They say crime doesn't pay. Well, it does when you're a part of the court!
—Monique Bellerose

Monique Bellerose (appearing as Judge Monique Bellerose) is one of the central characters in Criminal Case.


Judge Bellerose is of French descent, with blue eyes, fair skin, and greying hair in a bun. She also has lilac colored glasses. Judge Bellerose also wears a purple standard judge robe. Under the robe, she wears a white dress blouse, and over it she wears a striped scarf around her robe designed with many different flags of the world.


As a judge of the International Circuit Court service, Bellerose's main role in the game is to sentence the killers and bring justice at the end of each case in the World Edition. The sentence Bellerose issues depends on the severity of the crime, the mental health of the killer, the motives for the murder, and how much false testimony the killer gave out during the investigation, just to name a few.


Name Case Sentence
Melissa Fontaine The Prelude of Peril 40 years in jail with no chance of parole


Case Appearances

As one of the central characters in the game and the judge of the International Circuit of Courts, Bellerose appears in every single case of the World Edition-to-date where a trial occurs.

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