“Money is Like Murder”


Money is Like Murder
Season 1
City Patriot City
District Richie Island
Case Number 23
Date of Release August 14 2020
Partner(s) Courtney Rivers
Preceded by Succeeded by
Block Buster Blood Movie
A bank teller was slashed outside Richie Island Bank. Can you find the bank killer before they kill more people?
—Case Teaser

Money is Like Murder is a case featured in Criminal Case as the twenty-third case of Patriot City (Season 1) and the twenty-third case overall. It takes place in Richie Island of Patriot City.


After the team got information about Laura Monty's whereabouts from her brother Percy Monty, Courtney and the player head to Richie Monty Bank to learn more about Laura. As they parked their car next to the bank, Ronald Monty ran up to them nervously, telling them that one of his employees were murdered. The team head inside the bank, where they found the dead body of banker Madison Leland, the bank teller from Patriot Bank in Stock Area. Ronald revealed that she quit her job there after businessman Larry Zarus took over and then worked here. After doing some searches, the team have enough evidence to flag the owner Ronald, head of security Andrew Banks and film actor R.J. Fielding as their suspects. Mid-investigation, Chief Kilter tell the team that he got a call from Madison's daughter.

As the chief revealed that Madison had a daughter, the team head to the driveway where they will speak to her. At the driveway, they saw the daughter Milly Leland sitting at the front porch. After she greeted them, Courtney told her to wait for them at the porch before investigating. After investigating the driveway, the team added Madison's daughter Milly and their familiar suspect Isabella Fairchild. After doing another search, the team found out that Ronald had argued with Madison when he suspected that she stole money from the vault. Not only that, Madison had been hitting on Andrew but rejected her many times as he was married to someone. Soon later, Ronald tells the team that someone smashed his car's windows.

The team went to the parking lot, where they saw Milly smashing Ronald's car with a golf club. When questioned, she claimed that it was Ronald's fault for arguing with her mother before her death. With the team calming her down, they did more searches and found more about Madison's relationships with the other suspects. They discovered that Madison was married to film actor R.J. Fielding for 2 years but divorced her when she had enough of his stress and coming home at night due to his acting job. After R.J. and Madison divorce, Milly became depressed as her mother divorced two men and wanted a father to be around with. Madison had a disapproving view on Isabella for her criminal record of killing her ex-boyfriend. The team have enough evidence to arrest Madison's daughter Milly.

When confronted, Milly denied killing her mother and tried to blame it on Ronald. But when the team showed her the evidence, Milly confessed and told them that Madison was a traitor to her. When asked to explain, she revealed that her mother was helping the Monty family to get a lawyer so they can't go to prison. Before everyone in the island didn't know what the family were doing, Madison got a call from them and was told to get $500 from the bank vault to get them a lawyer. When Milly found out about her mother's connections to the Monty family, she confronted her at the bank. However, when Milly confronted her, Madison refused to tell her daughter about her connection to the family, saying it was not of her daughter's business to be snooping around. Angry for not revealing what she was doing, Milly slashed her mother's throat at the bank counters. Milly then broke Ronald's car windows to blame Madison's murder on him. Milly was then sentenced to 15 years in prison.

After the arrest, Percy came to the station again to tell the player and Courtney that he saw his sister at the bank's parking lot. As the team were trying to find clues for Laura, Percy said she was walking down and was going to hug her. However, when Laura saw him, she nervously told him to stay away before running away. With Percy giving the team clues about the last time he saw his sister, they head back to the parking once again, where they found Laura's locked phone. After unlocking the phone, Grover found pictures of a mysterious person hiding in an abandoned building. When asked if he knew where the building is, Grover said he didn't yet but advised them to ask Percy again if he knew where it is. As the team listened to Grover's advice, they spoke to Percy again, who was shocked and told them that the building used to be an apartment complex but was burned down 20 years ago. With the team having more clues, David suggested they should investigate the abandoned complex tomorrow.

Meanwhile, David and the player got a call from Andrew, telling them that Isabella was suspected for trespassing into the Leland's residence. The team went to the driveway, where they saw Andrew cuffing Isabella. The team then interrogated Isabella, who claims she doesn't know why she's getting arrested. With Andrew told the team that she dropped something at the front porch, the team went to the porch to investigate. After investigating the front porch, the player found a lockpicking set, which Isabella denied using it. After analyzing the set, it was confirmed that Isabella was using the lockpickings to get inside the house. When confronted with evidence, Isabella sighed and revealed that she was going to break into the Leland's house to get the documents that belong to her. After confronting her, Isabella arrested for trespassing and attempted break-in.

After all the events, the team then started their investigation to the abandoned complex to find Laura and arrest her stalker. Before they head to the complex, Courtney got a call from Percy, telling them to meet him at the Robbery at 10 movie set. Wondering what Percy wants from them, they head to the movie set to see him.



  • Madison Leland (Found stabbed at the bank's counter)

Murder Weapon

  • Knife


  • Milly Leland



Killer's Profile

  • The killer eats chicken fried steak
  • The killer plays Dragons & Dungeons
  • The killer has high blood pressure
  • The killer has blue eyes
  • The killer has blonde hair

Crime Scenes

Bank Counters Madison's Counter Bank Counters Bonus
Parking Lot Meters Parking Lot Bonus
Victim's Driveway Front Porch Victim's Driveway Bonus


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