Here the list of the cases that Murdown Police Department have investigated.


Murdown have 7 different districts and have 56 cases. Sometimes the player's partner was changed due to the case' story. The final victim was James Marsh  and he's killer is Solomon Murder, the mysterious leadr of the murderer group Rage Death.


Living Area

  1. Death Starts Here
  2. Everything Is Death
  3. Dead Gambler
  4. The Wolf Man
  5. Slayed To Death

Historian Town

  1. Poisoned Or Alive
  2. No One Will Survive
  3. Into The Final Revenge
  4. Back To The Grave
  5. The First Mystery

Mayorical Village

  1. The Mayor Of All Dead
  2. Once And For All
  3. Ultimate Channel
  4. No Heart or Be Killed
  5. Slayer On Run

Robot Town

  1. Poor Mechanical Guy
  2. The Grave Of All Robots
  3. Makes Me Feel You
  4. No Robots Will Live Here
  5. The Honor Of The Robot

Mech Blue

  1. The More People Die
  2. A Jolt From The Past
  3. Trouble Helix
  4. Have I Got Deal For You
  5. It Was Them
  6. So Long And Thanks For All The Murders
  7. Heart Of A Murderer
  8. Limb Death
  9. Makes Me Die
  10. Of Predators and Preys
  11. Return To Forever

Snowy Mountains

  1. The Heat Of Ice
  2. Will Weather Wether We Like It Or Not
  3. Meet The Creeper
  4. Polar Death
  5. Creeper Maturity
  6. Hermitter
  7. Poisonus Gazette
  8. Murder On The Phillipines
  9. Crucial Murder Killer
  10. Snowy Heights
  11. 67 Snow Flakes
  12. Argument Snow
  13. Something The Creeper This Way Comes
  14. 45 Deaths
  15. 46 Murders
  16. 47 Murderers
  17. 48 Victims
  18. 49 Murder Investigations
  19. 50 Tears
  20. The Death Of The Creeper

Poisonus Land

  1. The End Starts Here
  2. The Beginning Of The End
  3. The Ending Of Start
  4. The End Points Towards Me
  5. You Are The One Who Holds The World
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