Mick Ackroyd was a suspect in the murder of BioSafe scientist Sarah Alvarez in Prescription: Murder (Case #4 of Hidden Missions). In Gone Viral (Case #6 of Hidden Missions), Mick became the killer of social media influencer Veronica Lieu.


Mick is a 35-year-old famous biologist hailing from London, U.K. He has red hair and brown eyes, the scientist also sported a lab coat over a navy blue Argyle sweater with light blue and white line patterns that covered a white shirt underneath. In his initial suspect appearance, it was discovered that Mick knows advanced chemistry and chews narcotic gum.

In his second appearance as a suspect, Mick changes his navy blue Argyle sweater to a black one with beige and white line patterns. It was also determined that Mick eats dragonfruit, uses Wix rubbing salve and studied calculus.

Height 5'8"
Age 35
Weight 156lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood O+

Events in Hidden Missions

Prescription: Murder

Mick's visitor pass was found in the clinic's front desk. He explained that he occasionally helps out in BioSafe as per head scientist Carla Hagan's request. Upon hearing about Sarah's tragic passing, Mick claimed that, whenever he comes to BioSafe's clinic, Sarah usually approaches him out of admiration to talk about his work and discuss about recent news in virus research.

The player and Agent Wong speak to Mick again when they found out that he recently filed a restraining order against Sarah. Mick explained that Sarah's fascination over him and his work had crossed the line - she had become obsessed over him and started stalking him outside BioSafe's laboratory, even disturbing him while working in a different laboratory.

It was discovered that Mick was innocent of Sarah's murder after the player and Agent Wong arrested Nora Schmidt for killing Sarah.

Gone Viral


Case Appearances

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