Michelle Carter is a suspect in the murder of high schooler Yolanda Stokes in The Girl on Fire (Case #5 of Criminal Case: Denton City.


A Chief’s daughter of 17 years of age, Michelle has brown eyes and blond shoulder-length hair with a rose. She wears a blue collared shirt, a red rose brooch, and a pearl neklace. It is known that she is right-handed, has an Irish Wolfhound, and chews gum.

Age 17
Weight 130 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood AB+


The Girl on Fire

Michelle became a suspect after her mom, Chief Carter ordered the team to talk to her. When she was asked about the victim, she told the team that the victim was a nice girl and she was friendly toward everyone. She also said that the victim often go to the Amusement Park near her school with the victim’s boyfriend.

Michelle was spoken to again after the team found her threat in the victim’s backpack. She then told the team that the victim was a backstabbing liar. She explained that the victim was spreading lie about her sabotaging a fashion pageant in order to win, but the truth is she didn’t. When she confronted the victim about it, the victim didn’t care about her reputation and will always spread bad rumors about her. Hearing this, Michelle slapped the victim hard. Michelle then wrote a threat and kept it on the victim’s backpack.

Despite her anger toward the victim, she was found to be innocent after the team arrested Morgan Springley for the murder.

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