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Norman: Good morning, sir! What am I supposed to do for you?
Evan: We'd like a copy of Today's Network, please. We're the inspectors featured in the article!
Norman: Sorry, it's sold out.
Evan: What do you mean with sold out? How many people can buy the newspaper?
Norman: Many. It never happens, it's the first day a newspaper sells all copies.
Evan: There must be one around here. And <Rank> <Name> always finds everything!

Chapter 1

Investigate Newsagent's post
Evan: Look, <Name>! I look absolutely handsome in that photo! I-can't-believe-it!
Evan: Oh, and I still have that bloodstain in my tie after finding the corpse. Doesn't it l-
Evan: Wait, our victim in the last case died from poisoning! She didn't bleed! Then why do I have blood on my tie in the photo?
Evan: You're right! The blood wasn't on my tie. It's in the newspaper! This is a MURDER!!!
Evan: Not again! Let's examine this and interrogate the shop owner, ok?

Examine Newspaper
Evan: Wonderful. I think. Our dear Sabrina will analyze this blood sample you collected.

Analyze Blood
Sabrina: Blood on a newspaper? I hope you get to catch the killer this time, <Name>!
Evan: Evan's also in the team, Sabrina.
Sabrina: Come on, you can't compare! Well, now let's talk about the sample. It belongs to a caucasian man.
Sabrina: I know it's not the biggest lead, but that's what I could determine about the victim.
Evan: And what about the killer?
Sabrina: Their DNA was in the sample too! Now go look for a criminal with brown eyes.

Ask the newsagent about the newspaper
Norman: Evan, are you saying there's blood on my newspaper?
Evan: Yes. That's exactly what I'm saying. Will you confess?
Norman: Confess what? I'm not responsible for the blood you saw. Maybe when I bought the copies one of them got stained.
Evan: Well, if you think that's what happened, we'll prove you wrong. Where do you buy the newspapers for your shop?
Norman: A preseller comes by my shop to sell me the newspapers. His name is Val Zenodia.

Have a chat with the newspaper preseller
Val: You're Inspector Evan Day and <Rank> <Name>! I saw you on Today's Network-
Evan: That's what we want to talk about. One of the copies was stained with blood. And as you are the preseller, we think you could have selled the copy-
Val: No. I'm not a killer. All of my copies were clean.
Evan: Except for one. Or maybe more.
Val: I don't know. Perhaps I bought it already stained.
Val: I get the copies directly from the company. Why don't you contact the CEO, Maggalie Stalej?

Interrogate Maggalie Stalej
Evan: We found blood on one of your newspapers and we think it got stained here. Maybe.
Maggalie: So you imply Today's Network is full of criminals.
Evan: Not full. Just one is enough.
Maggalie: Ugh... Ok, come to my office. You first, please.
Evan: Thank you. Your office is-
Evan: What???

Investigate Maggalie's office
Maggalie: I left the office last night and I've just returned! Who left this man here?
Evan: I guess you know him.
Maggalie: His name is Kellin Cardagreen. And he's one of my employees. Now...
Maggalie: Why was the door locked from inside? A key was in the keyhole and I had to push it strongly with mine.
Evan: Was it locked from inside? It can't be!
Evan: Well, let's see if there's something within his clothes and also send the body to the lab.

Autopsy the victim's body
Daniel: Kellin had a really painful finale. I don't know what the murder weapon is, but I noticed his skull was smashed again and again a million times over.
Daniel: I managed to rearrange the pattern in the victim's head. Look for something with this texture.
Evan: Let me see... The weapon could be anything!
Daniel: Don't worry, Evan! <Name> will find it for sure.
Daniel: Now, I found something on your victim's clothes. Something that came from your killer in fact.
Daniel: It's a very complex mix of petrol, some other types of oil, hydrogen... Just gasoline for motorbikes.
Evan: So our killer is in contact with gasoline!
Daniel: Yes... and no. Probably your killer used a gas can to pour the gasoline on the vault. The vault of their motorbike!
Evan: Oh, oh, I get the picture. It means our killer rides a motorbike!

Examine Victim's clothes
Evan: It looks like Kellin bore this torn page to his last minutes. But why?
Evan: Let's see if we can restore it, <Name>.

Examine Torn page
Evan: The torn page we found was in fact a note to Kellin. Let's read. "Kellin, just take yourself to the police station. You will pay for your crimes. Norman Droff."
Evan: Norman Droff? That's the newsagent's name! But why was he blackmailing Kellin?
Evan: You're right, this is suspicious. We need to talk to him again.

Ask the newsagent about the victim
Evan: Do you know Kellin Cardagreen? Tell us you know him.
Norman: Kellin Cardagreen? Of course I know him! One of the most important journalists in Townville.
Norman: As I'm a newsagent, I have a lot of knowledge in press. He works for Today's Network, right?
Evan: He was murdered. But we found him in a locked room, with a note from you.
Norman: What the...! No, I won't tell you anything about him.
Evan: What do you mean?
Norman: Sorry, but no. This shop is closed. Come back tomorrow.

Evan: What in hell is wrong with Norman? He's hiding something big!
Evan: We'll have to watch him! There's something wrong with him.

Evan: I still don't come to understand this locked room murder.
Evan: When I was young, I used to watch a cartoon called Inspector Allan about murder investigations. And there were many cases about locked room murders.
Evan: All of them with intelligent tricks. Sticky tape, piano strings, fishing line, and more. But is this killer that clever?
Evan: The door and window of Maggalie's office are facing the printing room. That's the only way to enter and exit the office!

Chapter 2

Evan: Whichever way the killer locked that door, they surely came from the printing room!
Evan: <Name>, we have to look for clues there!

Investigate Printing room
Evan: There's blood on the printing machine, <Name>! My theory was right.
Evan: Wait... see that black tape? Let me... Let me take a look at-
Evan: Yes, it matches the pattern Daniel gave us! So our killer smashed Kellin's head against the machine and it's the murder weapon!
Evan: That's so disgusting... Whatever. Let's send a blood sample to the lab and... there's more.
Evan: The comic you found has more stains, although it's not blood. But we could examine it too.
Evan: And as that machine is the murder weapon, why don't we talk to the company printer?

Examine Bloodstains
Evan: Fantastic! This blood sample comes from Kellin. And I'm sure the killer left more evidence.
Evan: Let's take it to the lab straight away!

Analyze Blood sample
Sabrina: That makes me understand this case a bit more. The newspaper was stained with blood, because the blood was on the printing machine.
Evan: Exactly! And the stain was right on my tie.
Sabrina: I'm sorry you didn't look too handsome in the picture, Evan!
Sabrina: Now, let's recall. This sample was obviously Kellin's blood... and something else.
Sabrina: I found an unknown substance, but now I know what it is. It's a solution that is used for the correct mantainance of eyeglasses. Do you get it?
Evan: Of course we do! Our killer wears glasses!

Examine Comic
Evan: I don't have any idea what this grease might be. Do you, <Name>?
Evan: No? Well, we can always trust Sabrina!

Analyze Greasy substance
Sabrina: The greasy substance you gave me is in fact a great piece of evidence, <Name>. It's a particular type of motor oil.
Sabrina: A motor oil, which is used for motorbikes.
Evan: Wait, our killer rides a motorbike!
Sabrina: I know that. And there was also the same product Daniel found on Kellin's clothes!
Sabrina: Too much coincidence, huh? I don't think so. Kellin's blood was also there!
Evan: It's good to know the killer took care of their motorbike and killed a man before having a laugh with this comic. But-
Sabrina: You're getting it all wrong! You need to write down that the killer reads comics!

Talk to the company printer
Evan: <Rank> <Name> and I would like to ask you a few questions about the murder of Kellin Cardagreen.
Bill: Maggalie has already told me. What a shame, huh?
Evan: We know you are the company printer. And we found bloodstains on the printing machine. So-
Bill: I understand your logic, but the printing room is more than that. Editors and designers work there too.
Bill: If you really took that into account, you'd have a very long suspects list.
Evan: What... happened to your hair?
Bill: Oh, sorry. I rushed to the police station in my motorbike and it's windy outside.

Evan: If Bill's testimony is true, the printing room is full of things from many employees.
Evan: In case that room is not a good point in our investigation, why don't we get back to the primary crime scene?

Investigate CEO's desk
Evan: So no clues about how the killer closed that door and locked the room. Damn.
Evan: Well, let's see if one of this letters is of interest, ok?
Evan: Wait, I've just remembered something. I mean, someone! Someone who can give us really precious info about this case. Can you figure out who I'm thinking about?
Evan: No, <Name>, it's not Chief Smith. Good joke. I meant Linda Farren, the reporter!

Examine Letters
Evan: Nice catch, <Name>! You managed to find a letter to the victim in that pile of letters!
Evan: Let's see what we can learn.
Evan: "Dear Mr. Cardagreen, I'd like to..." blah, blah, I don't mind...
Evan: Here. "The meeting will take place in my office. Yours sincerely, Val Zenodia".
Evan: Val Zenodia? <Name>, Val met Kellin... right last night!
Evan: You're right. Maybe he wasn't in the murder scene, but it's a lead. Let's interrogate him.

See if the preseller met the victim the night before
Evan: We're sorry to tell you that Kellin Cardagreen has been murdered. And we found this letter.
Val: What a shame, Inspector! He was a good person.
Val: I sent him the letter to meet him in my house. He's my favourite journalist, and he had agreed to come home and have dinner with his fan!
Val: He was a clever man, and talented also. Before working in Today's Network, he used to be an artist.
Val: His comics were delightful. The characters were perfectly drawn and...

Evan: Would he ever shut up? It was the most boring speech abotu comics I've ever heard!
Evan: In case he's the killer, count on Gino to arrest him. I won't stand a conference like that one again. Thirty minutes!

Talk to the newspaper editor
Linda: <Rank> <Name>, Inspector Evan! You're here again! I'm sorry I can't go investigate with you this time, I have a lot of work to do.
Linda: However, if you need help later, give me a call.
Evan: No, Linda. This time you're part of our investigation.
Linda: Oh! You must mean Kellin's murder, right?
Evan: Yes, and as you're a reporter for Today's Network-
Linda: You're right, <Name>! I'm also the newspaper editor. Haven't you ever read our tabloids, Evan?
Evan: Umm... Yes, of course I have. Is there anything about the case you want to tell us?
Linda: Yes. I have to show you something I found. It's in my desk, we need to get back to the premises.

Linda: Did you enjoy that motorbike trip, <Name>? C'mon, I'm sure you did!
Evan: You didn't exceed the speed limit, but you could go slower, eh? A little bit longer, and <Name> and I would have had two cases this day.
Linda: Spoilsport. Now, take a look. This is what I found.
Evan: Cloroform? Again? I'm not sure, Daniel, our coroner, didn't mention it.
Evan: It's suspicious anyways. Thank you, Linda. <Name> and I will take a look at the barcode.
Linda: It's not cloform, Inspector. It's formol.

Examine Bottle of formol
Evan: You can decipher everything, can't you, <Name>? You should try reading mom's handwriting!
Evan: Now let's send this to the lab. A new lead awaits!

Analyze Barcode
Lindsey: One day you'll ask me to get into the FBI's computers and you'll see my talent. What a waste, humble barcodes.
Lindsey: But if you need it, I can do it. The bottle of formol belongs to Norman Droff!
Evan: <Name>, wait. I'm under a shock syndrome.
Evan: Ready. Why was Norman there? Why is he still doing this? We'll go with him again!
Evan: You're right. I'm sure he didn't break in the premises. Someone let him in. Why don't we ask Maggalie what he was doing there?

Confront Norman about being in the premises
Evan: Listen carefully, Norman. We don't like to be rude, so just tell us the truth. Why were you at Today's Network premises and why did you take a bottle of formol?
Norman: Formol? What is that? And why do you say I was there?
Evan: We'll keep being nice. Formol is an organic substance used for the conservation of dead bodies after being mixed with water.
Evan: And we say you were there because the barcode traced us back to you.
Norman: Yes, yes, but that doesn't mean I ws the one who left it there. Someone else could have taken my bottle there.
Norman: I admit I bought formol, but I only used it for my negatives. Didn't you know that formol is also used for that?
Norman: And I couldn't have gone there anyway. You can ask my neighbours. My motorbike broke down on Saturday.

Evan: Norman is still hiding the truth. But it doesn't matter. The motorbike info will be written down for sure.

Ask Maggalie Stalej about Norman
Evan: Maggalie, do you know Norman Droff?
Maggalie: N-no, no... I don't. Why do you ask?
Evan: Tell us, Maggalie. We'll discover it anyway.
Maggalie: He often comes round here, just that. He is a newsagent, did you know? He comes here to pick up the copies.
Evan: That's a lie! A preseller comes here for them.
Maggalie: Sorry, it's late. I have to go home. Where's my helmet? I can't ride my motorbike without it!

Alan Smith: Boys, I have a problem with this case.
Evan: What's wrong, Chief?
Alan Smith: I know how to prove Norman's presence at the premises! And I know this will help you catch the killer too.

Chapter 3

Alan Smith: Norman Droff could be a very important piece of this case, so put pressure on him.
Alan Smith: Go back to his shop, and find something that could leave evidence in Today's Network premises.
Evan: I... I think I got it. Let's go, <Name>.

Investigate Stand counter
(Before investigating)

Evan: Did you understand what the Chief said? Because I didn't.
Evan: Oh, I think I've just got the picture. For example, if Norman has a cold, we have to look for used handkerchiefs in the printing room. Is that it?
Evan: Great, <Name>! Now let's head to clues.

(After investigating)

Evan: Fiber sandals, <Name>? Such a long time I don't wear ones. They're really comfortable.
Evan: Footprints, you say? Great idea! Let's get back to the printing room.

Investigate Editor's desk
Evan: Look, <Name>! This is Linda's desk. I guess she found the formol over here.
Evan: So if this footprint is a fiber sandal footprint, you know what we'll do!

Examine Footprint
Evan: It was kind of obvious, but here is the absolute proof!
Evan: You're right. Everyone here wears office shoes. The only way a fiber sandal footprint ended up here is Norman.
Evan: Let's put an end to his tales once and for all.

Tell Norman to stop lying
Norman: Wow, you have a great deduction power, <Rank> <Name>! That thing of the fiber sandals was... how can I say it? Marvelous!
Norman: But you're wrong. I love the comics section in Today's Network, so I wanted to see how the company was like. And Linda Farren is a pretty woman, huh?
Evan: So you just went to a company's premises because you like comics and gave a reporter a bottle of formol? What a nice detail, she really needed some!
Evan: You're under arrest!
Norman: F*ck, I'll tell you, fine? All in all, I'm also tired of this bullsh*t.
Norman: Today's Network has illegal businesses. Did you notice it always says good things about the mayor and bad things about the Comunist Party?
Norman: Well, it's not a coincidence. For that, Leamdres, the Mayor's paper factory, sells paper to Today's Network at a low price.
Norman: Besides, they share much money. I discovered that, and they threatened me! They send me money to keep me silent, but I always give it to charities, I swear!

Evan: <Name>, I don't know if this can be called a crime, but if Norman has been threatened, this is serious!
Evan: I can't believe the Mayor himself got mixed up in this kind of things. I just can't.
Evan: Mayor Loas is the head of the United Socialism party. And his main competitor is the Comunist Party, like we've just heard.
Evan: The head of the comunists is Alberto Gandil. There are many chances on him to win as his ancestor is no other than Justus Gandil.
Evan: Justus was a very good mayor in Townville's first years, but he died after his first period.
Evan: I've been talking a lot about the past, sorry. Let's focuse again. We have to ask Maggalie about this!
Evan: WHAT??? Do you... say... Linda is also involved in this?! But... she just...
Evan: Well, if we're going to interrogate her, we can also ask Bill if he knows anyone implicated in this too.

Confront Maggalie Stalej about her illegal businesses
Evan: Maggalie, we know your treat with the Mayor. Confess!
Maggalie: Treat? C'mon, it's not a treat at all. Just an imaginary contract. Norman told you, right? I'm sure it was him.
Maggalie: Listen, it's not a crime! We can write the opinions we want, is it a felony?
Maggalie: Apart from that, Leamdres can sell paper at the price they feel like, is it a felony?
Maggalie: I know what to do with my money, I'm old enough, yeah? So forget that issue.
Evan: We're old enough too. We know it's not a crime, but... it's morally incorrect!
Evan: <Rank> <Name> is right. Blackmailing IS a felony.
Maggalie: Blah, blah, blah. See you!

Evan: I HATE THAT WOMAN!!! I hate her, <Name>!
Evan: I just can't believe it. They have dirty money in their hands and their shield says "it's not a crime".
Evan: Yes, it's true. Let's focuse on the main crime. Kellin's murder.

See if Linda was paid for illegal businesses
Linda: Well, yes! I needed the money a lot, and Maggalie says it's not a crime, so I decided to do it.
Evan: It's not a crime, that's true, ho- Linda, sorry. But it's not correct.
Evan: Being a reporter means that your role is to look for justice, to let people know what crimes people hide indoors, to... many things.
Linda: You're really nice, Inspector Day. I guess you're right. We should be heroes, like you, like the ones I see in comics. But it's so hard...

Evan: Wh-What? Linda? No, I'm not in love with her! Of course no!
Evan: Yes, she has some beauty, but... no, no, absolutely no, <Name>! Stop.
Evan: I'm just afraid she might be the killer.

Ask Bill Pagosh about his contacts
Evan: What is your relation with Zachariah Loas, Bill?
Bill: You mean, the Mayor? What... what does he have to do with Kellin? I don't know why you're asking that.
Evan: We can refresh your memory if you want. But you don't, do you?
Bill: If you already know it, then why do you ask? You know, they say it's not a crime.
Evan: Then do you know Norman Droff?
Bill: The newsagent, yes! I bought a comic from him last week.

Some time later...

Evan: "It's not a crime, it's not a crime!. That's all I've been hearing in the last minutes.
Evan: They are forgetting about the big crime. The murder, I mean. And we'll arrest the killer first, <Name>. We won't let time pass with the killer free just because of the mayor's deals.
Evan: We were so busy with Norman's story, we didn't pay attention to other clues. Why don't we take a deep look at Linda's desk again?

Investigate Editor's desk
Evan: Maybe this laptop says something about the Mayor, or Leamdres, or...
Evan: Yes, it's not important now. Just Kellin, and nothing else.

Analyze Laptop
Lindsey: Nope. Nothing about Zacky Loas, or paper's price. I'm sorry, Evan.
Evan: Don't worry. Kellin is more important now. Tell us what you found.
Lindsey: Well, let's begin. I found a photo of the murder!
Evan: What the-?! Really? So the killer took a photo of the murder and saved it in Linda's laptop?
Lindsey: The killer didn't take the photo. It was taken by a surveillance device. The footage is only visible in Maggalie's PC.
Lindsey: But, just in case, it saves photographs on every computer connected to Today's Network's net.
Lindsey: The picture shows a person smashing Kellin against the printing machine, and that's the proof that the murderer is 6'3 tall!
Evan: Yeah! Now we have to take this killer to justice.

Arrest killer
Evan: Bill Pagosh, you're under arrest for first-degree murder. You have the right to remain silent-
Bill: Everything that you say can and will be used against you in a Court of Law.
Evan: What the hell is going on?
Bill: I like police stories. They are an inspiration. How do you think I managed to close that door and leave the key inside?
Bill: Well, the answer is in that window.
Evan: Come on, Bill. There's no room for a person in that little hole.
Bill: You don't understand. I used the door to get out of the room. But I closed it through the window.
Bill: I'd left the key in the keyhole with fishing line tied on it and coming out from the window.
Bill: If you pull, the key turns twice and the room remains shut. Fantastic!
Evan: So that was the how. Now explain the why. Were you involved in that business with the Mayor?
Bill: Of course no! This murder is the first crime I've ever comitted. Kellin was part of it.
Bill: My uncle is a judge, and he had started to know what was happening around here. And I didn't want to be part of that deal.
Bill: This murder would make everyone forget about that other crime.

Esteban Gonzalez: Mr Pagosh, this Court won't accept that! You can't slander against our honorable Mayor without prooves.
Bill: It's not a slander. It's the truth, your Honor. Believe me. Leamdres and Today's Network work together. And they both have good reasons to keep clutching on that.
Bill: I want Judge Pagosh to be in charge of the case. He know pretty much about it, and-
Esteban Gonzalez: Silence! Your condemn can be shorter if it doesn't include offense.
Evan: <Rank> <Name> and I have investigated that. Mister Bill Pagosh's testimony is the truth.
Esteban Gonzalez: Inspector Day, I should remind you this is a Court, not a parliament.
Esteban Gonzalez: Bill Pagosh, I sentence you to life in jail with parole in 40 years. Session is adjourned!

Evan: I cannot believe this! Judge Gonzalez is worse than I thought, he has changed!
Evan: <Name>, I'm starting to believe Today's Network is not the only thing the Mayor has in his side with money.
Evan: I don't know about you, but these elections, I'm not going to vote the United Socialism.
Evan: I have my faith in the Comunist Party. Alberto Gandil will do what Justus Gandil would do. I'm sure!

Additional Investigation

Alan Smith: Haha! I told you that Norman's presence in the premises was the piece to complete this puzzle!
Alan Smith: However, all credits go to you, <Rank> <Name>, and to you, Inspector Day.
Evan: Thank you, Chief! But it's more of <Name>'s work.
Alan Smith: Cheer up, you're helpful too. And... Well, somebody sent this letter to you, <Name>.
Evan: "You played with me, now you'll suffer. You shouldn't have got mixed in this". What... it's a threaten!
Alan Smith: Yes. But it isn't signed. However, <Name> will find its writer, right?

Evan: What are you gonna do, <Name>? The database? Oh, I get it.
Evan: Now we have to finally read our article. That's how it started, regrettably.
Sabrina: Evan, when I analyzed it... I mean... it's not a newspaper anymore. It's ruined.
Evan: Darn. Well, we can buy it again. Norman is a newsagent, isn't he?
Linda: Wow, Evan! What a laboratory! It's enormous.
Evan: Girl, you scared me! Oh, dear. I need to recover from the shock.
Linda: Sorry. I just need a favor from you. My lawyer says that we should stop the deal with Leamdres.
Evan: You should have never started it.
Linda: Yes, yes, I know. And I need you to write a report to say that everything's fine and legal, you know. But that's not all.
Evan: It won't be a boring day. We'll work very hard, <Name>.

Buy the newspaper from Norman
Evan: Good morning, Norman! We're sorry for getting you involved in a murder case yesterday, but it's just our job.
Norman: Don't worry. After all, I was about to contact you again.
Evan: We came to buy yesterday's newspaper, but we can help you. What's your problem?
Norman: I received a threatening letter. I've trashed it, as I thought it was a joke, but... I'm scared.
Evan: But what??!! We received one too. I don't think it's a coincidence! What did yours say?
Norman: "Your mouth will now be shut forever. It shall". And it was signed by Daniel Peterson!
Evan: I cannot believe it! Peterson is a politician in the United Socialism, right? Like the Mayor! I'm sure they already know you confessed the truth to us.
Evan: You shouldn't have trashed the letter, but don't worry. <Rank> <Name> and I will find it.

Investigate Newsagent's post
Evan: <Name>, where does trash go? Exactly, in the trash bin!
Evan: Cover your nose!

Examine Trash bin
Evan: In that junkheap, this torn letter is the only thing made of paper.
Evan: Let's restore it, it surely is the threaten letter Norman received from Daniel Peterson.

Examine Torn letter
Evan: Let me read, <Name>. It has to be the letter Norman talked about.
Evan: "Your mouth will now be shut forever. It shall. Daniel Peterson". It's the one!
Evan: This man thinks he has more power than his actual one. This threaten will be taken to justice!

Tell Norman about starting a trial
Evan: Here is the threaten letter, Norman. Keep it in a secret place, you'll need it.
Evan: You were at the trial. You must remember Bill Pagosh's uncle is a judge who would be very glad to have this case between hands.
Norman: I think he hates the United Socialism. But I'm scared. Maybe they'll take revenge.
Evan: Don't worry, we will protect you. If Peterson deserves to go to jail, he will do so.
Norman: Fine, I'll start a trial. Here's the newspaper you wanted, and take this too.
Evan: Hey, I look really handsome here!

See what Linda wants
Evan: So you need us to write a report saying Today's Network only performs legal activities. We can do that.
Linda: Thank you very much, Evan! Now, about the other thing.
Linda: The Mayor already know I'll do that, so he sent a newsletter for us. And some other things.
Linda: Now we'll also tell truth about the United Socialism, and Leamdres will sell paper at the same price other companies do.
Evan: That sounds great, but what do you need? Besides the report.
Linda: Hehe... I lost the newsletter.
Evan: It had to be that. Ok, let's look in Linda's desk, <Name>. The newsletter must be there.

Investigate Editor's desk
Evan: An editor's work must be hazardous, I think. Look at this pile of papers! Half of the planet's ink must be here.
Evan: Let's look for the newsletter, <Name>!

Examine Pile of papers
Evan:Evan: Bingo, <Name>! This, the newsletter from Zachariah Loas, has been found by you!
Evan: It's not as fantastic as it sounds, but we found it.
Evan: The city government's actions from last week to this morning, are all here. I just hope it's all true.
Evan: In fact, it looks more like a ledger. I think Lindsey should check it's fine.

Analyze Newsletter
Lindsey: You shouldn't worry, <Name>. This Mister Loas changed from corrupt to innocent from last night to this morning!
Lindsey: Everything he wrote here is true. No lies, no crimes. One more light in this dark Townville.
Evan: With light you mean justice, right? And darkness is crime, I think.
Lindsey: I'm sorry. A Chinese friend gave me one of his books. I'm starting to say many metaphores.
Evan: As long as they don't harm anyone, they're fine. Let's tell Linda about this, <Name>! I think I'm falling for her.
Evan: Uh? Forget that! Forget it, <Name>, no!

Give Linda her newsletter back
Evan: You're lucky, Linda! We know everything is legit, so stop worrying. Everything's fine now.
Linda: Oh, that's great! The Mayor didn't like the idea, but since I met you, I appreciate justice a bit more.
Linda: Would you like to go have a coffee, the three of us?
Evan: Yes, yes, sure! Will you come with us, <Name>?
Evan: But you can write that report for Chief Smith about the newsletter next morning! Don't leave me- I mean, don't leave us alone!
Evan: It's a lie! Lindsey didn't ask you to go to the cinem-
Linda: Don't worry, Evan! <Rank> <Name> is surely stressed out and wants to relax. But you can take this as a reward.
Linda: See you, <Rank> <Name>! I'm taking your friend Evan with me, but don't worry. You'll have him back soon!
Evan: How about this afternoon? I'm free by that time!

Examine Threaten letter
Evan: Tell me, <Name>! Who dares tell us such things?
Evan: Wow! It's Maggalie! She's angry because her "non-illegal" activities were exposed.
Evan: I can't believe she could do this to us. Now let's go confront her. I'm not scared!

Talk to Maggalie Stalej
Evan: We know you're the one who sent us that threaten letter, Maggalie. What do you want?
Maggalie: Haven't you realized you've ruined it? Now paper will be more expensive, we'll need more money, and we'll be in the verge of bankruptcy.
Maggalie: That business was perfect and you destroyed it.
Evan: <Name>, I think it's a good opportunity to do our job, to check our citizens are safe. We'll start with Maggalie, see if her behaviour agrees with law.

Investigate Maggalie's office
Evan: I'm sure Maggie won't mind we take this. After all, it's just a box!
Evan: Can you unlock it, <Name>?

Examine White box
Evan: A bag of powder? <Name>, you were lucky to take this box and not another one!
Evan: We must give this sample to Sabrina, this powder might be a drug!

Analyze Bag of powder
Sabrina: You will not believe this, <Name>. Homemade drugs are taking over Townville!
Sabrina: What you found is talc, ground chalk, smashed ecstasy, and cocaine. In a single but potent powder!
Sabrina: I don't think it's a medical experiment. Maggalie is taking this drug.
Evan: Yipee! Let's arrest her, <Name>.

Arrest Maggalie Stalej for being on drugs
Evan: Maggalie Stalej, you're under arrest for drug abuse. <Rank> <Name>, put the handcuffs on her.
Maggalie: I'd prefer you stayed quiet. Now and forever. Mayor Loas is getting tired of you.
Maggalie: He says promoting you Downtown was a mistake, and he's right. Why don't you leave everyone in peace? That would be great.
Evan: We've solved two murders in this district, Maggalie.
Evan: The elections caused one, and YOU provoked the second one. You and Zachariah. It's your time to be behind bars.

After a long day of work...

Evan: Congratulations! Oh, see who's coming there. <Rank> <Name> themselves.
Mitch: Hello, <Rank> <Name>! It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Mitch Anteur, the new owner of Today's Network.
Mitch: Now that Maggalie is in jail, I'll be in charge of the company.
Mitch: You can call me whenever you want. I'll be happy to be of help.
Linda: Hello, boys- Mitch! Hello, what are you doing here?
Mitch: Introducing myself to the team, just that!
Evan: We're going to have a coffee at a bar, <Name>. See you!
Lindsey: <Name>, are you ready to go the cinema? We'll see "Love at the café".
Evan: Oh, so you were really going to... wait, you-
Linda: I love that movie, <Rank> <Name>! I hope you enjoy it.
Evan: Wait, I don't understand. Did-
Linda: Let's go, Evan!

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