Minerva Highmore
Biographical information
Full name Minerva Highmore
Gender Female
Status Alive
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Lindordia
Past profession(s) Interim Mayor
Family Unnamed niece
Affiliation(s) Lindordian Justice Squad
Lindordia Justice Squad
Rank Profile
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case Back to Past
First appearance Case #1 New Start,New Murder
Glad to be of help! One of the perks of the upper classes is endless time for gossip!
—-Minerva Highmore
Lady Minerva Highmore is a main character in Criminal Case: Back to Past where she serves as Lindordian Justice Squad's profiler


Minerva Highmore is the 65-year-old profiler. She has light brown hair under a jade green hat adorned with an orange rose and feathers. She wears a jade green long-sleeved dress with gold buttons and white ruffles. Besides that, she also wears gold earrings, a white choker, and a pair of white gloves.

Age 65
Height 5'6''
Weight 140lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood Type A+

Case Appearences


Case #2 Branding on My Heart

  • Notebook

Case #3 Dead on Tracks

Case #4 You Steal,I Kill

  • Box
  • Metal Pieces

Case #6 Like a Thief in the Night

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