In the police car, on the way to the ice lake...
Astrid: So we got some reports of a dangerous criminal near the ice lake however no information has come through yet.
Astrid: Yes, of course we must get there but I hate not having any leads. It makes an investigation feel incomplete.
Astrid (phone is ringing): Oh. We just got a phone call. You take it please.
Unknown Person (on the phone): H-help... B-blood everywhere... Feeling dizzy...
Astrid: Sir, are you alright? Where are you?
Unknown Person: T-the ice lake... come quickly.
Astrid: The ice lake! Don't worry sir, we'll get medics to you straight away.
(No response is given)
Astrid: That gives us more of a reason to get to that ice lake ASAP. Come on <Name>. Let's see what's going on!

After a frantic drive to the ice lake...
Astrid: Hello! Anyone there? We're here to help you!
Astrid: No answer, we might as well look around. Come on <Name>, We have no time to lose!

Chapter 1: Two in the Same

Investigate Ice Lake.
Astrid: Oh my! You found a body of a man... with his neck slashed!
Astrid: What's that? You think you know this man, <Name>?
Astrid: So the man's name is Gorden Loochester? Isn't he that famous newspaper owner from England who went to Canada after he was kicked out?
Astrid: Of course he was very controversial with whatever news he came up with, you must've seen that for yourself, <Name>!
Astrid: You also found a bloody tissue? Let's collect a sample from it right away!
Justin: Is everything alright here, Miss?
Astrid: Sir, we're the police so please back away from the scene.
Justin: Wait, there's been a murder? Oh dear, I'll wait to talk then... There goes another scoop!
Astrid: Interesting. Well we better get this body to Beatriz right away.
Astrid: And when you're ready, we better talk to that man and examine that tissue! Come on <Name>, we have work to do!

Talk to Justin Gumeant about the murder.
Astrid: Mr Gumeant, we found the body of Gorden Loochester on this ice lake and you came to us. Why?
Justin: I was just looking for some news, there hasn't been anything interesting for the last few days.
Justin: Wait. Did you say Gorden?
Astrid: Yes. We found his body here.
Justin: And there's my title. "The Police Lies to Make a Scandal!"
Astrid: What do you mean? We found Mr Loochester dead here!
Justin (laughing): Unless you met him up at the newspaper hall, then you haven't.
Astrid: Wait... what are you talking about?
Justin: Gorden's safe up at the News Hall. In fact, he's still there.
Astrid: Then how would you explain the other body we found?
Justin: Sadly I can't help but I do know people dress up as Mr Loochester all the time, It's possible some cos-player got offed.
Astrid: I see... You said Gorden is at the news hall. We would like to come with you to see this for ourselves!

Go with Justin to determine that Gorden is alive.
Astrid: Where is he?
Justin: He'll be coming out soon, cool your jets Miss Policewoman.
(Gorden comes out)
Gorden: Hello everyone. As you know, profit is up 200% and I'm happy about that.
Gorden: My dear father always used to say "Make your money in any way you can, Just remember the main word, profit!"
Gorden: That was 46 years ago, I was 10 and both my brothers were both alive.
Gorden: Now, What do we have?
Justin: I have something, sir.
Gorden: Ah, Justin, what is it and let's make it fast, I love hearing news about what people think or whatever.
Justin: Well there are two people who believe that you are dead.
Gorden (laughing coldly): What? Do I look dead?
Justin: Of course not, sir.
Gorden: Print it anyway, Who said it?
Justin: The police.
Gorden: Oh. They must be looking for me here. I'll be in my office and make sure to show the police the door. I'm not having them here, not now, now all of you scram!
(Gorden leaves and so does everyone else)
Astrid: What was all that about? Gorden disappeared and we need to find him and fast because nothing is adding up!
Astrid: Good idea, Let's have a look round this hall! Hopefully we'll find something!

Investigate Newspaper Hall.
Astrid: You found a pile of newspapers? Let's dig though them and see if it can give us a lead!
Astrid: You also found the victim's phone. Let's unlock this phone to see if that'll determine a new suspect!
Astrid: We need to find out where "Gorden" went and fast. Come on <Name>. Let's do this!

Examine Pile of Newspapers.
Astrid: You found a faded blueprint under the newspapers! Let's dust it and see what we can find!

Examine Faded Blueprint.
Astrid: You did it! It's a plan of the whole building and there seems to be a big room round the back which belongs to Gorden. It might be his office and there seems to be another passage right behind us...
(Astrid pushes on the wall and a brick clicks in, opening a secret door.)
Astrid: Well well! It seems to be a back way to Gorden's office. Let's go through the passage and question him!

Once in Gorden's office...
Gorden: Hmmm, a line there, a word there. No, That's stupid. Ahhhh, wait, that's it, blue will work!
Astrid: Mr Loochester, what are you doing?
Gorden (look of dread): H-how did you get in here?!
Astrid: Well you left your blueprints behind and we found your secret passageway. Now we would like a word with you!

Question "Gorden Loochester".
Gorden: You did WHAT?! How dare you come into my office, thinking that I was dead!
Astrid: Thanks for the warm welcome, Mr Loochester. Also we found YOUR body on the ice lake.
Gorden: What the hell are you talking about, dear children? Can't I get some time alone without people thinking I'm dead? I'm fully alive and luckily I can FINALLY get rid of you!
Astrid: What makes you think that?
Gorden: My appeal to go back to my home town has been passed! I can't wait to go back after so many years.
Astrid: I see. Why don't you believe that we found a dead body that looks just like you?
Gorden: Use your bloody eyes, Do I look real and alive? Yes? Good, now get out!
Astrid: Very well, Mr Loochester. But if it's revealed that you are lying, we're coming back for you!

Examine Victim's Phone.
Astrid: So the phone opened to the victim's emails.
Astrid: And it seems that the victim got a lot of emails from a Oliver Umar.
Astrid: So this Oliver was sending frequent emails to the victim, let's have a chat with him right away!

Ask Oliver Umar about the emails to the victim.
Astrid: Mr Umar, We found some emails from you to Gorden. Care to explain?
Oliver: Gorden was my friend, I followed him from England just to help him. But he didn't need it most of the time.
Astrid: Were you two good friends?
Oliver: Well more than that. We were in a relationship but we never revealed it because if it got out that Gorden was gay, It would have destroyed his career.
Oliver: Why are you asking me questions about Gorden anyway?
Astrid: We're sorry but we found Gorden murdered earlier tonight.
Oliver (tearing up): W-what? P-please no, Gorden was a good man and I loved him. Oh god... why?!
Astrid: We're sorry for your loss. Please don't go anywhere Oliver, We'll talk to you later.

Examine Bloody Tissue.
Astrid: You got some of the blood from the tissue? Let's get it to the lab right away!

Analyze Blood.
Edward (petting a dog): Good boy, now please wait for me outside. We'll go on a walk later!
Astrid: Hey Edward, what can you tell us about the blood <Name> found on the bloody tissue from the crime scene?
Edward: Hmm? Oh, <Name>… Astrid...
Edward: Now where was I? Ah right the blood. Well, some of the blood was Gorden's from his neck...
Edward: But there was another sample with that blood! It was another type of blood, that I can tell you, it was A- blood!
Edward: I don't know if you know this but the victim had A+ blood, which means that the other blood type is your killer's!
Astrid: So the killer has A- blood! We'll see be able to see if that negative blood is made of a bunch of negative lies!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Beatriz: Well, It looks like your victim met a cold ending...
Astrid: Yes, what did you find on the body-
Beatriz: Did you not get the joke? The victim was a cold person and he got a COLD ending!
Astrid: That's... not really funny, Beatriz.
Beatiz: Sorry Miss "I don't like jokes", I'll try not to say any jokes towards you anymore.
Astrid: ...Sorry, what did you find on Gorden's cadaver, Beatriz?
Beatriz: Strangely, I found nothing on the victim's body but about the cut on his neck, see how the incision goes from right to left?
Beatriz: It's often a sign of the hand the killer used to murder the victim.
Beatriz: Also the murder weapon doesn't seem to be a knife, razor blade or anything like that since there was some traces of melted ice on the wound.
Beatriz: I say you're looking for something quite cold and sharp. Also the incision proves your killer is left-handed!
Astrid: The killer is left handed you say? Well left handed people are thought to be evil... let's add this one to our list!

Later at the newspaper office...
Astrid: This investigation is confusing and I don't like it at all, <Name>.
Astrid: We found Gorden Loochester dead at the ice lake...
Astrid: Then news reporter Justin Gumeant came to us, saying that Gorden was alive and well at the newspaper hall.
Astrid: And we managed to talk to him but he told us nothing useful, like how is he still alive?
Astrid: We also had a word with the victim's boyfriend, Oliver. He was distraught... we better keep an eye on him.
Gorden: What the hell are you doing here?!
Astrid: We were just-
Gorden: No, doesn't matter anymore. I need your help, someone's trashing my office!

Chapter 2: The News That Sells!

Astrid: This investigation is confusing and I don't like it at all, <Name>.
Astrid: We found Gorden Loochester dead at the ice lake and then news reporter Justin Gumeant came to us, saying that Gorden was alive and well!
Astrid: We managed to talk to him but he told us nothing useful, like how is he still alive-?
Gorden: What the hell are you doing here?!
Gorden: No, doesn't matter anymore. I need your help, someone's trashing my office!
Astrid: Your office? Did you see the person who's trashing your office or are you just trying to sell news like you did when you broke into your own house?
Gorden: This is no time for jokes. Go to my office and grab the offender!
Astrid: Very well, Come on <Name>. Let's see who's doing the honours of trashing Gorden's office!

Investigate Victim's Office.
Astrid: What did you find that could lead us to the person who trashed Gorden's office?
Astrid: A ripped jacket? We might as well dig in and see what's inside!
Astrid: Those broken pieces of metal might be a new lead! Let's fit it back together and fast!
Astrid: That newspaper is faded but you can see the words "Dust me". Then I agree with the newspaper, let's dust it!
Astrid: We have no time to lose <Name>, let's get to work!

Examine Ripped Jacket.
Astrid: What's this strange device?
Astrid: I agree, we better send this to Imani!

Analyze Strange Tube.
Imani: I have to make this quick as I'm walking my 4 dogs with Edward but this strange tube is a cryptex!
Astrid: What's a cryptex?
Imani: It's a device where you can keep your secret information. Say if you had a date on Friday with someone, you put it in, set a code and there you go. Your secret is safe.
Astrid: Interesting, what did you find in this one?
Imani: Gems from many lands, crystals, rubies, emeralds and many more.
Astrid: Well I'll be! Someone was hiding gems in that tube and they must've been important to the owner.
Imani: Believe me it was. I found a letter in the cryptex saying, "Harriet, here are the gems you wanted, Grandmother Mortimer".
Astrid: So this Harriet Mortimer wanted some gems, it's fishy that we found it in the victim's office. I agree <Name>, we should question her!
Astrid: And maybe afterwards, we can have a look in the newspaper hall again!

Question Harriet about the gems.
Astrid: Miss Mortimer, we found your gems in a tube in Gorden's office, care to explain?
Harriet: I'm sorry but who's Gorden?
Astrid: He was the owner of Loochester News and Loochester Tech.
Harriet: Ah, you mean the newspaper I read?
Harriet: I shall haven't the foggiest on who you're talking about. My boyfriend doesn't want me spending my money on these things.
Astrid: Indeed, did you know the man a little?
Harriet: Not that I can think off. I'm sorry I can't help you officers but I'm your less likely suspect as I didn't know the man at all.
Astrid: Okay, We would still like you to remain in town till the investigation is over.
Harriet: Of course officers. And if you don't mind, I'll be taking my gems back!

Examine Broken Pieces.
Astrid: So these broken pieces makes up a nice medal of honour, It's for a certain Julia Cedar.
Astrid: Why does that name ring a bell?
Astrid: Oh yes, She was a suspect in our second murder investigation in Berrini.
Astrid: I agree, We should meet up and question her.

Talk to Julia Cedar about Gorden's murder.
Astrid: Julia, It seems you were the one who trashed Gorden's office, why?
Julia: No reason. Just thought he wouldn't need it anymore.
Astrid: You do know that it isn't confirmed if he's alive or dead?
Julia: Oh, Were you talking about Gorden as a victim? I was talking about Gorden's failing career!
Astrid: Miss Cedar, may I remind you that a man died and you're celebrating over it?!
Julia: No one cared about the man, he was just as moody as the country he came from. However it will make for some great pictures! Smile for the camera!
Astrid: You can celebrate all you want but you're still a suspect in this investigation. You will do well to stay in the city until this investigation is over!

Examine Faded Newspaper.
Astrid: The faded newspaper has the headline, "Boss Becomes the Big Bad Wolf!"
Astrid: It continues: "Gorden Loochester, the bad wolf himself, was going to fire me for no reason at all!"
Astrid: And the article's writer is Justin Gumeant!
Astrid: How interesting, Gorden was going to fire Justin for no reason. We better go and talk to him about his article!

Speak to Justin about his news article on the victim.
Justin: Oh, it's you two again. What do you want?
Astrid: Well Justin, we found the article where you called Gorden the big bad wolf. Can you explain why?
Justin: Oh, you found that, did you?
Justin: Fine, he was planning on firing me because I wrote about a scandal which he didn't like.
Justin: It was about the Loochester family and how they tried to cover something up but then I got an email saying that there was nothing in there. Not even proof of how or if it even happened.
Justin: But I worked in this business for five years after I read the news for a long time before then and I know a story when I see one! Maybe now I can get that story out that he's in a nicer mood.
Astrid: Very well but we hope you didn't slash your boss's neck so you can post that article!

Investigate Newspaper Hall Table.
Astrid: You found a trash bin? Let's dig through it and see if we can find a lead in there!
Astrid: Also you found a bloodstained icicle on the table?!
Astrid: But there's something else on it. Let's get a sample, shall we?

Examine Trash Bin.
Astrid: What did you find? An ripped newspaper? Maybe fixing it back together will help us figure out a motive!

Examine Ripped Newspaper.
Astrid: So that newspaper was written by Gorden himself and it headlines, "The Friend Who Killed".
Astrid: It's about a time when Oliver murdered his brother>!
Astrid: I completely agree. We should question Oliver about this.

Question Oliver about the murder of his own brother.
Astrid: Oliver, it has come to our attention that you murdered your own brother and that your boyfriend posted an article about it!
Oliver: Don't think I didn't see it, I wasn't happy about it ever. That was meant to be private but he posted it like the little idiot he was!
Oliver: He could never keep news to himself, I loved him and supported him by reading his papers but he needed to learn when to keep his mouth shut.
Oliver: But all he cared about was profit and news. I hated that part of him, I'm somewhat glad he's gone so I don't have to be harassed by the police again.
Astrid: Well if it's revealed that you killed your boyfriend for exposing you for the murder of your brother, you're going to be in prison for a very long time!

Examine Icicle.
Astrid: You got some of the wet paper from the icicle? Prefect. Let's send it to Edward!

Analyze Wet Paper.
Edward (talking to his rabbit): Why people don't use money, I'll never know. I know Charlie, it's a bad thing to use those electronic tap cards.
Astrid: Uh Edward, you're talking to Charlie the rabbit...
Edward: I wonder why, animals seem to listen a lot more then humans nowadays. Anyway, onto the wet pieces you discovered on the bloody icicle.
Edward: First with the murder weapon, I asked Beatriz to look at it and it turns out that it is indeed your murder weapon.
Edward: The wet papers was from a coupon, which is a cheat on getting free products or slightly reduced prices if you ask me. But in turn this was from the Loochester Newspaper!
Edward: And I can confirm this by the blood belonging to Gorden Loochester himself.. or so we think.
Astrid: What do you mean?
Edward: It's confusing. The blood doesn't match any of Gorden's records and none of the records of any of your suspects. It might take days to find out why.
Astrid: I don't know if you've noticed but we don't have days. We only have what time allows us to close this case!
Edward: Then take this clue and it will reveal an open world, your killer reads the Loochester newspaper!
Astrid: Well when we arrest the killer, their names will be all over the papers being known as "The Killer with An Heart of Ice"!

Later, in the news hall...
Astrid: So let's recap, We have two more suspects, Harrier Mortimer and Julia Cedar, in which one claimed not to know the victim at all, while the other was happy that the victim died.
Astrid: And then there's Oliver, who was angry at the victim for exposing that he murdered his brother.
Astrid: There's also Justin, who was going to fired for something he wrote about the Loochester fam-
Justin: Quieten down Policewoman, Gorden's about to say something.
Gorden: It's confusing, it really is, of how people still think I'm dead. Well I'm here and alive still.
Gorden: And I have something to say to everyone.
Gorden: Some of you may not like it but I'm...

Chapter 3: Truth in the Ice

Astrid: So let's recap, we have five suspects and a few motives for why Gorden could've been killed.
Astrid: There's Oliver, who was angry at the victim for exposing that he murdered his brother.
Astrid: There's also Justin, who was going to fired for something he wrote about the Loochester fam-
Justin: Quieten down policewoman, Gorden is about to say something.
Gorden: It's confusing of how people still think I'm dead. Well I'm here and alive still.
Gorden: And I have something to say to everyone.
Gorden: Some of you may not like it but I'm going to say this right now, That person that was found on the ice lake was a cosplayer of me aand I'm going to sue the hell out of the Berrini police force!
Astrid: WHAT!?
Astrid: Alright Gorden, we need a word NOW!

Quiz Gorden about him suing the police.
Gorden: Oh so you were here when I said I wanted to sue you. Don't think for a second I'm changing my mind.
Astrid: Why though? What have we done to you?
Gorden: You know very well what you did and I did warn you!
Gorden: You keep saying that I am dead but I'm not and you CAN'T confirm it, Please just get out of my life and leave me alone!
Gorden: I may be left handed but I can still sign a document as fast as many else, NOW LEAVE ME ALONE!
(Gorden leaves, slamming the door.)
Astrid: Well things got heated there, Let's have a look in Gorden's room before he gets there!

Investigate Gorden's Desk.
Astrid: Good thing Gorden isn't here yet, what did you find?
Astrid: A broken camera? Let's put it back together and see if we can get it working properly!
Astrid: And that faded paper seems strange, let's dust it for clues!

Examine Broken Camera.
Astrid: You fixed the camera and there seems to be a picture of Gorden with his hand covering the camera! This seems to be one of Julia's photos.
Astrid: But when we talked to her last, she claimed to be happy the victim was dead!
Astrid: Agreed, Let's go talk to her now!

Ask Julia Cedar why she took photos of the victim.
Astrid: Julia, It seems you took a picture of Gorden bu-
Julia: Get over it already, Gorden is dead and all you care about is solving his murder. That man was a nightmare when I worked for his so-called "newspaper".
Julia: He couldn't make up his mind on what he wanted us to do, couldn't choose what coffee he liked... He couldn't do ANYTHING right!
Julia: That's why I was partying at the end of his life, <Name>! He was a nightmare to work with and I'm glad he's finally gone!
Astrid: Well don't party too much because if you killed Gorden, you'll find yourself in prison when you face the music!

Examine Faded Contract.
Astrid: The paper seems to be a contract for Loochester News, let's see who the baby is in that photo enclosed!

Examine Baby Photo.
Astrid: So the baby is Harriet and it seems that her mum and dad sent her to work at Loochester News...
Astrid: I think we need another word with Harriet about her reaction to her forced career!

Question Harriet about the contract.
Astrid: Harriet, It seems you lied to us about knowing the victim, you worked for him!
Astrid: And we wish to know why you lied about that!
Harriet: I lied because the man didn't care about me or my family, he let a lamp fall on my head, for God's sake!
Astrid: What the?!
Harriet: That's not all, He also said after the lamp fell on my head to not bother with me because money was more important then life!
Harriet: I now suffer from depression because of what he did! Did he care? What do you think about that answer, huh? He wouldn't care if my left hand was broken so I would have to do work with my weaker hand!
Astrid: Well we hope that you didn't kill Gorden just for your own justice or the heat will be on you!

Back at the station...
Astrid: So we're questioned all the suspects and some of their motives for wanting the victim dead are really strange.
Astrid: But what now? We don't really have any clues...
Astrid: You want to have another look at the murder scene? Well, let's go!

Investigate Boat in the Ice.
Astrid: You found an old pocket watch with Gorden's name on it! There seems to be fibers stuck in the watch's chain, do you think you can pick a sample off?
Astrid: And you say that cane is the one Gorden carries around in every investigation you had with him involved? Let's grab some of that strange substance off the handle!
Astrid: We are finally getting somewhere with this investigation! Come on <Name>, We have no time to lose!

Examine Victim's Pocket Watch.
Astrid: You got some fibers from the pocket watch? Good, Let's send them to the lab!

Analyze Fibers.
Kendra: Hey, <Name>! Edward went out to walk his dogs, so I'm taking over his work!
Astrid: Sounds great, Kendra! What did you get from the fibers <Name> sent to the lab?
Kendra: The fibers were actually hair! I could tell because it was pure hair rather than cotton.
Kendra: The color and the state of the hair up close told me that the killer has grey hair...
Kendra: So all I have to say is that your killer has grey hair!
Astrid: Out killer has grey hair? Well they'll soon will pale at the fact we found out about their grey hair!

Examine Victim's Cane.
Astrid: You got some of the strange substance from the cane? Great, let's send it over to the lab, quick!

Analyze Strange Substance.
Astrid: Kendra, We don't have much more time now, what did you find with the strange substance we found on the victim's cane?
Kendra: Well the substance was actually dried sweat!
Kendra: All people have DNA, a different set for everyone which differs which eye colour, hair colour, gender and other attributes you may have.
Kendra: Well the DNA you gave me had not the victim's DNA, but your killer's DNA!
Kendra: Sadly the DNA didn't have anything to say who they might have been, but I can ascertain a clue from it!
Kendra: And the clue tells us that your cold-blooded killer is male!
Astrid: So our killer is a man? Well we'll have the chance to look into his eyes very soon!

Astrid: Gorden might have been a cold person but no one needed to die in such a cold way!
Astrid: We have no time to waste, We need to avenge Gorden by catching his killer!

Take care of the killer now!
Gorden: What is the meaning of this, <Name>?
Astrid: Give it up, we know you murdered Gorden, we found your bloodstained coupon that you had from the Loochester News!
Gorden: So, Everyone reads Loochester News and you can't stop it. Why would I murder myself?
Astrid: That's what we thought but then <Name> remembered and pulled up Gorden's files. He had A+ blood and not A-, which is your blood type!
Gorden: You have to be kidding me, you sound just like him! Lewis was meant to die but he kept haunting me!
Gorden: I am NOT Lewis. I am not HIM!
Astrid: What do you mean we sound just like him?
Gorden: He tried to tell me that I was his dead brother who died from a coma in 1972, why does everyone believe that I am him?
Astrid: Is that why you murdered him, because you believed that he was your dead brother?
Gorden: I will prove it, give me a mirror.
(Astrid gives a mirror.)
Gorden: S-See..I-I'm...wait...O-Oh god...The car... Oh god it hurts...
(Gorden drops the mirror, panicking.)
Gorden: G-Gorden...GORDEN... SAVE ME!
Astrid: Sir, are you alright?
Raj: <Name>, Astrid, I know what's happening! Come into the hall with me.

Astrid: What's going on with him, Raj?
Raj: I believe he's suffering from a mental disorder, perhaps a delusional disorder.
Raj: <Name>, let me talk to Gorden!

In the interrogation room...
Raj: Calm down, Mr Loochester and please tell us who you are.
Lewis (in tears):I... I'm Lewis, I murdered my brother because of this stupid illness, I have a disorder where I believe I'm my brother. I murdered him because I thought I was Gorden...
Raj: I think he'll need some help, <Name> I'll give Judge Marrakchi a call and see if she can do a videocall!
(Raj leaves.)
Lewis (still crying): W-why didn't you tell me Gorden!? O-Our mum and dad split to keep us safe... O-Oh no. I never knew why!

Soon after, as the trial begins...
Yasmine: So what's going on that required a video call, Mr Sherazi?
Raj: We're having a few problems, The killer we just apprehended seems to suffer from a mental disorder where they believed they were the victim.
Yasmine: I see why now. Mr Loochester, do you plead innocent or guilty?
Lewis: Innocent of my mind, guilty of murder, Your Honor!
Yasmine: Very well, Mr Lewis Loochester, I shall file an order to have you extradited back home so you can serve time in an asylum till you're fully treated. It will take some time but I think it's the best thing to do.
Lewis: Thank you, Your Honor...
Yasmine: Mr Sherazi, <Name>, I'll have some doctors assigned to take Mr Loochester back to England.
Raj: Very well, we'll have Lewis ready for pickup shortly!
Raj: Let's go outside and give Lewis some time to himself

Some time later
Astrid: I hope Lewis will get the help he needs in Parinaita. I often get scared sending mentally unwell people to another country but if it'll works, it'll be best for him.
Raj: Of course he will be fine, Astrid.
Lewis: T-Thank you for everything you did <Name>.. and sorry about breaking the mirror...
Astrid: Don't worry, You stay safe on your way to Parinaita. Don't try and hurt yourself now.
Lewis: I'll try to not. Again, thanks for everything...
Lewis: Goodbye...
Astrid: Now that is over with, we should get on with investigating the heist that could happen at any minute!

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