Milefar is the first city and the main setting for Season 1 by Rifqitheflipper. Milefar City was released on October 17, 2014 alongside the release of Bee's Knees. It is a large town divided to several districts.


Town Center

Town Center is the first district of Milefar City. Town Center features the largest mall on the town, several landmarks, zoo, amusement park, and various kind of modern buildings.

The peace have ben jeopardized after the chaos of murders unwillingly spreads, and most of them are quite an important person for the town and the peoples themselves. This was ruined more after the arrival of the new serial killer who called 'The Secret Hunter' that kills the victim to own their secrets for the serial killer theirselves.

Case #1-10 are situated here.


District themes and particular events

Each district in Milefar City put a focus on a specific events/themes/character, as described as following:

  • Town Center features the most landscape of a modern city with malls and buildings. And plays on the secrets of the townspeoples. Those secret have been seeked and ready to discovered by a new serial killer terrorizing the city under the name 'The Secret Hunter' who after the death of their victim, will claim their secret as his'/her's and used it for a bad lead. It's also the hometown of Roxy Sakura.
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