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C01-07 Suspect Lorelei
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Lorelei Cortonith

On the SUV...

Player: (So, I'm around with Simon Scamwell, the one I arrested for.)
Simon: What's up, hotshot? Never thought you may have arrested me that quick.
Player: Don't be so sure.
Police Officer: (Player). To tell, there's no policewoman in Tripea Bay. I should have to tell you.
Player: Really?
Police Officer: Because they're most likely assigned at more hostile locations as they're wise to investigate.
Player: How about Regina Turney? She even survived this hostility onslaught?
Police Officer: Rei Turney? She's the most feared fugitive as she's a relentless one-woman army.
Police Officer: Rei hasn't have any offenses ever since, but her bravery over brass knuckles would stand her as a hero.
Player: What in the world...
Police Officer: And we're almost there to the station guys. 
Player: Wait. ALL DUCK!!!

After the shooting onslaught...

Player: It's just one bullet? Someone's wearing a hat... It may be the killer's...
Player: I just get outta here checking what's happening.

Chapter 1

Investigate the Police Station.
Player: Wait, a pistol is there?
Player: I guess police officers must not use their guns...
Player: I'll check it out.
Player: I should have of checking the SUV what's even happening.

Examine the Pistol.
Player: So this pistol is used recently.
Player: Should have of analyzing further.

Analyze this Used Pistol.
Player: So there's one bullet wasted.
Player: I'll take this as the murder weapon.

Investigate the SUV Seats.
Player: What in the world?!
Player: Simon Scamwell didn't even listen?! Fine, Simon's the victim.
Player: Though, let me check his body further.

Analyze the Victim's Body.
Player: So there's Simon, analyzed already. I already remembered the police officers mostly are male. But in Tripea Bay, there is not even a policewoman according to a police officer.
Player: So, the killer is a male, as I checked the bullet, and I could tell it's likely to be a police officer.
Player: And Simon has a tattoo... and it has Errol Mitanio's name on it. Time to check him out.

Interrogate Errol Mitanio about Simon's death.
Errol: Hey, mate'y! I'ma Errol Mitanio, and I'm a pirate. I came back recently just for some requests!
Player: Like Simon Scamwell's tattoo?
Errol: Yes. And why?
Player: Simon is found dead. Whatcha say about it?
Errol: Hm? How did I shoot Simon when I already am done of his tattoo. Also, I have to check out the guns on the shooting area.

Go to the next chapter.
Player: So two suspects. But I only found this Errol Mitanio somewhere.
Player: And the evidence isn't even enough. I guess I have to check the location again.
Player: Did I checked the Police Station Outskirts? I guess I didn't.
Player: I should have of going.

Chapter 2

Investigate Police Station Outskirts.
Player: Hm, there's nothing interesting here, but whose is this ID?
Player: This is Simon Scamwell's! I didn't even realized that he left his ID here before his case has been dealt of?
Player: Gotta check it out. Maybe there's something hidden over it.
Player: I should have of reminding myself I have to investigate the Police Streets too.

Examine Simon's ID.
Player: So there's Lorelei Von Brandt's name on it.
Player: She's related to Simon, speaking of work?
Player: Wait, she's under alias of Lorelei Cortonith. Gotta deal with 'im.

Interrogate Lorelei Cortonith about her relation to Simon Scamwell.
Lorelei: Oh, hi (rank)(player)! Do you know who I am?
Player: Are you... Lorelei Von Brandt?
Lorelei: I usually go on by the name Lorelei Cortonith as an alias, but yes, there is one other co-owner.
Player: Anyways. What is your relation about Simon Scamwell? I found your name on his ID.
Lorelei: I have no business with him as I fired him some days ago. To tell, Suzanna Schnee, another co-owner of my business, she's hiring people.
Lorelei: But I fire people. So I know Suzanna would not be one of your listing suspects.
Lorelei: I gotta go back to work, some guns are broken I have to fix!

Investigate the Police Streets.
Player: What is this?
Player: The box... also Simon's? I have never thought of this too.
Player: I should have of checking out.

Examine Simon's Box.
Player: So I see the picture of Thomas Carlton... a fellow policeman?
Player: Gotta deal with im'.

Interrogate Thomas Carlton about his relation with Simon Scamwell.
Thomas: Hey (rank) (player)! Nice to see you!
Player: What's your relation to Simon Scamwell.
Thomas: I... have none but I may have saw him somewhere.
Player: Okay...?
Thomas: I have to find my gun either. Gotta go.

After all above...
Player: Wait. Something I may have forgot...
Player: Did... I forgot somewhere at the SUV Seats? There may be some bloody handprint out there.
Player: Maybe the killer checked the SUV out but his hand got bloodied after accidentally touching the glass...
Player: Should have of checking out again.

Investigate the SUV Seats.
Player: I predicted it.
Player: So there is this bloody handprint. I have to check it out.

Examine this Bloody Handprint.
Player: So done picking blood out there.
Player: Let me check further. It may be the last piece of evidence.

Analyze this Blood.
Player: So, the blood isn't even the same as Simon Scamwell's...
Player: is indeed the killer's.
Player: I guess this is the enough evidence to arrest somebody.

Arrest the killer now!
Player: Thomas Carlton. I guess you're wearing the police hat right?
Thomas: Yeah what?
Player: Have you shoot at the SUV?
Thomas: I just... did.
Player: You handle guns right?
Thomas: Uh-huh.
Player: You're a male, and your blood type is B+.
Thomas: Yes. What's up with you?
Player: *whistles*
Police Officers: You're under arrest, Thomas Carlton!
Thomas: Oh sh*t. There's no escape for me.
Player: What's up now.
Thomas: Fine. I may have killed Simon Scamwell because I didn't realize that there's no target shooting area in my sights!
Thomas: I'm shooting at the wrong area!
Player: Sorry, but you're under arrest, you're jailed for 5 years with a chance of parole for 2 and a half years.
Thomas: Fine!
Police Officer: Deal with the jail, mate!

Move on to the next case!
Player: I guess there's an upcoming contest somewhere. I should have of watching.

Go to Additional Investigation.
Player: Anyways. What's up with Errol Mitanio recently? He said that he came back from other areas, and though, he's a good ol' pirate to talk to.
Player: And what's up with Lorelei Cortonith? I guess she's kinda busy forging blades for something else... Gotta check em' out.

Training Over Swords

Talk to Errol Mitanio about his visit.
Player: Hey Cap'n Errol!
Errol: Hey mate'y! I need your help mate.
Player: Oh, what happened?
Errol: Lorelei has placed the crafted forged sword that was made for me, at the Police Station Outskirts. Though I hate policemen, can you get it for me?
Player: Sure. I'll do it.

After all above...
Player: Oh, if Errol hates policemen, why not me? I'm that undercover, haha!
Player: Gladly I didn't brought out my policemen to gank, as they only gank whenever I found the killer...

Investigate the Police Station Outskirts.
Player: So this is the forged sword that Errol has requested?
Player: Or is this... seemed to be someone else I know? Let me check it out.

Examine this Forged Sword.
Player: So it is indeed the sword that is customized...
Player: But the name's Lorelei's! Have to check her out!

Talk to Lorelei Cortonith about this forged sword.
Player: Lorelei!
Lorelei: Oh, hey. What's that sword...?
Player: That I found at the Police Station Outskirts.
Lorelei: Oh, you're so silly!
Player: Um... are you okay?
Lorelei: That's actually made for Errol's! He's a customer, and he has paid money for me, so he's free to take it.
Player: I see.
Lorelei: Oh, since Errol hates going to the Police Stations, I guess I'll give you a burger to help you out. See you later!~

Talk to Errol Mitanio about the Forged Sword.
Player: Here you go Errol.
Errol: Thanks mate'y! You got some outfit from me for you to try out!

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