Motormouth Maybelle
Full name Maybelle Stubbs
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birthday <1951
Nationality American
Residence Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Family Seaweed Stubbs (son)
Inez Stubbs (daughter)
Profession TV Show Co-Host
Chief of Theatrical Police Department
Affiliation(s) Theatrical Police Department
Corny Collins Show
Position in Theatrical Police Department Chief
Appearance(s) Theatre Edition

Chief "Motormouth" Maybelle (appearing as Motormouth Maybelle) is a main character in the Theatre Edition. She serves as the chief of the Theatrical Police Department.


Chief "Motormouth" Maybelle Stubbs was born in Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America before the 1950's. Chief Maybelle Stubbs was the victim of racism during the early 1960's from a woman named Velma Von Tussle and her daughter, Amber. However, Chief Maybelle earned herself a TV show, co-hosting with Corny Collins on "The Corny Collins Show" she realised, however, that she was part of a musical, and that she was part of a universe where musicals made up the world, and started a police department. She went round recruiting different musical stars to make her team.

Maybelle has caramel toned skin. She has short chin length light blonde hair, and wears a long leopard print dress and a large yellow/brown feather boa around her shoulders. She is known to be big, blonde and beautiful.

When dressing in formal attire, Maybelle wears a tan dress with a white belt and red accents, and a large red feather boa on her wrists. Her hair is done in a beehive.


Age 40
Weight 268 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood B+

Notable Events of the Theatre Edition

Meeting Chief Motormouth Maybelle Stubbs

Chief Maybelle is presented to the player by Miss Honey as the chief of the Theatrical Police Department. Maybelle told the player and Molly Jensen that there had been some disturbances in the classical genre.


  • Motormouth Maybelle is from Hairspray.
  • In the film version, Maybelle is portrayed by Queen Latifah.
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