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Miguel Esposito was a suspect in the murder investigation of Parental Advisory Committee head Henry Baltimore in Neighborhood Block Murder (Case #1 of Toomeswood) as well as his ex-wife, divorcee Lorena Esposito in A Devastation Of Love (Case #3 of Toomeswood) and his ex-girlfriend, high school teacher Darcy Keller in A Fallen Hero (Case #5 of Toomeswood) and convict Gerald Deckerton in Lies And Deceit (Case #6 of Toomeswood). He also made a minor appearance in Too Young To Die (Case #4 of Toomeswood)

He later appeared as a quasi-suspect in Deadly Sportsmanship (Case #7 of Toomeswood) and as a suspect in the murder of ex-mobster Velma Keller in Into The Armageddon (Case #12 of Toomeswood).

Miguel later returned as a quasi-suspect in the events of Hard Lines Sunken Cheeks (Case #13 of Toomeswood) and made a minor appearance in the events of Cemetery Gates (Case #14 of Toomeswood) before becoming a suspect in the murder of construction heiress Keisha Latimore in Far Beyond Driven (Case #15 of Toomeswood) and appeared as a quasi-suspect again in the events of Cowboys From Hell (Case #16 of Toomeswood before revealing himself as an accomplice to the murder of drug lord Harris Gaumont in Caged In A Rage (Case #17 of Toomeswood) and served as the player's partner in the murder investigation of exiled killer Molly Cobb in Avoid The Light (Case #18 of Toomeswood).

Later on, he was once again flagged as a quasi-suspect in the events of Death Comes To Lunch (Case #19 of Toomeswood) and appeared as a suspect in the murder investigations of aspiring pop singer Mitchie Lovato in This Is Real This Is Murder (Case #20 of Toomeswood) and warden Jeremiah Blackthorne in Let's All Scream A Bloody Riot (Case #21 of Toomeswood) and went missing in the events of Time For Monster Mayhem (Case #22 of Toomeswood).

He is later found but ultimately arrested for killing corrupt businessman Henry Moody in To Bully A Dragon (Case #25 of Toomeswood) and appears as a quasi-suspect in the events of What A Shocking Escape (Case #26 of Toomeswood). He was however released from the psychiatric institution in Showtime Is Over (Case #27 of Toomeswood) where he appeared as a quasi-suspect but was immediately flagged once again as a suspect in the murder investigation of sports car dealer Kent Millhouse in The Fast And The Vengeful (Case #28 of Toomeswood) and once again served as the player's partner in Play With Pretty Poison (Case #30 of Toomeswood)


Miguel is a 44 year old now former school custodian with short wavy black hair parting to the right and brown eyes with dark circles underneath. He dons grey short sleeved coveralls with a white undershirt and is seen holding a teal mop as well as a pack of cigarettes. It is known that Miguel plays pool, eats Take It Cheezy snacks, smokes weed, drinks tequila, smokes cigarettes and owns a pet hamster given to him by Darcy Keller

In his second suspect appearance, his outfit changes to a black leather jacket with a gray tee underneath and is seen sporting a silver chain. He also sported a bruise on his right cheek. It is known that Miguel eats communion wafers, is allergic to seafood and is insomniac.

In his third suspect appearance, his hair is disheveled and he is seen in a black muscle tank. It is known that Miguel knows chemistry and is hypoglycemic.

In his fourth suspect appearance, he retains his disheveled hair and muscle tank. However his eyes are bloodshot and he has bandages around his arms. It is discovered that he watched horror films, was physically fit and took anti-depressants (in which he took with his tequila).

In his first-quasi suspect appearance, Miguel changes his outfit to a white T-shirt and his hair is no longer disheveled, he also wears a neckbrace.

In his fifth suspect appearance, Miguel ditches his neckbrace and wears a torn black leather vest on top a grey muscle tank and his hair is disheveled once more. It is discovered that Miguel knew mechanics and studied Greek Mythology

In his second quasi-suspect appearance and second minor appearance, his eyes are pinker and more bloodshot and his teeth have yellowed. His hair is further disheveled and he dons a white muscle tank.

In his sixth suspect appearance and third quasi-suspect appearance, he reverts back to his fifth suspect appearance with minor changes such as a gray streak in his hair and his cheeks sunken in as well. It is known that Miguel knew how to operate machinery, ate cheesecake and sang karaoke.

In his seventh suspect appearance, it is discovered that Miguel knew how to fight,

Height 6'1"
Age 44
Weight 190 lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood A+

Events of Criminal Case

Neighborhood Block Murder

Miguel became a suspect when the team found his tequila bottle at Dr.B.A.Pearman Elementary School with his name on it, when asked if he knew the victim he denied any knowledge, stating that he only took the job of being a school custodian to be close to his daughter who is in the custody of his ex-wife who divorced him for his family's shady criminal activities. Jordan then insisted that Chief Bellacoola not be told that the team interrogated him

Miguel was spoken to again after the team found and played a threatening message in Spanish on the victim's answering machine. The school custodian explained that he pretended to not know Henry as the victim not only often mocked and insulted his socioeconomic status but often made it clear that he was a pariah. The victim even went as far as to expose him as an illegal immigrant and have him deported back to Mexico.

Despite his threats towards the victim, Miguel was found innocent when stoner Sean Crackton was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter. However he was confronted by Vanessa and the player for being suspected of illegal dumping in the Kettle River where the two found his strange distilling machine (which per Jonah ) was used to brew an addictive liquor made from both tequila and cactus juice. When confronted by the team, he admitted that he intended to sell the liquor on the black market as we was facing financial hardships such as outstanding alimony to his ex-wife and his home being foreclosed as well as his job not paying him enough to make ends meet. He was then fined by the team, much to his fury.

To Pay A Deadly Price

Miguel did not appear in this case but Father Novello Cappelanio reported to the team about a physical altercation between him and his ex-wife.

A Devastation Of Love

Miguel was arrested by Vanessa and the player after border control officer Sam Kauffman was attacked and gave a description of the divorced father as the attacker. Miguel angrily told the team that the officer had been in his way of trying to stop his ex-wife who he deemed insane from trying to force their daughter Elanna to leave the country. He also admitted to pushing Lorena after she was accused of attacking his girlfriend which prompted him to fear for Elanna's safety as well. However instead of being put in prison, he was imprisoned inside the chapel per Father Cappelanio's request.

Miguel was spoken to again when the team analyzed a photo of him as a boy per Jonah's analysis. He admitted that he had served time for killing his religious grandfather via defenestration who tortured and molested him back in his hometown. After he was released from prison, his pious late mother forced him to marry Lorena against his will due to the two coming from religious upbringing in order to atone for the murder. However, Lorena divorced him several years ago upon finding out about his father's criminal background.

In the end, Miguel was found innocent for the second time when his ex-mother-in-law Veronica Hernandez was incarcerated for the murder.

Too Young To Die

Miguel didn't appear in this case as either a suspect or a quasi-suspect. He was involved in a scuffle with escaped serial killer Alden Black which resulted in Principal Gideon firing him from his job as the school custodian. He was then escorted out by security after lambasting the principal for firing Darcy and as a result of the kindergarten teacher's firing, attacks on the kindergarteners were worsening by the day.

A Fallen Hero

The drunken Miguel became a suspect when he was found at the victim's yard. He told Vanessa and the player that after he had seen Darcy savagely beaten to unconsciousness in the surveillance camera of the high school's weight room storage closet, he smashed the critical evidence.

Miguel was spoken to again after it was found out that the victim cried over the couple's possible break-up. When asked by the team, he confirmed that he had broken up with Darcy as he felt that as much as he loved the victim, he felt it was not safe to continue the relationship upon finding out his father's presence in Toomeswood as he wanted to protect Darcy from the crime lord.

Ultimately he was found innocent for the third time after Gerald Deckerton was found guilty of the murder and corruption and fled his arrest. After discovering the corrupt principal had desensitized the students via war videos, Tazia suggested that distraught father Reggie Cobb and the team seek out Miguel for help. Miguel in turn gave Reggie a plethora of information per Darcy's investigations of Gerald, such as Elanna's "disciplinary issues" really being her speaking out against the disgraced principal for conditioning the students to be violent and trying to convince her fellow classmates to refuse to watch the war films. Miguel also had suspicions of his own such as Gerald working for the same criminal mastermind who employed Julianna Gideon to run the elementary school like a prison.

Miguel also suspected his father of being that criminal mastermind. Darcy's car and finding his name on a list of names that Darcy had written, meaning that she had been investigating him of possibly being the criminal mastermind, although per Jonah's analysis, the names weren't enough to implicate Fidel of any crimes committed in Toomeswood. With this knowledge, Miguel confronted his father only for the crime lord to deny any involvement in any Toomeswood crime.

Lies And Deceit

Miguel was arrested and immediately flagged as a suspect when he broke into the morgue and tried to assault Gerald's corpse. When Jordan and the player grilled him about his violent behavior, he tearfully yelled at the team saying that it was retribution of the merciless killing of Darcy.

Miguel was confronted again after the team found a mugshot of him being arrested twelve years ago in the U.S., for killing his mother. He told the team that Gerald found out about it and tried to show it to Principal Gideon. Miguel however suspected Gerald of also murdering Gideon's predecessor, Principal Rosie Spears who knew of Miguel's crimes and hired him anyway as she felt the job would rehabilitate him as well as his murder victims abused him physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Miguel was once again found innocent when Otis Hausen was found guilty of the murder. However after he escaped from the holding cell, Tazia felt it neccessary to perform a wellness check on him especially since prostitute Todd Merowitz had reported Miguel mindlessly taking the former's clothes and threw them in the river. However when the coroner went to find him, he was nowhere to be found.

Miguel was later found at Darcy's home in which he had burned angering mortgage broker Raul Grover, his father Fidel Esposito and escaped convict Brock Rothery. After Brock throatpunched Miguel, Tazia checked to make sure he was alright. While Miguel admitted to throwing Todd's clothing in Kettle River, he thought he had actually done so because he zoned out and thought he had thrown his own clothing in the river. He explained that he had mindlessly cut himself due to blacking out from being stressed both by Darcy's murder and his father's presence in Toomeswood.

Deadly Sportsmanship

After the team arrested Bethany Murphy's killer, Tazia had wanted to check up on Miguel. The now vagrant admitted that he burned down the late Darcy's home on her orders in order to keep Lord War from accessing the property. Miguel also admitted to tearing up designs for an office building project in which the team found and per Jonah, was revealed to be designed by Henry Moody

Into The Armageddon

Miguel once again found himself in big trouble when Vanessa found a photo of the vagrant selling drugs. However much to the team's surprised, Miguel didn't care that he was being arrested for drug dealing and only apologized for being caught doing so. When asked why he would stoop to being a drug dealer, Miguel only told the team that dealing drugs was the only thing that not only numbed his pain but also he wanted to hurt Prosecutor Duncan , angering Vanessa.

Miguel was spoken to again when the team analyzed a list which contained all the clues of the evidences in Jenna Danson's murder investigation. The newly turned drug dealer admitted that Velma found out that he destroyed evidence that incriminated his daughter in order to prevent her from being incarcerated. He further incensed Vanessa by hailing Elanna as a hero, despite the teenager's remorse. Vanessa countered that despite Jenna's nature, she still deserved justice and lambasted Miguel for taking his fury out on the team for Kimberley's decision to not allow him to attend Elanna's trial. However he managed to reveal information on both his father and Vanessa's ex-husband.

Despite his attempts to obstruct justice, Miguel was found innocent for a fifth time when Raul Grover was found guilty for the murder. However, when hiker Brad Ryder sought him out for help as the team needed him most, Miguel refused to help and only bemoaned Elanna's incarceration as the reason.

Hard Lines Sunken Cheeks

Cemetery Gates

Far Beyond Driven


  • Miguel in present day bears a slight resemblance to Paul Greene, a character in Criminal Case:Grimsborough
  • The younger version of Miguel bears a slight resemblance to Scott Greene, a character in Criminal Case:Grimsborough
  • Miguel is one if the characters to appear as a suspect in two consecutive cases
  • Miguel is thus far the only character to be arrested on more than one occasion
  • Miguel is one of the characters to move/animate in Toomeswood
  • Per his appearances in both Lies And Deceit and Deadly Sportsmanship, Miguel's weight changed from 190 lbs to 185 lbs, losing him 5 lbs
  • He loses 10 lbs in Into The Armageddon, dropping his weight down to 175 lbs.
  • His weight further drops down to 165 lbs in Far Beyond Driven.
  • Miguel is thus far the only non-main character to appear in three consecutive districts
  • He is also the only character to have an appearance or a mention in every case.

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