Neal O'Gallagher
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Biographical information
Full name Neal Christopher O'Gallagher
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 2001
Nationality Scottish-American
Past profession(s) DJ
Family Seamus O'Gallagher (father)

Unnamed mother (deceased)

Oliver O'Gallagher (uncle; deceased)

Danielle Miller (cousin)

Corey O'Gallagher (brother)

Sadie O'Gallagher (ex stepmother, incarcerated)

Alan O' Gallagher (grandfather)

Unnamed grandmother

Partner(s) Carla Meadows (girlfriend)
Affiliation(s) Federal Bureau of Crime
Game information
First appearance Vice Grip
"Aight, <Rank> <Name,> the tablet yer found was a goldmine! I'm belter to tell you what I found!"

Neal Christopher O'Gallagher is a main character in season 1 of Criminal Case, where he serves as the Tech Expert of the Federal Bureau of Crime.


At the age of 17, Neal is the youngest member of the police. He has blonde-brown hair swept up in a pompadour and light skin with ice-blue eyes. He is often seen with a long sleeved black shirt with white rose outlines with checkered jeans and slip on shoes. Neal is known for using Scottish slang, cracking jokes and being serious whenever needed.

Notable Events

Vice Grip

Neal was introduced to the player during the events of Vice Grip, when the player and Angus were investigating Dane's murder, when he analyzed a FitBit found near the crime scene, which was confirmed to be the victim's.

Odd One Out

Neal became a suspect in the game after he was questioned by Sabrina Toska and the player about the murder of Lindsey Emerson. Later, he was found innocent after the player was found to be Kaylee Gonzalez.

Case appearances

Case 1: Vice Grip

Case 2: Party Time

Case 3: Don't Leave Me Hanging

Case 4: Running Your Mouth

Case 5: Walk On Water

Case 6: Behind The Mask

Case 7: Heart Shaped Box

Case 8: Dark Heart Ceremony

Case 9: A Brother's Journey

Case 10: Cat Out Of The Bag

Case 11: Everything And Nothing

Case 12: Like A Roll Of Thunder

Case 13: Music To My Ears

Case 14: Shot Down In Flames

Case 15: Blood Is Thicker

Case 16: All Hell Breaks Loose

Case 17: Into Chaos We Climb

Case 18: Bitter Fate

Case 19: The Way Life Goes

Case 20: Odd One Out

Case 21: The Price Of Life

Case 22: We All Bleed The Same

Case 23: Crossing The Line

Case 24: TBA

Case 25: TBA

Case 26: TBA

Case 27: TBA

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