"A sword may pierce a man's heart, but a single world could overthrow even the strongest reign"
―Michael to Louise and the player during Decayed Coasts: Part 2

Michael Saphiro is one of the suspects during the investigation of the murder of Jay Beltham in To Kill a Mocking Jay (Case #1 of Atlantic Alps).


Michael appears as a middle-aged Caucasian with a tall and thin build, and sports a very pale skin. His face is somewhat expressionless, and has an enigmatic overall. He has a black hair styled in a crew cut, and a prominent widow's peak. He is always seen wearing a gray-donker suit over a matching tie and a white shirt. He is also seen most often with a black briefcase.

Michael is known

Height 6'6"
Age 42
Weight 200 lbs
Eyes Green



Michael is a very enigmatic person with a wide knowledge. He possesses a calm, but mystic demeanor, and has a dry sense for humor. He can restrains himself from overreacting, and keeping his tone and face expresionless no matter what chaos happened. Michael can suspicously know all occasions of the past nor the future, and a knowledge to almost everybody's identity, as shown when he lectures the player about Louise's third grader experience twenty years ago without a single mistake.

Michael has an odd way to speak, slow but sturdy, he often accentuates low-key moroseness, grimly emphasises, elongate or pausing several consonants, and pressing several syllables. But most notably, he will speak in a toneless voice, and eerie aura will spread around him when he talks, even during a joyful celebration

Role In Case

To Kill a Mocking Jay


  • Several of his attributes and features is based off G-Man, the enigmatic anatagonist of the Half-Life series.
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