Nellie Wallace
Part of
Louisgustavo's Criminal Case rendition
Biographical information
Full name Nellie Wallace
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1980
Nationality Flag of United States.png American
Residence Trevino, California, U.S
Affiliation(s) Trevino Police Department
Trevino Police Department
Rank Lab Chief
Game information
Appears on Criminal Case: City of Trevino
First appeared A New Beginning
Everything must have the good and the bad side. Even a single atom consists of positive and negative charges, which is proton and electron.
—Nellie Wallace

Nellie Wallace is a main character featured in Criminal Case: City of Trevino, where she serves as Trevino Police Department's Lab Chief.


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Events of Criminal Case

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As the Lab Chief of the Trevino Police Department, Nellie has the responsibility of taking care of all the necessary physical, biological, and/or clinical analyses and informing the team of such results.

Below is the list of analyses Nellie performs throughout the course of the game:

Clues Duration Case Discovery
Skin Cells 03:00:00 Welcome to Trevino! The killer is a male

Case appearances

As one of the main characters in City of Trevino, Nellie either appears or is mentioned in almost every case of Trevino-to-date.


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