Football Player was found killed after a game! Score us a touchdown by catching the killer.
—Case Teaser
Murder in the Stadium
Season 1
City Waterborough
District University
Case Number 44
Partner(s) Courtney Martinez
Preceded by Succeeded by
Back to Basics Truth or Death
Murder in the Stadium is an case in Criminal Case that is set to be featured as the Forty-fourth case of Season 1 and the forty-fourth case in the series overall. It takes place in the University district of Waterborough.


There was a football world cup. Two teams were playing Blue and Red. Blue team has won World cup 10 times and Red team have won 9 times. The Blue team all,players were playing excellent but one player was lazy silly. Before half-time the score was 1-0 but after it the player did not pay attention and he did owngoal . It became 1-1 All players shouted on him and said you should play hard. Last two minutes it was 1-1 when the ball came to lazy player he did handball. Red Team got penalty. They succeeded in the penalty and they win the 10th World cup. Both were now equal all team was crying. But some player disappeared . Tony got a call that the lazy player of Blue team was found murdered . He was tied with tree. All his face was covered with blood.

The killer turned out to be  fellow teammate Andrew Wright. Upon admitting to the murder, he first said that Josh was ruining his chances to get into the NFL but this man ruined everything from his fault we lose the final and we cannot win the world cup. After the match Andrew said lets go eat hot dogs he agreed. When he take him to Hotdog stall he only bought one hotdog for him. Harris said that he found a rope tied him with a tree and shoot him with football 14 times with a hard grip. Judge Raymond sentence him to 20 years in prison with a chance of parole in 12 years.



  • Josh Wilson (was found dead tied with a rope blood all over his face)

Murder Weapon

  • Football


  • Andrew Wright


Sam Berry
Football Coach
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  • The suspect eats hot dogs
  • The suspect listens to Zac Williams
Andrew Wright
Height {{{height}}}
Age 20
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Eyes blue
Blood O+
  • The suspect eats hot dogs
  • The suspect listens to Zac Williams
  • The suspect chews bubble gum


Killer's Profile

  • The killer eats hot dogs
  • The killer listens to Zac Williams
  • The killer chews bubble gum
  • The killer has brown hair
  • The killer is 6'0"

Crime Scenes 

Football Field Sidelines Football Field Bonus
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  • The case title is a pun on the phrase "back to basics" which stresses simplicity and adherence to fundamental principles.
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