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Murder at school
Season 1
City Atlantic Bay
District Uptown
Case Number 1
Date of Release 2.7.2016
Preceded by Succeeded by
None, first case N/A

It was Tuesday. We were at school. And then I heard shot. I called police and there was victim in shooting. The victim was my brother. His name was Liam Sean. Suspect were I (Zeke Sean), Dominic Martis (my best friend), Tom Silicon (my friend), Maria Sean (victims's and mine sister) and Theo Silicon (victim's friend, Tom's brother).

Everybody had motive to kill Liam.

-Zeke wanted Liam dead beacuse Liam had to give some money to Zeke but Liam did not wanted.

-Dominic is Zeke's best friend and Dominic is little bit bully and maybe he killed Liam.

-Tom wanted Liam dead beacuse Liam was teasing his brother Theo.

-Maria and Zeke had same reason why they wanted Liam dead.

-Theo wanted to kill Liam beacuse Liam was teasing him.

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