Miguel Esposito was a suspect in the murder investigation of Parental Advisory Committee head Henry Baltimore in Neighborhood Block Murder (Case #1 of Toomeswood)


Miguel is a 44 year old school custodian short wavy black hair parting to the right and brown eyes with dark circles underneath. He dons grey short sleeved coveralls with a white undershirt and is seen holding a teal mop as well as a pack of cigarettes. It is known that Miguel plays pool, eats Take It Cheezy snacks, smokes weed, drinks tequila, smokes cigarettes and owns a pet hamster given to him by Darcy Keller

Height 6'1"
Age 44
Weight 190 lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood A+

Events of Criminal Case

Neighborhood Block Murder

Miguel became a suspect when the team found his tequila bottle at Dr.B.A.Pearman Elementary School with his name on it, when asked if he knew the victim he denied any knowledge, stating that he only took the job of being a school custodian to be close to his daughter who is in the custody of his ex-wife who divorced him for his family's shady criminal activities. Jordan then insisted that Chief Bellacoola not be told that the team interrogated him

Miguel was spoken to again after the team found and played a threatening message in Spanish on the victim's answering machine. The school custodian explained that he pretended to not know Henry as the victim not only often mocked and insulted his socioeconomic status but often made it clear that he was a pariah. The victim even went as far as to expose him as an illegal immigrant and have him deported back to Mexico.

Despite his threats towards the victim, Miguel was found innocent when stoner Sean Crackton was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter. However he was confronted by Vanessa and the player for being suspected of illegal dumping in the Kettle River where the two found his strange distilling machine (which per Jonah ) was used to brew an addictive liquor made from both tequila and cactus juice. When confronted by the team, he admitted that he intended to sell the liquor on the black market as we was facing financial hardships such as outstanding alimony to his ex-wife and his home being foreclosed as well as his job not paying him enough to make ends meet. He was then fined by the team, much to his fury.


  • Miguel bears a slight resemblance to Paul Greene, a character in Criminal Case:Grimsborough

Case Appearances

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