Murderous Metropolis is a city used as the main setting for the first season of Criminal Case. Located in the USA, Murderous Metropolis is a metropolitan city divided into a total of six districts. The first fifty-six cases of the game are located across this city. The Murderous Metropolis Police Department (MMPD) is the law enforcement agency that serves Murderous Metropolis.


Murderous Metropolis was founded by Ryan Archer in 1998. It is known that Archer, at some point in his life, settled in the Historical Hills of the city along with his pet cat, Cordelia. According to Ryan's descendant, Dylan Archer, the town was only the leftovers of a small village before it was made and industrialized. Ryan also has a statue of him built at Magnolia Square, located in the Economic Center.


Industrial Quarter

Industrial Quarter is the first district of the city. It is a worker-oriented district ravaged by organized crime and gang activity.

Economic Center

Economic Center is the second district of the city. It is a business oriented district and many of its inhabitants are business-oriented people.

Historical Hills

Historical Hills is the third district of the city. The district features many historical novelties of the city as well as being near a forest preserve and lake.

The University

The University is the fourth district of the city. As an aptly named district, it is a schooling institution with an accredited baccalaureate college, a football field, and several schooling fronts.

Autumn Heights

Autumn Heights is the fifth and final district of the city. It is considered to be the most affluent district of the city.

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