Milton Hills
Biographical information
Full name Milton Hills
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1988
Personal information
Nationality American
Residence Laroy Bay
Game information
First appeared Case #8 The Granny Killer
Milton Hills was a suspect in the murder investigation of model for ingame character Linda Korver in The Granny Killer (Case #8 of Laroy Bay)


Milton is 30-year-old biggest fan of game Granny.He wears blue-white jacket and dark blue hat.He has short black hair and brown eyes.

Age 30
Height 5'11''
Weight 187lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood Type 0-

The Granny Killer

Milton became a suspect after he posted ''LET'S SEARCH FOR GRANNY'S KILLER'' on all of his social media accounts.He said that Linda's fans will do anything to catch her killer and that they will help the police.

Milton was interrogated again because he posted picture of Juniper Meme and wrote ''Linda acts like a jerk AGAIN''.When team questioned him about it,he said that Linda started acting really mean to Juniper after that fabulous meme and then Milton started to hate Linda a little bit.

Milton was found innocent after team arrested Katherine Montgomery.

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