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Chief Frezier: Hello, <player>. Welcome to another day of work.
Chief Frezier: I am worried if the Rheans have returned. But we have to work and not let anxiety into our minds.
Chief Frezier: Paul Greene has reported that the executive of her bank, Harriet Meadows, has been missing.
Chief Frezier: Michael is on sick leave today, so you'll work with Richard Emerson.
Richard: Hello, Chief! Who's this guy? Does he read Pretty Magic?
Chief Frezier: Richard, that is your new partner. <player>, Richard is a big fanboy of, erm, a lot of things, especially Pretty Magic series.
Chief Frezier: But we are on work here, so let's not waste time in novel discussion.
Richard: Yeah, sure! Hello, <partner>. I hope you will enjoy working with me. Do you know that I was a past Friendnet employee?
Richard: I bet that I am better than Tim in tech stuff, but let's go to work. Harriet was often seen in the St. Cooper Park, let's head there straight!

Chapter 1

(Investigate St. Cooper Park}

Richard: What did you find, <player>?
Richard: Wait a minute... Is that... Is that figure hanging from the tree is Harriet?
Richard: Poor girl. She seems to be stabbed in the guts, but let's send it to Cheryl.
Richard: Found any clues? Sure enough. You want to go through the pile of leaves? Then go through it!
Richard: Okay, the blooded bark won't be a good clue... what do you expect a crime scene, butterflies? But if you want to take a sample, then do it!
Richard: I agree, We should inform Paul that Harriet's dead.

(Autopsy the Victim's Body)

Cheryl: What a murder! Man, this is interesting! they say Money Grows on trees, but Money related personalities die on trees!
Richard: ...Please do not waste time.
Cheryl: Ah, all serious Richard. Do you know that a sequel to Pretty Magic is released?
Richard: Really? Where? Show me!
Cheryl: Not really, haha. I was just testing how serious you were.
Cheryl: The victim was killed by some kind of curved blade. Using some laws of physics, I have got something for you!
Cheryl: I studied the wound, and I can confirm that our killer is right handed!
Richard: Our killer is right handed? Well, they'll be confused on which way to go when they learn that we are hot on their trail!
[The killer is right handed]

(Examine Pile of Leaves)

Richard: Awesome, <player>! You found a business deal!
Richard: The victim's name is on it, but not the other person's. Think you can recover the faded area?

(Examine Faded Deal)

Richard: Great! So Harriet gave heaps of loans to Kelly Speltz! Lets go ask Kelly about this!

(Ask Kelly Speltz about the loans)

Richard: Kelly, You have got some explaining to do. What do you intend to do with the loans from Greene Banking?
Kelly: Some important work of God!
Richard: "Work of God"? Please, don't say that your disgusting little experiments are godly work!
Kelly: Of course they are godly work!
Kelly: I plan to strengthen humans. The military got some from me!
Kelly: I needed money to make the serum work on females... The last time, the specimen died.
Richard: You... You monster! You have no heart! How can you say Rachel was a specimen of some dirty experiments! Come on, <player>, before I murder someone!

(Examine Bloodied Bark)

Richard: Alright, <player>, sent it to the lab... I doubt it will be a big clue.

(Analyse Blood)

Dallas: <player>, The blood you found on the bark was a great lead!
Richard: Wait, what?
Richard: Alright. Your instincts are good, <player>.
Dallas: I analysed the sample. I found... blood.
Richard: Come on, Dallas, of course you'll get blood.
Dallas: The blood was of the victim. There was something else in the blood - wine.
Dallas: Cheryl confirmed that the victim had none in her blood, so it means that it cam from the kiler!
Richard: Our killer drinks wine? They'll have to toast to our victory once we catch them!
[The killer drinks wine]

(Inform Paul of Harriet's death)

Paul: Harriet's dead? I guess I'll have to find someone new, but I doubt they'll be half as hard working as Harriet.
Richard: Can you give us any leads? Tell us if anything was troubling her?
Paul: I am sorry, officers. I have no leads on it.
Paul: However, I can give you some leads. Take this key, this is of Harriet's office in the Greene bank.
Richard: C'mon, <player>! Let's go investigate Greene Banks!

(Investigate Greene Banks)

Richard: This place is nice. Reminds me of a film I saw...
Richard: Alright, I need to stay focused. You found the victim's locker? Crack the code, <player>!

(Examine Locker)

Richard: Great job! There is the victim's diary with her signature on a page.
Richard: it is faded though, can you reveal it?

(Examine Faded Diary)

Richard: "Help Drake Ribbs" this was on the diary?
Richard: Lets ask Drake Ribbs about it.

(Ask Drake about the victim)

Drake: How are you, <player>? It has been a long time I saw you...
Drake: I remember you investigating the murder of a journalist.
Drake: Rachel cared about me a lot, and I found someone who is exactly that caring for me!
Drake: Harriet Meadows, the Greene Banking Chief Executive. it is funny how she is so nice compared to the other Greene workers...
Richard: Um, Drake, We are sorry. Harriet was found murdered,
Drake: Murdered? Who would kill such a sweet girl? <player>, promise me that you'll bring her killer to justice!

(Later, at the station)

Richard:This case has confused me. Let us recap.
Richard: We have Paul, The cooperative but fishy boss...
Richard: Drake is sad that Harriet died...
Chief Frezier: Officers! Shaun Crosby has reported strange sightings near his mall!

Chapter 2

Chief Frezier: Shuan has reported strange sightings near the mall!
Richard: Strange sightings? This is fishy...
Richard:I agree, <player> we need to ask Shaun about the sightings!

(ask Shaun about the mysterious sightings)

Richard: Shaun, what did you saw that was weird?
Shaun: I saw... I saw a hooded figure...
Shaun: They had a symbol like "R"...
Rchard: So we ran into a Rhean? Great. Continue.
Shaun: And they dropped something in my stall.
Richard: We will look through your stall!

(Investigate Shaun's Stall)

Richard: So you found a chocolate box? We don't have time for a snack, <player>!

Richard: Oh, you want to look through it? Go on.

Richard: Let's not forget this bag though!

(Examine bag)

Richard: So the note in the bag says "Close account in Greene Bankings, worst executive ever".

Richard: Who does this bag belong to, <player>?

Richard: Thank god you keep your eyes peeled! A Derek Molina signed it! Lets go ask him about this!

(Ask Derek about this note)

Derek: Are you here about Harriet's death?

Richard: Actually, we are here on why you called her the worst executive ever, but it relates.

Derek: Harriet was rude! I didn't like her attitude!

Derek: She was really unprofessional.

Derek: For one thing, her desk was really dirty. She spilled wine all over it!

Derek: I like wine, and I hate it being wasted!

[Derek Molina drinks wine]

(Examine chocolate box)

Richard: Not bad, <player>! you have a bag of white powder!

Richard: Can this be cocaine? we need to take a sample!

(Examine White Bag)

Richard: Nice try! Let's send this to Kenny!

(Analyse White Substance)

Kenny: <player>, thank god you changed the partner. You do have senses.

Richard: Cut the crap, Kenny! We are here to solve a frickking murder!

Kenny: Well, that was cocaine.

Kenny: I asked our sleeping Hale to analyse the fingerprints I collected.

Tim: Hello... <player>. good to... see... you... again. Zzzz

Tim: Uh... Kelly... fingerprints...Zzzz... uses... cocaine...

Richard: Uh... Thanks. We'll ask Kelly about it!

(Ask Kelly about cocaine)

Richard: Hello, Miss godly work! You are in grave trouble!

Richard: What are you using cocaine in?

Kelly: I am doing research! Cocaine has amazing effects on human body!

Richard: If we found that your research involves murder, your new lab will be the prison!

Kelly: Well, It would be a waste to do Harriet's murder, she funded me!

Richard: <player>, we should take another look around the bank to see if Harriet has anymore secrets!

(Investigate Waiting Chairs)

Richard: So what do we have here? A torn paper? Let's price it back.

Richard: You have suspicions on this box? Open it up, then!

(Examine Torn Paper)

Richard: Good job, <player>! Are you ready for a little more work? Because it is faded!

(Examine Faded Paper)

Richard: This paper is a report on the Greene Bankings.

Richard: Unless I am much wrong, the Greene Bankings was going down all because of Harriet's bad desicions!

Richard: I agree, Paul must not be happy about this. Let's go talk to him!

(Ask Paul about Greene Bankings)

Paul: So I went to check up on the Greene Bank two days ago...

Paul: And it had drastic figures! All because of Harriet!

Richard: Were you angry at her?

Paul: Of course I was, dumb! What did you think, I was delighted?

Richard: angry enough to kill, Greene?

Paul: What are you implying... She was my employee, and I ensure their safety!

Richard: That is good. Mind if I offer you a brooch?

Pual: I will take it with a thanks.

(After talking to Paul)

Richard: Good thinking, <player>! Pual wore that brooch on his right hand! Which means he is right handed!

[Paul Greene is right handed]

(Examine Box)

Richard: Richard, you found a bloody sword in the box! Let's send this to the lab right away!

(Analayse sword)

Dallas: I have good news and bad news.

Richard: Good news first, Dallas.

Dallas: The blood on the sword was of victim's. You got the murder Weapon!

Dallas: Bad news: No evidence for the killer though.

Vanessa: I entertain some doubts on that, Dallas.

Vanessa: This sword is kopis. It is an ancient sword from Greece.

Vanessa: Your killer certainly knows about Greek History!

[The killer knows Greek History]

[After some time]

Richard: We have made progress, <player>!

Richard: We met Shaun, speaking of which, I want to visit his stall for some healthy snacks.

<at the stalls>

Richard: We also met Derek Molina, wh-


Chapter 3

Richard: So we met a new suspec-


Richard: What was that?

Richard: Come on <player>, no time to lose! Let's have a look around!

(Investigate Stall Contents)

Richard: This soot might be left by the explosion. Let's dig in!

Richard: There is also a Greene Banking phone, but it is locked!

Richard: To keep you busy, I found a torn paper! What do you say to a puzzle?

(Examine Soot)

Richard: Great Job, <player>, so this is a business card of Derek Molina?

Richard: Let's ask Molina about the explosion!

(Interrogate Derek Molina)

Molina: Yes, detectives! How are you?

Richard: Cut the Crap, Molina. Tell us what you business card was doing on explosion site.

Molina: Oh, that. I drank a little more, and well...

Molina: I tried to lit fireworks, except that it went wrong...

Richard: Anyways, Molina, is that book you are reading Pretty Magic?

Molina: No, that's sissy stuff. It was Greek History.

(After talking to Derek Molina)

Richard: That little... What did he call the Pretty Magic Series?

Richard: Alright, I need to stay focused. He was keeping the book in his right hand, keen observation, <player>.

[Derek Molina is right handed and knows Ancient Greek History]

(Examine Torn Paper)

Richard: Great job! So this paper is a sales record for Shaun's stall.

Richard: "Harriet, I will kill you!" Why did Shaun write this?

Richard: Let's ask him this directly!

(Ask Shaun about his message)

Richard: Hello, Shaun. Why did you give threats to the victim?

Shaun: Oh, it was nothing serious.

Shaun: Harriet vandalized my shop. One day, I was drinking wine, when she came, and...

Shaun: I got fiery tempered. I grabbed a marker in my right hand, and took out the sales record from a book about ancient Greece...

Shaun: And I wrote that threat! But that is all, detectives!

[Shaun Crosby knows Ancient Greek History, drinks wine and is right handed]

(Examine Greene Banking Phone)

Richard: You hack as good as me, <player>! I am never giving you my Friend net ID!

Richard: Let's get this to Tim, <player>!.

(Analyze Phone)

Richard: Here we go... Hey, Tim is sleeping!

Richard: Seriously, Tim is one of a kind...

Richard: Good Spotting, <player>, there is a paper attached to the phone!

Richard: "To <player>, In case I am sleeping when you come for results.."

Richard: "Harriet intended to give a 3,000 $ cheque to Drake Ribbs". That is a hefty amount , isn't it?

Richard: It warrants a talk with Drake!

(Ask Drake about the hefty cheque)

Richard: Drake, you forgot to mention that you got a cheque from the victim.

Drake: I am sorry, <player>, I forgot!

Richard: That was a hefty sum, Drake! I refuse to believe that you just forgot it!

Drake: Well, I drank a little wine before you came. I am sorry for that.

Drake: Anyways, <player>, are you a rightie like me? This is a great book of Paul Harriet gave to me, "Famous right handed Ancient Greeks"!

Drake: Look, Paul stained it with wine!

[Drake Ribbs is right handed, drinks wine and knows Ancient Greek History]

[Paul Greene drinks wine and knows Ancient Greek History]

[After a while]

Richard: We are on a dead end, <player>!

Richard: What do you say we do? Go back to the crime scene? Alright then, let's do it!

(Investigate Big Tree)

Richard: This place though! I just lost my copy of Pretty Magic!

Richard: I know, we have no time to look for it!

Richard: You found Harriet's employee badge? Try to get a sample from it.

Richard: And you found a broken figurine? Fix it, <player>!

(Examine Badge)

Richard: Great job getting a sample of blood! Lets send it to Dallas.

(Analyze Blood)

Dallas: Hey Richard, this blood comes from the killer, since it wasn't of victim.

Dallas: If only I had time to figure out something...

Richard: Dallas, we have no time! You should stop flirting out with girls, and concentrate on the work!

Dallas: Who says I flirt with girls? Anyways! I did managed to find out that the killer is black haired.

Richard: A black haired killer! They also have a black heart, I am sure.

[The killer has black hair]

(Examine Broken Figurine)

Richard: Hey, this figurine is of the victim! Let's send it to Elana!

(Analyse Figurine)

Elana: Hey <player>, this figurine was made by the killer.

Richard: Elana, what is the proof of this?

Elana: I was coming to it. This figurine has branches inside it, and I doubt if this is a coincidence.

Elana: See how Harriet's white collar is not shown? According to my profile, the killer is very possessive.

Elana: I think that the color of their favorite piece of clothing is white. I also think that they are wearing it still, as a celebration.

Richard: The killer may wear white, but their morality is the opposite of it!

[After completing all tasks]

Richard: We are ready to arrest our killer! Let's do it, <player>

(Take Carre of the Killer Now!)

Richard: Derek Molina, you are under arrest for Harriet's murder.

Molina: Come on, I know I called her the worst executive, but that is not enough for the arrest.

Richard: Cut the crap, Molina! <player> found your wine in Harriet's blood.

Molina: Lots of people drink wine!

Richard: Not each of them is right handed and know ancient Greek history! We have evidence, Molina, we want your motive!

Molina: I bet your are just angry that I insulted Pretty Magic because I prefer history!

Richard: Still does not explain your figurine of the victim and your blood on the crime scene!

Molina: Fine! I had to do it! For them!

Richard: Who are they, Molina? Help us and you may get a lenient sentence.

Molina: Never! I will not betray them!

<the trial>

Edward Dante: Derek Molina, you stand accused for the murder of a banker.

Dante: Now now, unless I am wrong, you did it for a sissy person who were too afraid to uncover themselves, right?

Molina: Think as you may. Their work is more important than my freedom!

Dante: What is that important work? Are they inventing whealburrows or something?

Dante: Derek, I sentence you to 30 years in prison. Court is adjourned.

<after the court>

Richard: Nice work! Perhaps Pacificburgh is not doomed...

Richard: But we need to know who was controlling Molina. Should we start?

Emergence of Excitement 2

<Previously on Criminal Case...>

Michael: So there is no other thing than the crimson order or military behind Rachel's murder.
Vanessa: But the Rheans are back.
Tim: Might be a prank, who knows?
Chief Frezier: Prank or not, we will fight the evil at any case.

<Back to Present>

Jason: Nice job, <player>, but your work isn't done yet.

Jason: You just go to the prison and ask Molina who he took orders from.

Richard: No! What about my book? It is lost!

Elana: I'll take care of it, Richard.

Richard: W-will you? You're awesome!

Elana: So where to start, <player>?

Ask Derek Molina who he was taking orders from.

Richard: Spit it, Molina. WHO ordered you to kill Harriet and why?

Molina: You would really think I will?

Richard: Help us, Molina, and your sentence might be reduced!

Molina: No way, cops. We are fighting for the greater good, and my life's doesn't matter.

[After talking to Derek]

Richard: Dammit! That idiot! I cannot believe this greater good!

Richard: Alright <player>, The Victim's Bank will surely help us! But please a burger on the way!

Investigate Greene Banking

Richard: Bummer, <player>! You found a faded paper!

Richard: If you think I'll help, dream about it!

Examine Faded Paper

Richard: Wow, <player>, this is a death order!

Richard: It reads "Derek Molina, We order you to kill Harriet Meadows".

Richard: No signature, but this weird R! The Rheans wrote this!

Richard: What about these weird letters though? Let's get this to Vanessa.

Analyse Execution Order

Vanessa: This is a great job done, <player>.

Vanessa: This was Ancient Greek, and it reads "And must one shall give up for the Greater Good".

Vanessa: This is the Rhean motto. They are involved in Harriet's murder.

Richard: The Rheans were using Derek? That is nice, but we need a better lead.

Richard: Right, <player>, Paul Greene is an influencing Person, he might know something about the Rheans!

Ask Paul Greene about the Rheans

Richard: Paul Greene, We believe that Harriet was killed by the Rheans.

Paul: Rheans? Who Rheans?

Richard: They are a cult that want destruction, by the sound of it.

Richard: We came here for more information, but it seems like you have none...

Paul: Well, I have! You know Shaun Crosby? His stall has a paper with a strange R symbol!

Richard: Thanks, Mr. Greene. We'll look by there.

Paul: Good work you guys are doing! Please accept this donation for the PPD!

Investigate Shaun's Stall

Richard: You really love papers, <Richard>!

Richard: This one is torn...let's see how you put it back!

Examine Torn Paper

Richard: This paper reads "Paul, join us or pay the consequences"!

Richard: We have no sender's ID... Good idea, let's send it to Tim.

Analyse Paper

Tim: Gosh, I was planning to sleep when you came in...

Richard: That is what you do all day! Do you do any thing else?

Tim: Yes I do, it is called Eating!

Tim: Now, about the paper. I put it under infrared rays, only to reveal this symbol...

Tim: This is a weird looking R. Just like one I saw in our last investigation.

Richard: Paul was offered a place in Rheans? I knew something was off with him! Let's go bust his chops!

Confront Paul about the invitation from the Rheans

Richard: Paul, we are here to question about this... invitation?

Richard: Tell us, did you plan to join the Rheans?

Paul: No! As soon as I saw the Rhean symbol with my infrared glasses, In tore the page!

Paul: They wanted me to investigate about the serum... The thing my father did.

Paul: But I refused. I am an independent Greene!

Investigate St. Cooper Park

Elana: So this is the plade Richard lost his book...

Elana: And I see you found a book! Splendid job <player>!

Elana: But we need to be sure that it belongs to Richard. There is a faded text on the front page, can you reveal it?

Examine book

Elana: Awesome work, <player>! This says "Property of Richard Emerson". Yeah, this is Richard's copy. Lets give it to him!

Give Richard his favorite book back

Richard: You... You found the book for me! Only one investigation and you are already very caring, <player>!

Elana: Of course they are! <player> Is a nice addition to Pacificburgh Police Department, really...

Richard: Thank you too, Elana! Have you ever read the series?

Elana: ...Not at all, Richard.

Richard: What about we dine together this Sunday? I'll get you to read the book, Elana!

Richard: And <player>, let me offer you this piece of merchandize to you!

After completing all tasks...

Richard: Cheif Frezier, we have got information! And I got my book back!

Jason: Nice. So who was behind Harriet's murder?

Richard: The Rheans. They also tried to involve Paul Greene, but he refused.

Jason: The Rheans... Ugh... I want my team to be prepared for them. I feel a big strom is coming.

Jason: And you, <player>, you are my best shot at stopping them. Stay prepared!


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