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Mindy Morel is one of the characters in PetersCorporal's first city, Townville. She was the killer of Richard Martinson in The Crimes At Work (Case #4).


Mindy is the wife of Matthew Morel, who used to be the second most important person in Martinson & Son. She killed her husband's boss with a handgun and staging it like a suicide.

Profiles known from cases:

  • She uses hand cream.

Role in cases

Mindy became a part of the case when it was proven that the fingerprints she had left on Richard Martinson's silver watch matched the ones on the gun that was used as the murder weapon. She said that Richard often showed her his guns and watches collections, so it made sense for her prints to be on those objects. However, she said that her husband, Matthew Morel, was stressed because of his job as they were cheating on people.

Finally, it was proven that Mindy was the real killer in the case. She told Judge Gonzalez that she was doing a favor to all of Townville's citizens, as there was now one less corrupt person in the city. She was sentenced to life imprisonment with no chance for parole for her first-degree murder.

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Mindy Morel
Biographical information
Full name Melinda Morel nee Cameron
Gender Female
Status In jail
Nationality Flag of United States.png American (Townville)
Occupation Unemployed
Partner(s) Matthew Morel (husband)
Game information
First appearance The Crimes At Work
Suspect appearance(s) The Crimes At Work
Killer in The Crimes At Work
Game stats
Height 5'6"
Age 29
Weight 171 lbs
Eyes Green
Blood AB-
Hair Brown