Nicholas "Nick" Daniels is the killer of private consultant Phillip Daley in the premiere case of Hidden Missions, "Back To The Glory Days".


Nick Daniels is a 35-year old (now-former) senior agent of the Acropolis Secret Intelligence. He is of African-American descent, having short black hair and brown eyes, along with a five-o-clock shadow. Agent Daniels is seen wearing the A.S.I. uniform jacket that is stained with varnish, over a light blue dress shirt and a maroon neck tie. Agent Daniels also has an ear piece in his right ear. It is known that Agent Daniels eat salmon, uses hand cream and is epileptic.

Height 6'0"
Age 35
Weight 178lb
Eyes Brown
Blood O+

Events in Hidden Missions

In the murder of the A.S.I.'s private consultant, Phillip Daley, Agent Nick Daniels was listed as a suspect after Agent Kate Wong named him as Phillip's investigating partner. The duo then informed Agent Daniels of Phillip's death, Agent Daniels expressed his shock over the news, adding that he respected Phillip for his uncanny investigating skills.

Agent Daniels was then placed under suspicion when he seen in the picnic area's cliffside, arguing with Phillip. The agent explained the player and Agent Wong that Phillip had put him in trouble after he confronted a dangerous criminal with only a gun, without Agent Daniels' supervision. Agent Daniels scolded Phillip for his recklessness and warned him that he will lock him up if such incident was to happen again.

In the climax of the investigation, it was revealed that Agent Daniels killed Phillip. Agent Daniels angrily broke down, admitting that he killed Phillip as he was upset that the private consultants are taking over the field agents' jobs, with Phillip's confrontation with the criminal setting as an example. The factor that pushed the agent to commit murder is when Phillip applied to become an agent in the A.S.I. Knowing that Phillip could easily replace him and cutting his career short, he confronted Phillip in his home and impaled him with an Aztec spear on the display. Upon being shipped to the court, Judge Shields has sentenced Agent Daniels to forty years in prison.

Case Appearances

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