Minnie Starr
Biographical information
Full name Minnie Starr
Gender Female
Status Alive
Personal information
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Lindordia
Profession(s) Telegrapher (formerly)

Brothel Owner

Family Unnamed mother
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case Back to Past
First appeared Case #7 Strut One's Stuff
Minnie Starr was a suspect in the murder investigation of her friend,prostitute Gladys Perrin in Strut One's Stuff (Case #7 of Back to Past),before appearing as a quasi-suspect in In the Interest of Justice (Case #8 of Back to Past)


Minnie is a 26-year-old friend of the victim. She has curly blonde hair in a high ponytail. She dons a blue dress with navy blue sleeves. She also wears silver earrings and a silver necklace with a blue pendant and lipstick.

Age 26
Height 6'0''
Weight 182lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood Type B-

Events of Criminal Case

Strut One's Stuff

Minnie became a suspect after she reported Gladys's dissapearence.Minnie claimed that Gladys went outside because she didn't feel very well and never returned.

Minnie was spoken to again after team found angry message she wrote to Gladys,saying that they are not friends anymore.Minnie said that when Gladys became a prostitute,she had a sea of men around her,making Minnie jelaous.After a while,Minnie developed a crush on mayor's nephew,but Gladys,without knowing it,seduced him making Minnie mad.

Minnie was found innocent after team arrested Bridget Baker for murder.

In the Interest of Justice

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