Midtown Acropolis is the fourth district of the series Criminal Case: Justice Department.

Background Information

The midtown area of Acropolis is known to be the industrial area of the city. The products that are manufactured in Midtown Acropolis' factories are furnitures, automobiles, construction materials, all basic necessities for the city.

However, an outcry of workers have began protesting for a more revolutionised factory – with advanced machinery to use for more efficient construction of products. The revolutionists, called the Drury Revolutionists, fight against the city councillors for the right of access to better factory machineries. The revolutionists' actions were very aggressive, especially due to the deadly intentions of their leader, the Drury Vigilante.

Besides all the courage in the midtown area, Midtown Acropolis is known for spectacular events such as the charitable Midtown marathon, a detectives' convention, Ivywood classic conventions and many more to amuse the citizens and visiting tourists.

Events In Justice Department



  1. "Breathtaking"
  2. "My Dead Watson"
  3. "Muertre En Noir"
  4. "Midtown Crisis"
  5. "Obliged To Kill"
  6. "A Drury End"


Midtown Acropolis Characters
Acropolis Justice Defence Force'

Lt. Tara Wong, Lt. Eric Wayne, Sgt. Bertie Summers, Chief Kathryn Watkins, Dr. Graham Fraser, Dr. Candy Orson, Elliot Rothman, Travis Nash, Stefan Martin


Sharon Nolan, Marcus Watson, Clara Manson, Lorraine Wilton, Hannah D'Souza, Michelle Greer


Gavin Van Ness, Brendan Westcliffe, Gina Kennedy, Vixen Woods, Dr. Candy Orson, Sherman Havelock, Michelle Greer, Kim Lorenzo, Bella Jones, Edwin Goodman, Janice Dee, Harry Manson, Jamie Greer, Tracey Lindquist, Jarvis Van Ness, Gary Harlan, Angelica Harlan, Thomas Ellery,

Minor Characters


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