father's mind, Mikaela waited until his back was turned before pushing him through the window, making him fall on the driveway. Salvador and player then decided that Mikaela should remain with them for now untl they find a way to stop Aurora.

After taking Mikaela to her home custody, the duo got approached by their friend Stuart Schneider, another resistance member. Stuart told them that Aurora's police officers are searching for them everywhere and that it's only the matter of time before they find them. However, Stuart explained that he did a research about whole shapeshifting experiments and discovered that talismans actually have some source of power that gave them abillity to change Aurora's appearence. After Stuart told them that he left his notes somewhere on the driveway, Salvador and player investigated the driveway and found Stuart's notes in the bushes. After unveiling the text, they sent them to Ed, who excitedly told the team that there is some kind of generator in Josip's secret laboratory and that, if they destroy it, it will totally destory the talisman's powers and Aurora and Josip will lose their shapeshifting powers forever. The team then talked with Stuart again, who told them that he will try his hardest to find the generator and destroy it. When Salvador suggested that they should help him too, Stuart told them that they will need to disguise themselves so that Aurora's police doesn't recognize them. Stuart and player then searched James's bedroom and found clothing and accessories that could help them blend in. The pair then spoke to Mikaela, who agreed to give them access to her clothes and wigs for their disguises. After thanking Stuart, Salvador and player reunited with others.

Meanwhile, Anisa wanted to speak with the player privately. Wiping her tears away, Anisa admitted that she doesn't feel happy being in a relationship with Luciano anymore and that they have been having a lot of fights and arguments. With a deep sigh, Anisa told the player that the best solution for them is to go seperated ways. With Mina's help, Anisa calmed herself down and prepared a speech. Anisa and player then went to see Luciano. Holding her tears, Anisa told Luciano that their relationship became very tense and that she doesn't feel happy anymore. With a deep, painful sigh, Anisa told him that breaking up is the healthiest decision for them. Luciano frowned, staring at his feet before forming a slight smile, saying that he completely understands her and that he wants her to be happy, with or without him. Hiding his pain behind his smile, Luciano kissed Anisa on the cheek and asked her if they could still be friends, making Anisa nod and kiss him back.

After Luciano and Anisa's emotional breakup, Salvador and Stuart showed everyone clothing and wigs that they managed to find in the mansion. Happy that they can finally go out without risk of Aurora's police officers arresting them, Salvador asked the player if they could go take a drink before they go to find Aurora's generator. However, right then, Anisa recieved a call from Lexi's father Nigel Maynard, who told them to come find him quickly...



Murder Weapon:

  • Defenestration




Killer's Profile

  • The killer wears PLIGMA sneakers.
  • The killer is dyslexic.
  • The killer wears Eau Delà.
  • The killer wears sky blue.
  • The killer wears gold accessories.

Crime Scenes

Mansion Driveway Victim's Car Mansion Driveway Bonus
Master Bedroom Victim's Bed Master Bedroom Bonus
Mansion Gym Punching Bag Mansion Gym Bonus
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