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Murphy Keane
Full name Murphy Frank Keane
Other name(s) Jupiter (SSS Codename)
Nationality 20px Irish
Residence Cork, Ireland
Oxford, England (temporary)
Family none
Profession Phenomenon Hunter
Historian of the SSS
Affiliation(s) SSS
Appearance(s) All cases regarding Project Stein
Personal Info
Gender ♂ Male
Status Alive (As of 15 June 2007)
Birthday 3 April 1970
Death N/A
Height 136 cm (4'6)
Weight 52 kg (114 lbs)
Blood Type AB+
Eye Color Green
Hair color Ginger
Who said mythical creatures were fake? Those pobails hadn't even seen a scientific explanation for it!
—Murphy Keane
Murphy Keane is one of the three members Susanne brought for the SSS. He mainly contributes as a historian or technician.


Murphy has short, ginger hair covered by a wide grey hat. He carries matching jacket over his shoulders. Murphy is seen wearing a grey striped shirt, black pants and shoes, and usually carries a camera with him.


Murphy has the opposite personality of Al; superstitious and greedy. His phenomenon and ghost hunting background somehow strengthen his believes towards ghosts and mythical creatures such as the Loch Ness, which is strongly debated by his logical rival Al Gotze.

Murphy, like Reuss, also likes to calls his crew members using codenames or nicknames. He is somewhat snobbish and is overconfident over his historical knowledge, although he still pays great respects to peoples better than him.

Personal Life

Al is born in Cork, Ireland, at 3 April 1970.

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Case Appearances

As one of the main characters of Project Stein, Murphy appeared in all cases.

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