"Mourning Till Death" is a case appearing in the Criminal Case series, Justice Department. It is the second case of Memorial Bay and the fourteenth case in the overall series.


After Giles Sellers has initiated an investigation of the past for the police, Lt. Eric Wayne and the player are assigned to speak with Adela Wingate regarding Virgil Frazier's secret. However, when the team arrived in Wingate mansion, they found Adela on the bottom of the staircase, dead.

According to Dr. Graham Fraser, Adela died after being pushed down the stairs with such force, Adela's neck snapped as she tumbled down the stairs. After examining Adela's clothes, Dr. Fraser came up with the conclusion that Adela's killer drove an SUV, as the traces of car oil was used only for an SUV.

In the end, Lt. Wayne and the player managed to arrest funeral director Carlo Morelli for Adela's murder. After denying it multiple times, Carlo admitted that he killed Adela because of the gold that her late husband found. Adela's deceased husband, Jonah Wingate, stole a bag of gold from the treasury during the war, Carlo claimed that the gold belonged to his family and Adela refused to surrender the gold coins to Carlo. Carlo, consumed by the thought that he may not receive the coins due to insufficient ownership paperworks, he decided to confront Adela, which resulted to Carlo pushing Adela down the stairs, killing her. In court, Judge Chandler gave Carlo a 20-year prison sentence.




  • Adela Wingate (found dead on the bottom the staircase.)

Murder Weapon

  • Pushed To Death


  • Carlo Morelli


  • Jessica Frazier — Town historian
  • Carlo Morelli — Funeral director
  • Stan Wingate — Victim's son
  • Pete Bronson — Former spy
  • Alexandra O'Malley — Victim's friend

Killer's Profile

  • The killer eats Raspberry Bursts
  • The killer drives an SUV
  • The killer uses skin ointment
  • The killer has brown hair
  • The killer has a grass stain

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Additional Investigation


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