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Misleading Appearances
General Information
Season -
City Pinkstone
District Street de Amor
Case # 1
Initial release date 02. III 2021.
Partner(s) Samantha Xi Wong (All Chapters)
Florent D'Orleans (Amor Virtual 1)
Case Chronology
← Preceded by Succeeded by →
- In Wine Lays the Truth
Welcome detective to the city of romance, the city of light and parties. Sadly your admiration to the city is cut short as the school bell rang for the university professor found at the city entrance with his face melted off. Prepare your skills as the class exam begins for you.

Misleading Appearances is a case featured in Criminal Case: World of Romance as the 1st case of the game. It is the first one to take place in Street de Amor, a district of Pinkstone.


As the sunny day raised above the city of Pinkstone, a new individual appeared in the beautiful city. The player, freshly graduated officer from the police academy was ready for his first duties as the new security keeper of the city. They slowly made their way towards the entrance of the police department of Pinkstone Police Alliance. As they looked around they soon encounter a laid back Reginald Syntax, a lab chief of the department grabbing his cup of coffee. Reginald approached and introduced himself, saying how chief Katherine Mandez expects them to arrive. He then pointed his finger upstairs, saying that he will find her in her office on the second floor. The player nodded and slowly went upstairs before finding the doors of the office and carefully knocked before entering carefully noticing the chief on her phone. With a playful giggle she said that she will call a bit later as she has a job to finish now as she placed her phone back and with a warm smile welcomed the player, saying how even since they heard that part of the police academy wants to move to this city and be member of her department she notified everyone to be ready for new recruits as she then told the player that their mention will arrive very soon, saying how she would be a perfect match for he player. Another knock on the door was heard as Samantha Xi Wong, the unit chief, entered inside and joyfully hugged the player, welcoming them to the family and saying hos she is excited to be their mentor. Chief Mandez giggled as she introduced them to Samantha and said how they could go to the patrol around the city and help the player feel the joy and glamour of it. Then, a worriedly looking beat cop Kayla Lesley informed the trio about the murder that happened on the city entrance making the player to say how there wasn't any body whey they passed by, concluding that it was committed quite recently. Chief then smirked and said how they have a talent as she sent the duo to examine the scene of murder.

Arriving to the city entrance, the player and Samantha quickly placed the body in the body bag as Samantha covered her mouth in disgust, saying that someone really melted the victim's face off. She then said how they need to find the way to find the victim's identity as the player then discovered broken plastic pieces that ended up to be the ID with matching victims' clothing as the name read Javier Ferrell making Samantha to gasp as he was one of the best Bubblegum High School professors. The player also discovered the victim's phone that after unlocking led to the contacts with the unknown number. Samantha then said how their tech expert, Tana Bartlett would be able to give more information as on the other side of the line, Tana said that the phone numbers belongs to Skye Lombardi, an Italian erotic dancer which made the team to question her about her connections with the murdered professor. Soon, after searching the victim's classroom they discovered that the victim had the after school meeting with the high school senior and a cheerleader captain Josephine Jagow before finding that the victim recently became friend with the flower shop owner Flora Beaugendre. Following that, they then jumped to the morgue where they were greeted by overly hyped coroner Monica Castillo who looked like she would explode from love. Samantha jokingly said that is unhealthy for her to be overly excited for corpses as she then said that she is happy because of her recent talk with her girlfriend before moving onto the case topic, saying that the victim died from the powerful acid burns that Reginald determined to be from very strong acid and alerted them to pay attention on acid bottles before saying how the killer left something on the melted face of the victim that her analyzes proven to be a dog and since the victim's medical record insisted that the victim was allergic to dogs the only reason dog fur would've been there is if the killer owns one.

After picking up the report, Samantha apologized that their first day needed to start with that horrific murder as the player suggested recapping the case. During their recap, Tana approached the team with a smirk, saying that she has important news for the team. Tana explained how while hacking into the victim's accounted for fun and to discover what would be useful the victim's smartwatch suddenly activated at the district square where the love fountain is. Being surprised about that, Samantha thanked Tana by kissing her cheek before they both went to the district square where they discovered reasons to suspect a photographer Axton Delacruz. Soon they discovered that the victim mistreated Josephine and abused his powers to make her fail the final year before discovering that recently a fashion designer Phoenix Wolfie got in contact with the victim before discovering how the victim destroyed Flora's flowers she planted in the school yard but also that the victim often visited Skye and demanded various disgusting sexual favors from her.

After gathering motives from suspects and discovering a disgusting side of the victim, Samantha mentioned how if she was treated like that she would've melted his face off as Monica then approached the team, saying how she discovered what was used to meld the victim's face off. Monica said that the acid was a highly enchanted sulfuric acid that was only sold by a pitchmen on the district square. The team returned there only to discover that the victim was very insulting towards Phoenix and disrespected her fashion collection, calling it trash. Later on they discovered how Flora was victim's ex-girlfriend who broke up with the victim because he was cheater as their investigation further led them to discover how Axton's camera got destroyed by the victim.

Discovering all missing, evidence, the player and Samantha were ready to make their arrest as they discover that the killer is Josephine. When the team asked her why she would murder her teacher laid her pompoms down and calmly said that she is not the killer as she has no reason to murder, Samantha sighed and knowing that this won't lead anywhere she sit next top Josephine and told her that they can have faith in her and the player and that their job is to also protect it's citizens. Josephine looked at the other side, saying that she did killed him because she couldn't stand to be near him anymore, describing his behavior as creepy and deeply disturbing. She continued and said how for some time she has been virtually dating someone and that they deeply got engaged into the mentioned relationship and started to seek a real date. She said how they sounded just like her type and after dealing everything she got her best and waited in the restaurant they previous reserved. Soon, she discovered how her supposed that was just the creepy professor pretending to be someone else. After she rejected him, stating how he is just creep and it's the best if he just not come hear her. Already growing sick of the victim's behavior, Samantha asked if she tried to report him to the dean on what she said that she did tried to but was stopped by the victim who didn't respected her personal space and openly blackmail her, saying how he also has their conversation if she turn to report him anywhere. Tired and sick of threats and knowing well that she isn't the only one who suffers from this issue she decided to take things into her own hands and set the example how things should be dealt with people like Javier Ferrell but that she never wanted to kill him but rather scar him and teach hima lesson, not fully understanding that she switched up bottles of acid. With a heavy sigh the team proceed to send her to the court with the Judge Sinclair as the lead judge. Reading her case again and knowing what issue for society is this, they took a deep consideration of events, her age and various topics they coming to a conclusion together with the jury to let all the charges down, freeing her.

Couple of hours later, Samantha congratulated the player on nicely done first case, even tho it was heavy and said that now the things are done they can explore more as chief Mandez approached and said that she read the case report and that they should speak with the CEO of that dating app regarding the securities of the users within the app. Samantha agreed on that but she said that she has to do something else first and said that the player should go with Florent and meet him better. The player agreed and upon meeting with Florent the two went to meet with the CEO of the dating app "Tibber" Wyatt Avery Prince who welcomed the team and asked if there is any problem on what Florent said that their recent case involved the catfishing and false identifications. Wyatt said that is the common issue and that they are working to fix the problem, saying how he heard the news from the court. Florent put his hand on Wyatt's desk, saying how the problem should fix very soon because if nothing is done regarding the issue only worse cases could happen and that somewhere they probably did. Wyatt leaned back in his chair and addressed that the safety on the internet is just an illusion but that his developers do work very hard to build more security and filters for this matter but also the hidden grade system that will remove accounts who were reported multiple times out of the search and swipe lists. Glad to hear that a duo left the Tibber App HQ as they were approached by Phoenix who said that she is a big hurry as she has a meeting with someone and that she lost her vanity kit at the city entrance who was still under police supervision and if they can help to give it to Syke. Agreeing to help, the player and Florent went back to the city entrance and found the vanity kit inside the wheelbarrow before taking it to Skye inside her working place as she thanked them with a wink and went behind the curtains with Phoenix to fix her makeup as she told me that they could enjoy their stay there of her expenses.

Returning to the station afterwards, Samantha waved at the player, saying that they can explore the city now that everything was settled down. A duo decided to see the Square de Amor off duty and as there went there and Samantha began to explain to the player the importance of the place they noticed worried Gwendolyn looking for something. The team stopped by and asked her if she needs any help on what she said that she is just looking for a visit card she dropped. The player and Samantha helped her to fin the visit card who was from the famous matchmaker Jerome Cartland. When the team asked her why she had this she explained how while being bored she decided to go on Tibber where she met the person she by time fell in love with and wanted to see if they are compatible enough by them visiting the best matchmaker in the city. With a skeptical face they agreed to assist Gwendolyn there. As they entered Jerome's office he welcomed the team with a smile and asked who is the lucky lovebird as Gwendolyn stepped forward and said how she never did something like this before on what Jerome told her that there is nothing to be afraid of as there will be only survey-like questions. Samantha then told the player that is for the best to leave them be alone.

After they explored the city for a bit longer the team returned to the station where the team went to the break room to relax. Florent told Samantha how Mr Prince is working with his developers to make the app safer and hopefully no more thing like this will occur as Samantha player with her hair and said how that is amazing but still addressed Gwendolyn and her potential date, making Monica to peak from the kitchen part of the room and ask about the date Gwendolyn have, making Samantha to explain what is happening. Monica then entered her mother mode and went out of the room, saying how she needs to talk with her about all of this. Witnessing Monica storming off chief Mandez asked what is happening before saying how the station was invited to the wine party by the famous wine maker who recently returned from Europe.



  • Javier Ferrell (Found at the city entrance, his face melted)

Murder Weapon

  • Enchanted Sulfuric Acid


  • Not arrested yet



Killer's Profile

  • The Killer uses "Eternal Youth" cream.
  • The Killer has a dog.
  • The Killer chews gum.
  • The Killer wears pink clothes.
  • The Killer wears a badge.

Crime Scenes

City Entrance Beautiful Rivercoast City Entrance Bonus
Victim's Classroom Victim's Desk Victim's Classroom Bonus
Square de Amor Loverbirds Fountain Square de Amor Bonus