The Player eats ice cream to celebrate His/Her promotion at the Turquoise Culinary Township. but then, a scream is heard what the player found in an office is the dead body of Charles Frank, a 75-year-old pastry owner who was about to retire, with a hole in His chest. soonafter, A Man named Kyle Hall wants to join the police force. despite the disapproval of the rest of the police force, Commissioner Willoughby accepts.

Despite some hardships, and some difficulties, The Player arrested Holly Livsey, the Pastry Worker. She denied involvement, but cracked under the pressure. She explained that Her Boss was about to fire Her for fighting with the other workers. She demanded an apology, but Frank refused, causing Her to impulsively kill Frank.

In court, Livsey was sentence to 24 years in Prison. in the Additional Investigation, The Player gives Kyle some pointers about being a policeman as Charles Frank's next of Kin needs help with a new ice cream flavor.


  • Charles Frank (Found with a hole in His chest)

Murder Weapon

  • Pastry Syringe


  • Holly Livsey


  • Kyle Hall - Pastry Deliveryman
  • Winona Lime - Business Rival
  • Holly Livsey - Pastry Worker
  • Desmond Smith - Pastry Chef
  • Amelia Frank - Victim's Granddaughter

Killer's Profile

  • Eats Neapolitan Ice Cream
  • Reads "Dracula"
  • Plays Snooker
  • Is a Woman
  • Wears Pink and White Stripes

Crime Scenes

Pastry Kitchen Dining Room Pastry Kitchen Bonus
Frank's Office Office Desk Frank's Office Bonus
Alley Dumpster Alley Bonus
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