Naomi Tsukasa was a suspect during the murder investigation of Bruce Munny in Crime Does Pay (Case #1).


Naomi is a 22-year-old petite blonde young caucasian Japanese-American woman. She is normally seen wearing a denim jacket with a pink shirt underneath it. She has also clipped her bangs to the right with a pink hairclip. She also has aqua diamond earrings.

Height 5'3"
Age 22
Weight 185 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood A+

Case Appearances

Naomi was one of Jones's old friends. She happened to be also the witness of the murder. She came to the station after seeing a "Help Wanted" poster put up by Ramirez after being told by Jones to get any help from anyone. Naomi was shocked to see Jones as to Jones himself. She told the team that she saw the moment after the shooting. She heard a shot and saw a person at night. She couldn't describe them well but she told the team that she can tell that the person is caucasian. The team thanked Naomi and continued with the investigation.

At the end of the investigation, all the proofs pointed out that Seville Ruff, one of the victim's employees conducted the murder. Seville had killed his employer because he never bothered to pay him his salary. He hated Bruce because he always overwork him but never gives him a raise nor even his salary while he gives it to the other employees. What Seville didn't know was that Bruce wanted to give him a really big surprise, a reward of almost 1 million dollars for his hard work but Seville wasn't patient. One day, Seville decided to take action. He grabbed a pistol from the emergency cabinet, lured Bruce into the safe when no one was there and shot him through the eye. After ruthlessly killing him, he shut the safe door while looting some cash that tallies his salary.

In the Additional Investigation, Naomi requested help from the team. She said that she lost her diamond-studded purse somewhere along the road near the bank. The team found it and gave it back to her.

Case Appearances